UFC 183 Results: Anderson Silva Decision’s Nick Diaz, Diaz Thinks That He Won Every Round

February 1, 2015
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It had been over a year since former middleweight champion Anderson Silva made that long walk from the locker rooms, through the tunnel and into the Octagon when he faced Nick Diaz in the UFC 183 main event on Saturday.

The 39-year-old returned for the first time since snapping his leg while throwing a leg kick that titleholder Chris Weidman checked at UFC 168 in December 2013. At the time of the injury, many questioned whether Silva would ever fight again. Heading into the bout with Diaz, questions remained about how Silva would respond after such an injury at his age.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickHe looked light on his feet as he circled along the outside of the cage in the opening moments of the fight. He and his opponent kept things respectful in the build up to the event, but the taunting and trash talk began almost immediately.

Diaz pulled out all the taunts in his weaponry. He laid down on the canvas in front of Silva. He backed up to the cage like Silva did when he faced Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153. He put his chin out and shuffled his feet.

Silva remained composed and landed leg kicks and jabs. Diaz stayed in the fight, landing to the body and catching Silva with combinations. He was successful in delivering strikes while in the clinch. But as the rounds wore on, Diaz’ face began showing the damage that he was taking. Silva opened up a cut above and below Diaz’ left eye.

It was a competitive fight that entertained, and after five rounds of fighting, Silva was confident he had done enough to win on the judges’ scorecards. Diaz walked around the perimeter of the cage holding his hands above his head. When the decision was read revealing Silva the winner by unanimous decision, Silva was overcome with emotion.

“This is a very important moment for me, a very important moment for my whole family, for all the Brazilians,” said Silva following the win. “I went through a lot of suffering the past year, everything that I went through. In the beginning I thought that I wouldn’t be able to come back. I have to thank my doctor and the doctor that performed my surgery.”

Asked about the in-octagon antics, Silva said it’s just part of the spectacle that viewers get when he or Diaz competes.

“This is a great show for the people. Nick is a great show. I’m a great show. This is for the people here. This is no bad man. This is Nick Diaz. This is the show. This is the UFC,” said the former champion.

Taunting is just part of Diaz’ game. It’s part of why he’s so popular. Diaz revealed what he was saying to Silva during the fight in his post-fight interview.

“ I said, ‘let’s go.’ I said, ‘come get you some.’ I was like, ‘throw it,’” said the Stockton native.

When the scorecards were being read, Diaz expected his name to be announced as the winner. In fact, he thought he had won all five rounds.

“I felt like I was ahead most of the time. I was asking the last round, am I winning, am I losing this fight, is it close,” he said.

“I felt like I won every round. Every round. I came forward,” he said. “I don’t think, these judges like my attitude out here sometimes, but I have to push my guy to throw so I can get my fight going. If he was just going to walk around, we’re not really fighting. I can just stand here all day too. Maybe that would be better for you, but then I wouldn’t be here today,” continued Diaz.

“I don’t know how he wins, on damage or what. If you lay down in front of me, I’m going to come in and get you. If you’re going to give me a free show, I’m going to take it,” he added. “I was over there counting. I added up the strikes. I’d like to know. I don’t know, I’ll have to watch the fight again. It’s hard to see inside here, but I’m ready to go. Thanks for everybody for coming out. I’m going to talk my talk. I’m going to walk my walk, though.”

(Photo courtesy of UFC)

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  • Sarge

    Diaz must be delusional if he thought he won every round LOL.

    • wer

      Nick Diaz did not watch the fight on tv like you did. You have no idea about how it looked from his perspective. Show some respect to fighter.

      • Sarge

        He did nothing to win any rounds other than hit silva with 2-3 decent punches. He taunted silva more than he tried to hit him. Diaz is an idiot. Many critics will tell you Silva won all the rounds.

      • Yah, show some respect to a fighter that never shows any respect. His fans are as delusional and useless to MMA as he is.

      • taylor2008

        Repect for Diaz? HE never shows any rerspect to other fighters. Both Diaz brothers are douches!

    • Timothy Malone

      The problem isn’t that Diaz is delusional, it’s that everyone around him is too. It is hard to tell if you are winning in the middle of the fight and his corner should have told him going into the fifth that Silva was definitely going to win.

      • deepgrim

        well i thought most of the rounds were reasonably close but anderson was shading them, but with the way judges are i these days wouldnt have been suprised if he was given 2 rounds. but his corner definately should have have let him know he had to do something big in the 5th. Nicks heart isnt really in the sport anymore, but it was good to see them both back anyway

    • mmafanguy

      well if I remember correctly he said the same thing after the Condit fight and he also said that he could beat GSP in a rematch. But he is not the only fighter that have difficulty accepting defeat and like some says it’s easier to judge a fight when your not in it.

      • Sarge

        he lost all the rounds. he didn’t do anything significant. anderson mangled his face so bad diaz didnt even show up to the press conference after the fight.

        • mmafanguy

          Yes I agree that Silva won all the round but it was not a one side beating. I mean Anderson did not done much eather… more than Diaz for sure but still not a very convincing performance.

          • Sarge

            I think your expectations were misplaced, maybe by the sales pitch of the fight.

            The reality is both guys are counterpunchers, which makes for a fascinating tactical fight if you’re into that…or a disappointing, tentative, boring fight if tactics, strategy, skill aren’t your cup of tea and you just want to see guys go at it.

            But if you understood what type of fighters Silva and Diaz are going in, it was a damn fun fight.

          • mmafanguy

            Haaaaa no comment needed… Seriously!!!!

          • mmafanguy

            Next time you reply to my comment try at least to say something that is remotly relevant to my comment….

          • Sarge

            sorry if you dont like to hear the truth.

          • mmafanguy

            The truth is that you can’t understand a sentence right.

          • Sarge

            sorry if you’re not educated enough to understand sentences, or yet a paragraph.

  • David Joiny

    Yep Spider got him no doubt. Good fight from both though. Get the feeling Nick needs to let loose and ‘go for it’ a bit more. Felt like by the third round he was fighting conservatively.

  • dandogood

    Diaz was set up to lose to Silva. Smaller Nick had no chance and Silva needed a win against a name that was hated so fans wouldn’t complain of the decision loss to Diaz. Son of Satan Diaz got paid to lose period.

  • lowlb

    I didn’t think Nick would beat the greatest of all time, but he did pretty good.
    Some yahoo dork claims Diaz was dominated – that is crazy. I think Diaz lost points screwing around. Diaz went 5 rounds with the best, lost, but put on a good fight.

  • Austin, TX

    That was a setup destruction fight for Silva to KO somebody and he couldn’t even do it. Dana said it wasn’t the fight he expected. That’s because Dana is dumb. Like Rogan.


    • Guest

      you’re such a dumbass.

      • Austin, TX

        the truth always hurts a little son…..

  • taylor2008

    Nick was high at the time thinking he won every round. I dont think he won a round. But Diaz gave him a good fight though. The first 3 rounds were pretty entertaining, then it got a bit boring after that.