UFC 180 Results: Fabricio Werdum TKOs Mark Hunt, Earns Interim Heavyweight Title

November 16, 2014
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We have a new title holder in the UFC.

Fabricio Werdum defeated Mark Hunt in the main event at UFC 180 on Saturday in Mexico City, and is now the UFC interim heavyweight champion.

Werdum cracked Hunt with a flying knee, finishing the “Super Samoan” on the ground with strikes via technical knockout at 2:27 of Round 2.

“This belt is for my daughters, wife, family and team,” Werdum said, moments after UFC President Dana White wrapped the championship title around his waist.

Hunt dropped Werdum early in the first with a right hand. Hunt then took Werdum down and worked strikes from guard for a length of time. Hunt came back to his feet where he shook his opponent with more punches until the end of the round.

Hunt again dropped his foe with a punch early in the second round, but Werdum quickly returned to the feet. It was clear that Hunt was looking for the knockout blow, throwing power punches at every moment he had the opportunity.

Werdum was also throwing wild strikes, attempting a few spinning hook kicks. But it was a flying knee that landed flush for the Brazilian, dropping Hunt on his back. Werdum pursued and landed a number of hammer fists until the referee pulled him off for the TKO victory.

The win on Saturday puts Werdum in a place where he’ll have the opportunity to unify the heavyweight belts with division champ Cain Velasquez, whom he was supposed to face at UFC 180 before the title holder was forced to withdraw due to injury. A date and time will be announced by officials in the near future.

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  • tblaze

    Werdoooommm! Bring on the brown pride paper champion

  • Guest

    Coconut head gets KO’ed by FLYING KNEE

    • deepgrim

      you are an idiot

      • Guest

        Awww go cry to your mama.

  • powerboy55

    Hunt looked sharp in there, until his mouth started to open and his hands dropped. It’s obvious that his cardio wasn’t up to par for the altitude plus his weight cut. He shrugged werdum’s clinch and takedown attempts pretty well.

    Werdum had the better cardio. Even if it went 5 rounds, I see werdum eventually winning coz hunt would gas out. Would like to see a mark hunt with improved cardio. That’ll make him a more legit contender.

    • DamianCross

      You mean a Mark Hunt that gets a title shot with a full training camp instead of 20 days notice?

      Yeah alot of us wanna see that.

      • powerboy55

        Doesn’t have to be a full training camp. I think 20 days notice was enough, but the altitude definitely was a challenge for his already average cardio. Maybe he could lose some weight so he doesn’t have to cut at all for the 265lb limit.

        • Guest

          Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Samoan who’s natural weight was below 300lbs.

        • PrideMMA

          20 days is definitely not enough for a fight. That’s only enough time for rest and weight cutting. Fighters need to train for a fight for at least 3 months. That gives them enough time to study the opponent, get a game plan, train for that game plan, diet, and so on. That’s not even half of what they do. I agree with you that Hunt should get a better diet. In my opinion Hunt has the best timing in the UFC. I think it would be awesome for him to add speed to that.

          • powerboy55

            I meant considering the fact that he’s going to be taking the fight on short notice. 20 days is better than nothing. 🙂

            I’d say maybe it’s a good thing that he didn’t win and have to fight Cain. Would like to see his cardio improve drastically before he takes on the champ instead. Otherwise, all he has is a puncher’s chance and that’s not good for him.

  • dandogood

    Champions have to fight to be the champ. Let Cain heal and then fight for the belt again.

  • drkdisciple

    I’m still laughing at Rogain’s famous quote that “Hunt looked in the best shape of his life” lolll