UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Fight Card Rumors

January 26, 2015
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UFC 183 Fight PosterUFC 183
Silva vs. Diaz
Date: January 31, 2015
Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada



Main Card (on Pay-Per-View)
Anderson Silva (33-6) vs. Nick Diaz (26-9- 1 NC)
Tyron Woodley (14-3) vs. Kelvin Gastelum (10-0)
Joe Lauzon (24-9) vs. Al Iaquinta (10-3-1)
Thales Leites (24-4) vs. Tim Boetsch (18-7)
Jordan Mein (29-9) vs. Thiago Alves (25-9)

Prelims (on FOX Sports 1)
Miesha Tate (15-5) vs. Sara McMann (8-1)
Ed Herman (22-10) vs. Derek Brunson (12-3)
Ian McCall (13-4-1) vs. John Lineker (24-7)
Rafael Natal (18-3) vs. Tom Watson (17-7)

Prelims (on UFC Fight Pass)
Diego Brandao (18-10) vs. Jimy Hettes (11-2)
Richardson Moreira (7-2) vs. Ildemar Alcantara (20-7)
Thiago Santos (9-3) vs. Andy Enz (7-2)

UFC 183 Start Times
Main Card on Pay-Per-View: 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT
Prelims on FOX Sports 1: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT
Prelims on UFC Fight Pass: 6:45 p.m. ET / 3:45 p.m. PT

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  • Tiny Tootsie

    This is a very interesting rumour. Are you telling me that on a fight card called Silva vs Diaz, those two are actually gonna fight?! Your intel is good. Real good.

    • Brandon

      This is a page that they create then update as they receive news about fights, cancellations, etc. Chill out.

      • Darin

        No, they really need to remove the word “rumors” from the title. It is just the fight card.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I really hope this fight happens. I think it ends with Silva standing over a turtled Diaz.

  • darksideofthenello

    What weight-class will be Silva vs Diaz ?

    • Middeweight

      • laurasacunt

        This is will be the biggest issue for nick…Anderson if way bigger and stronger.

  • greaseygranny

    Horrid card and I would never pay for it. This is a stream watching fight card.

  • Wolf Ticket

    That McCall vs Lineker seems like a #1 contender fight. Why the hell is it buried so deep on the undercard? I know it should have been co-main on a previous card, but this doesn’t seem right to me.

    • taylor2008

      Dana is too busy jerking around with his little toy Mcgregor that is getting a title shot even though he has not fought a legit top 10 nor even a top 5 fighter.

      • Hansa

        It is just stupid the whole thing. Donald Cowboy Cerrone has performed excellent the last 2years and has still not got a title shot, while McGregor beats Siver, a 10# ranked fighter and gets a title shot?? Crazy and just plain stupid.

        • taylor2008

          Siver wasnt even ranked 10th! He wasnt even in the top 15 at one time then when the fight with Conor was set then all of a sudden he is ranked #10! What?! onor has NOT fought a legit top 10 guy let alone a top 5 guy. He should fight someone like Cub or Edgar. But to Dana its not about the fight….its about the money.

      • laurasacunt

        Part of the reason McGregor is getting a title shot is because Aldo is not going to take him down. If a guy like mendes had the belt then McGregor would be getting other fights. Look at the Irish backing McGregor is getting…from a business move its an excellent idea to give connar the shot. Besides who else can really give Aldo a fight who hasn’t fought him in the last few.

        • taylor2008

          I know why Conor is getting the fight. I know its about money. But Frankie Edgar deserves a shot. He hasnt fought aldo for 2 years. And he gave Aldo a pretty good fight.
          Again….Conor has not fought a top 5 let alone a legit top 10.

  • Kating the Scoobs

    Little sh*t Brandao isn’t even in the prelims, lol.

    • Sarge

      the beatdown by mcgregor took him down a few notches i bet 😉

  • Sarge

    miesha tate vs sara mcmann should’ve been on the main card, not thales leites/tim boetsch.

    • laurasacunt

      Meisha and mcmann are big names due to being in the media and then flopping. They are not advanced fighters. They are famous for getting that ass whooped by Rhonda. Boesch has fought elite guys as well as leites.

      • Sarge

        Boetsch biggest victory was against Okami, since then he continues to lose to big names fighters whereas Leites is known for losing to Anderson Silva. He’s irrelevant. Tate at least is a former champion and puts on exciting fights than these journeyman fighters.

        Boetsch vs Leites is better off headlining the prelims instead since both guys aren’t going anywhere at this point in their careers.

  • Muaythai4life

    This one is a win/win for me. I’d pay to see Silva lose, and I’d pay to see Diaz lose. Kinda hoping for a double knock out..

    • Hansa

      Pay to see Silva lose? This must be the stupidest post ever. Silva is a legend, and just to see him fight is an honour. Win or lose, this guy is a gentleman and has a good heart.

      • Muaythai4life

        You must not have watched the Silva v. Leites fight, or the Silva v. Maia fight – in both fights he knew he could finish the opponent at any time but chose to drag it out because according to him he trained too long to fight a short fight. It’s not his fault the UFC can’t put quality opponents against him. You must also have not seen his showboating against Forrest Griffon, Stephen Bonner, Maia, Leites, and Patrick Cote. Remember when he actually got mad that Cote lost because he blew out his knee?

        but hey, sorry for insulting your eyes with the stupidest post ever. I’ll try harder next time to meet your high standards of post quality.

        • laurasacunt

          Anderson plays more head games than any other fighter, except nick Diaz arguably. I don’t know about you but the Griffin and bonnar fights were two of the most entertaining fights, with two of the greatest finishes in combat sports. Maia would have been to risky to go to the ground with for anderson. His showboating is a tactic to keep things on the feet. Anderson in those scenarios was THE top dog, the alpha of all who do it…do you expect him to come in bringing flowers and chocolate? When in that octagon with all that adrenaline, being in peak shape, deafening fans, the whole world watching, history being made, and defending the belt by any legal means necessary… Is out of the comprehension of anyone who posts on here.

        • Hansa

          So you hate a guy cuz he has to-three mediocre fights? Man you really don’t know anything about the sport. If you want to talk about boring, see Phil Davies fight, he is boring and terrible. Or what about Benson Henderson, who can’t finish a fight. Or Cigano who has faded as hell. Or GSP who was so boring and defensive. Or what about Klitschkov or Mayweather, I always fall asleep during their matches. But what the hell, it is just my opinion, but hey, sorry for insulting your eyes.

  • Hansa

    Yeah…then how do you rate McGregor??

    • Muaythai4life

      I think he’s an ass. but at least he finished his opponents when he could. He didn’t drag it out just to prove he was better.

      • Hansa

        opponents? You mean the “fall guys” Uncle Dana feeds him…laugh my ass off..