UFC 183 Free Fight Video: Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin

January 27, 2015
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(Video courtesy of UFC)

Anderson Silva pits his brilliant Muay Thai skills against then-UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin in the fight that changed the course of MMA history. The now-UFC legend Anderson Silva returns to the Octagon opposite Nick Diaz at UFC 183.

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  • MikeMcK83

    Interesting hoe disappointed Dana seemed about silva winning. Best loss of a star he’s probabl had

  • Joe Dog

    Diaz fighting Silva is such a mismatch. It’s as bad as Sonnen vs Jones. There’s money to be made, I guess. Diaz will not last 1 round. I’ll watch the highlights at my convenience.

    • Guest

      diaz accepted the fight gsp didn’t.

      • Ryan McCourt

        Diaz gets beat up for a living. He is desperate enough to take a guaranteed ass-kicking for a fat paycheque. GSP has more pride than that.

  • Sarge

    funny how franklin said in the rematch he was prepared for anderson and it ended the same way or similar like this bout.

  • Ryan McCourt

    Walk through.

  • dami golder

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