UFC 181 Champions and Contenders Weigh-In on Conor McGregor (Video)

November 26, 2014
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Champions Johny Hendricks and Anthony Pettis as well as UFC 181 title contenders Robbie Lawler and Gilbert Melendez weigh-in on Irish featherweight star Conor McGregor.

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  • Seth

    Well…the thing is simple with Connor. In Kos’ words “Love me or hate me – I don’t care as long as you talk about me”. No matter if you like him or hate him, more you will talk about Connor – the bigger chance he has to face Aldo next. UFC sells marketable fights. And if people talk more about Connor than Edgar, guess which fight will sell more. And Connor will only help himself – by throwing one or two comments, which butt-hurt part of fans will take as “disrespectfull”, the more fun part of fans will take as “entertainment” and part of serious fans will keep breaking down the possible outcomes of the fight, including scenario where Connor gets to Aldo’s head. It doesn’t matter if you support Connor/Aldo or you are totally against it. Talk more about it and it will happen. Personally, Im 100% behind Connor/Aldo next.

    • Diverjoe

      He will end up like Bisping, A big talker but will never hold the belt. Edgar would kill this guy

      • Seth

        Edgar can barely finish his dinner in 25minutes, I highly doubt he would survive long enough to get a chance to PRAY for decision to go his way.

        • Diverjoe

          What opponents were those? The guy hasn’t fought anyone

          • Adiiii83

            4 wins, 3 ko’s. One against a top 5 fighter. That’s more than what the others did to get a title fight. Egar got a title shot coming off 2 very boring losses to Henderson. Then he got dominated easily by Aldo. Now you people want that rematch again, it’s sad.

        • Diverjoe

          Sorry wrong repl

      • Adiiii83

        Or he may be like Anderson Silva, cos I’ve only seen Anderson Silva do what Conor has done to his opponents.

  • bobrocks07

    I think Edgar would beat him. But ever since he opened his mouth, everyone has there pick to beat him. I do think his style matches up real well against Aldo, and would not be shocked if he beat Aldo’s ass. That division is so talented though. Once Aldo loses the belt, I do not see anyone holding on to it long.

  • Joe Dog

    McGregor knows promotion. He has folks talking about him constantly. That in itself is a talent.

  • irishbrother

    Mcgreogor has star appeal and he ca fight ++ and he will be champion