UFC 182 Face-off Video: Dana White Again Has to Separate Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

January 2, 2015
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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are already highly scrutinized and were penalized for a brawl during a promotional stop last Fall, but the two nearly mixed it up again on Thursday during the UFC 182 Ultimate Media Day in Las Vegas.

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After spending some time individually fielding question from the media, Jones and Cormier again square off for photographers. Things seemed to be amicable until UFC president Dana White started to walk away. Just as they appeared ready to walk away too, Jones called over to Cormier, “Where you going?”

Cormier quickly returned and the two got nose-to-nose before White jumped back in the mix and separated them.

Check out Jones and Cormier as they nearly re-enacted that fateful brawl from several months ago…

(Video courtesy of UFC)

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    • TheCerealKiller

      Jones via TKO to knees.

      • GrasshopperMMA

        This isn’t photo shopped. Jones is definitely know for eye pokes. Jones has more options to win but I do think Cormier has a chance. I think this will be a good fight. Hopefully it lasts more than 3 rounds.

      • SeriusMom

        Here you are nuthugging the current champ. lol

      • yellowMONKEY

        Do you actually think this is a photoshop? LOL.

        This is a common picture showing one of Jones’ notorious methods of defense.

  • cheflacsto

    I really hope this fight lives to the hype. I want Jones to win because I think he is the more complete fighter, and I enjoy watching him more than I do Daniel. Cormier has talked a ton leading up to this fight, and so has Jon but he is the champ so we know he can back it up. Daniel can lose but if he gets dominated for 5 rounds or finished quickly, he is going to have a shitload of crow to eat.

  • Brent

    Do not sleep on Cormier. He is a very live dog and a two time Olympian. He is hungry for a championship. He can bring it. Jones has been on a level all to himself thus far, but I think Cormier has a good shot to upset Jones.

  • John Youwer

    More UFC BS to hype up a Lame fight card.