UFC 182 Results: Jon Jones Outclasses Daniel Cormier

January 4, 2015
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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier w_1679-750During the UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier press tour, Daniel Cormier said that he hoped Jon Jones was his equal. On Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Jones proved he was more than Cormier’s equal. He showed that he was better.

After years of trash talk and months of build up including a brawl during a press conference in August, the Jones and Cormier rivalry was finally settled inside the octagon.

Cormier pressured Jones throughout the fight. He moved forward, limiting the champion’s 12-inch reach advantage. Inside the clinch, Jones delivered knees to the body and short elbows while Cormier landed uppercuts.

The fight was grueling and competitive through the first three frames. Once the bout got into the championship rounds, the champion began to take over.

The rivalry began when Jones told Cormier that he thought he could take him down when the two first met years ago, despite Cormier’s Olympian status in wrestling. Cormier took offense to the comments and the grudge began, but the argument was settled in fourth round on Saturday.

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Jones secured two takedowns on the former Olympian. The fourth frame was Jone’s most dominant round. He controlled Cormier inside the clinch and delivered elbows and knees.

Heading into the final round, Cormier’s corner told him that he needed a finish to win. He was unable to deliver. Instead of working for a stoppage, Cormier opted to show he could take Jones down. He elevated the champion and slammed him to the canvas. It may have been a moral victory, but it did little to win the fight.

In the closing seconds, Jones raised his hands in victory and then punched Cormier. Cormier fired back as the bell sounded. Jones earned a clear-cut unanimous decision win, but the rivalry with Cormier is hardly over.

“Hey, for everybody who bought a ‘Break Bones’ shirt, take it back now. You wasted your money,” said Jones after defending his title for the eighth time.

“It felt great. I told you he’s only human man. The undefeated DC, all the haters, all the crap he talked, it motivated me. I took him down, I think it’s like five takedowns to zero,” said Jones about putting the Olympian on his back several times.

“I’m sorry that I’m being classless right now. I do not like DC and that’s why I’m being this way,” he added.

Cormier was humble after his first career defeat, giving credit to Jones.

“I just couldn’t find my rhythm tonight. Jon is the best for a reason and he was the better man tonight,” said Cormier.

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  • Jeff

    Hey Jeff Cain,

    Did you even watch the fight? I mean you titled this article, “Jon Jones Outclasses Daniel Cormier” and then go on to quote Jones admitting that he was acting classless. I’m pretty sure that you could have come up with a better title if you gave this more than a few seconds thought. Jon Jones showed his ass out there tonight, plain and simple. He won, but it was not “like 5 to zero” and then that stunt at the end of the fight?

    All that says to me is that Jones is easily manipulated into an emotional state, and if I were in line to get a title shot, I’d remember how easy it was to get him to that place.

    A wiser man than I once coached me up with, “People like champions… but people LOVE humble champions.” Apparently Jones missed that lesson…

    • tipsyhippy

      Love your quote!

      • Jeff

        Appreciate the kind words. I wish I could take credit for them! HA!

    • sean

      It means he outclassed him with skill but was classless in his attitude towards the fight. Calm down champ noone wants to hear about your glory days.

      • Jeff

        Hey there champ, I had no plans on taking a stroll down memory lane. So I’m not quite sure what your last sentence was about. I am perfectly calm, thanks.

        Now onto the first half of your incredibly insightful comment. Thank you for the your very astute dissection of writer’s intent behind the article. However I feel compelled to point out that while Mr. Cain did express the opinion that Jones outclassed Cormier with his skills as a top-tier fighter, no where in his article did he accost Jones for his childish behavior at the end of the fight. But don’t take my word for it. Please find a portion of the article above where Mr. Cain actually finds fault with Jones behavior. I’ll be waiting…

        • uncle

          Next time you should read the article and not just the title
          The writer is clearly talking about the fight.

        • Lucas Freire

          Why would he have to? People may love humble champions, but champions don’t have to be humble, nor they have to be loved. He got emotional, but on the moments that meant something, and that is during the fight, Cormier was the emotionally blinded one.

          While I understand that the article title may have been ambiguous, from the title we can get to two possibilites:

          Jon Jones outclassed Daniel Cormier in every aspect of MMA in this fight.
          Jon Jones outclassed Cormier as a person, by being the most humble champion ever, while Cormier was a sore loser.

          Which one happened? So I really don’t understand what you’re complaining about this article. He chose to talk about the fight, not about the men.

    • TheCerealKiller

      There is a point were humble becomes lies. If you think you are the best, but you say you’re not, you’re lying. I prefer an honest champ.

      • Jeff

        While I agree that honesty is the best policy, to take on a cliche here, I have to disagree with you in another form. I personally don’t think that I am the best at anything. Not for a lack of confidence or self-esteem, but because it is the best way to repel complacency. The moment when you think you have nothing left to learn, to improve, to build upon, etc. is the moment when you stop growing. And when you stop growing you stop pushing back the always-present potential to rest on your laurels. You must always find the next point to improve upon. Survey the greatest athletes from around the world, throughout time, in many many sports, and you will see a common thread of, for a lack better words, an inability to be satisfied. The Payton Mannings of the world are never happy with a great game. They want a great game but every ball must have a picture perfect throwing motion, with the tightest os spirals that flies through the air as if suspended on a frozen rope, landing perfectly in the receivers hands with enough time for them to make a move and score. Michael Jordan didn’t want to just make a three-pointer, he wanted it to hit nothing but the net. And then maybe do it with his eyes shut. Never being satisfied with where you are guarantees that you will never stop pushing. It also guarantees that you will never find yourself thinking that you are the best.

        And the same wise coach also helped me with, “No matter how great you are, just remember that there will always be someone bigger, or someone stronger, or faster.” It was meant to inspire me to always remember that you have to push, everyday. Never settle, never gloat, never toot your own horn.

        And the truth of the matter is that Jones is not the best, his career is too short to even consider making those claims. Take Andersen Silva, the same praises were thrown around him for years. Then what happens? He allows himself to get caught right on the button because he’s out there acting like an ass. And it bit him right on his. If Jones doesn’t get his head on straight, I see a very similar future for him.

  • Jesoos

    Another classless act by Jones. Jones raised his hands as if he had just won the fight. Cormier obviously thought the fight was over, stopped fighting and turned away. Jones proceed in punching Cormier regardless of the fact.

    • Paul Warner

      If Cormier was as smart as he thought he was he would have punched Jones when JJ raised his hands….but alas, he just isn’t ! Until the ref stops the fight you keep fighting!

    • dathump

      “protect yourself at all times” enough said

    • shakejunt

      so are you on the gus train or the rumble train now?

  • TheCerealKiller

    DC who? The fight sucked, but DC couldn’t do anything. I thought the fight was 5 rounds to none. So where are all the “DC is gonna kill him” people?

    • betty

      Ur such a looser.

      • TheCerealKiller

        So is DC.

      • George Sperry


        • TheCerealKiller

          And I’m a looser, the opposite of tighter.

    • GrasshopperMMA

      Dude DC won rounds 1,3,and 5. Jones had more dominant rounds and I could see Jones getting round 3. I don’t know what fight you were watching.

      • TheCerealKiller

        I watched the fight where Jones won 4 out of 5 rounds. They announced it right in the middle of the cage after the fight. Maybe you took a pee pee break? Go crown your next golden cow who will beat Jones next.

        • GrasshopperMMA

          So you listen to the judges when the fight goes your way?? Dude your the ultimate troll!!

          • TheCerealKiller

            You’re going to call me a troll when you gave Jones round two? That’s the only round Dan won! 92 significant strikes landed by Jones. By comparison, Cormier landed 58 significant strikes. Jones outlanded his adversary 25 to 18 in round one, 24 to 15 in round three, 16 to 3 in round four and 11 to 4 in round five. Cormier, meanwhile, outlanded Jones 18 to 16 in the second round. Jones also held a 126-to-78 edge in total strikes. If you seriously think DC won rounds 1,3 and 5, but lost 2, you need to stop watching MMA because you have no idea what’s going on.

          • GrasshopperMMA

            Obviously you don’t know what a troll is. Your trying to defend yourself now by pulling up info on the internet. You obviously cannot have your own opinion and hate peoples opinions when its not in your favor.

          • TheCerealKiller

            My opinion was Jones won 5-0, round two was a tossup. Maybe I should use DC’s own opinion, “Jon is the best for a reason and he was the better man tonight.” “Dude DC won rounds 1,3,and 5.” – please explain in some way how you come to this opinion. Let me guess, Dan won round 5 because he pick up Jones and threw him down. Am I right?

          • GrasshopperMMA

            Your funny. If the judges scored it for DC you wouldn’t even be on here. DC said that because that’s what your suppose to say when you lost a decision.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I’ve been here for years, unlike you. I’m not going to take my ball and go home because I didn’t like a decision.

            We’re still waiting for your explanation of how DC won the fight? Nowhere on the web does anyone think he won. So far, you’re the only one.

          • GrasshopperMMA

            As I mentioned I thought Cormier won rds 1,3,5. Close rounds so I’m not shocked he lost. And if I am the only one at least I’m not afraid to voice my opinion. You don’t have one you just go with the media. Then when your right you act like a snob.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I voiced my opinion minutes after the fight was over. Everything you speak are lies and ignorance. “I thought Cormier won rds 1,3,5” but you think he lost round 2. This is all the proof I need to stop responding to you because you have no idea what you are looking at. I asked you multiple times to explain your opinion, but you don’t want to have a discussion. I watch a fight, I voice my opinion, I discuss my opinion and then I accept the raw fact of what is the official results. Jones lost to Hamill, that is fact. Gus lost to Jones, that is fact. Fedor lost to (insert whatever his name was), that is fact. Hendricks lost to GSP, that is fact. Shogun lost to Machida the first fight, that is fact. I could go on and on, but never place this fight in that class.

          • Lucas Freire

            You’re talkin about how Jones had more dominant rounds, but you give Cormier round 5 just because of that takedown? lol
            Jones dominated the whole round. Might wanna rewatch the fight and count how long Jones had the control in the clinch. He outclassed Cormier the whole fight in every aspect of MMA.

          • shakejunt

            nobody agrees with you on this. you look like the troll.

      • cheflacsto

        D.C. got absolutely dusted in round 1 except for the last 30 seconds. the only round he won was 2 which you don’t even give him. What fight did you watch?

      • shakejunt

        really? the only arguable round is round 2. all others were pretty clear.

        • markjunt

          D.C. won 2.

          1 and 3 were meaningless.

          Jones won 4 because of the takedowns.

          Jones won 5 because he was more active.

          But at the end of the day, Jones did not “outclass” or “dominate” DC. It was a close fight.

    • mmafanguy

      You must admit that he have done better than your prediction. I think that DC did good but not enough. I think he did not have the right game plan and he may have underestimate Jones wrestling. Still if they fight again I will still put my money on Jones he really use he’s size and the cage well. (Sorry if my english is not better)

      • TheCerealKiller

        I am very surprised it went all five rounds. Jones didn’t seem to be himself. He looked slow and sickly. Either way, Dan’s mouth wrote a lot of checks that his ass couldn’t cash.

        • Lucas Freire

          To me Jones looked like he was just toying with Cormier throughout the whole fight.
          I mean, he was LOOKING for the clinch.
          He TOOK Cormier down…hell, he EVEN PULLED GUARD! LOL
          He was just so comfortable that he didn’t even need to put his foot on the gas.

          • Lucasmomlol

            To me you are an idiot.

            It was a close fight. DC did better than JBJ nuthuggers expected.

            Some of those uppercuts went through dummy.

          • Lucas Freire

            And also did worse than DC’s nuthuggers foresaw. Not once he had the upper hand on the wrestling aspect of the fight.
            You’re right, some uppercuts found their target, and I think it was his best shot to put pressure while standing and trading. But his ego spoke louder and he tried to show he was the better wrestler. What made he lose the battle of attrition

        • SeriousMom

          You are surprised because you’ve been writing him off all this time.

          Didn’t you predict that DC was gonna get KTFO?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Yes, I did. I was wrong. I don’t know what you predicted because you use a different name for every post.

    • Yurdad

      Looks like your hero Jones is not just fake but also a cheat and a drugie.
      He probably got aids from your mom/sister too.

  • no way

    come on Kevin LOLE. How can you write such huge lies?

    Jon Jones is a HUGE DUDE. look how big he is next to Daniel Cormier and still he didnt beat Cormier or even really ever hurt him.

    Jon Jones is a #$%$ fighter.

    He is no great fighter LOLE. please writer dude ! Open your eyes.

    Truth is… Jones belongs fighting HEAVYWEIGHT. He is a big guy. When classifying fighters it should not be just upon their weight. It should include HEIGHT and REACH and WEIGHT and SIZE.

    Jones is a #$%$ who constantly wins cause he is SO MUCH BIGGER than the other fighters.

    The one time he fought GUS — a decent but not great fighter — he had trouble and some say he even lost.

    Jones only wins do to his MISMATCHED SIZE

    I think Cormier did great in the fight tonight and I am NOT a Cormier fan.

    Jones YOUR A #$%$

    Fight Heavyweight Already

    Lets see you fight.

    This fight was so damn boring I almost fell asleepv

    • TheCerealKiller

      You seriously made an account tonight, just to call Jones a HW when he weighed in wearing his sweat pants? Classes are by weight and that’s it. “When classifying fighters it should not be just upon their weight. It should include HEIGHT and REACH and WEIGHT and SIZE.” How the F would you do that?

      • shakejunt

        obviously we have a weight class that only has jones and neil magny in it because it’s unfair that they have long arms haha.

    • Ramon S

      By that logic Big foot Silva or Lesnar would be HW champions. Jones Is physicaly gifted, but still has great skill and training dicipline wich is why he is great. If he he really a HW fighting in LHW that means he has to work double to reach the weight limit, tell that to Cormier who is obviously fighting 1 class over his natural weight.

      • Maj76

        Lesnar was Champion. Just saying….

    • Wardsize

      butthurt much?

    • dathump

      I guess the UFC will have to divide its weight classes into height classes as well just to make you happy, DC is a guy who fought at heavyweight most of his career, and probably has a harder time making weight then Jones. I guess by your logic Stephen Struve should be the greatest fighter in the world because he is the tallest.

    • shakejunt

      you are what the internet calls a troll.

  • sociopath

    moneys what I git… git gi gi git

  • drkdisciple

    NO doubt Jones won the fight. Just wish that he would have a point removed pour those eye pokes which happen on every fight.

    • Maj76

      It was so goofy when Rogan and Goldberg defend the eye poke as if JJ did it on “accident.” LOL

  • dandogood

    Thought Cormier would have been better but Jones beat him good.

  • shakejunt

    oh well, everyone back on the gustafsson train. at least until rumble ruins that and everyone jumps ship again.

  • Serious Mom

    One, it was a close fight.
    Two, DC did way better than JBJ fanboys thought he would do.
    Three, JBJ is greatest of all time hands down.
    Four, DC won round 2. JBJ won 4 (takedowns) and 5 (more active). 1 and 3 are toss ups.
    Five, neither DC nor JBJ were hurt. No one was in danger through the five rounds. It was a decision via points.
    Six, CerealKiller is a moron.

  • Big Jeff

    I have seen every UFC title fight during the last 10 years. This was easily one of the worst fights I’ve seen. Neither fighter seemed to want to actually win the fight. It was a 5 round hug-fest and a total waste of my PPV money. I’m disgusted.