UFC 178 Results: Yoel Romero TKOs Tim Kennedy Following Controversy Between Rounds

September 27, 2014
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Yoel Romero earned the biggest win of his UFC career, defeating Tim Kennedy on the main card of UFC 178 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Following a controversially long break between rounds, wherein Romero’s corner kept the fighter sitting on his stool, the fighter blasted away at Kennedy to earn a technical knockout at 0:58 of the third round.

Romero landed the first significant strikes of the fight, scoring with two overhand lefts on his opponent. Kennedy began to bleed from the nose, and Romero continued maintaining the pace of the fight, adding a takedown with ease to lead after the opening round.

Romero began to slow down in the second, while Kennedy found more opportunities to land strikes on the feet. In the final moments of the round, Kennedy landed an uppercut and followed that up with several strikes to the head. Romero appeared out on his feet, but time expired before he can finish.

Between rounds, Romero’s corner sat the fighter extraordinarily long on his stool. Despite protests from Kennedy and orders from referee John McCarthy to proceed with the fight, Romero continued sitting on his stool while his cornerman wiped him down.

Following the delay by his corner, Romero landed a one-two combination that stunned Kennedy. He continued the attack and swarmed in on Kennedy, finishing the fight with strikes on the ground.

With the win on Saturday, Romero extended his win streak in the Octagon to five.

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  • CBPrinter

    Er, pretty sure that should be an automatic DQ. Obviously stretching it out for recovery. I hate Kennedy, but extending time between rounds is flat out cheating, especially as he got stunned end of the previous round.

    • Maddawgmar

      At the very least a point should have been deducted.

      • James Wilson

        That would have been smart, that would have gave him a little more time to recover. MISSION ACOMPLISHED!!!!

    • Robert Jenkins

      tim cheated anyway when he stunned him. he grabbed the inside of his glove. watch it again

      • CBPrinter

        That’s at most a point reduction, after a warning from the ref. Same vein as grabbing the fence or opponent’s shorts. Rules clearly state that if a fighter cannot/does not answer the bell, the ref is to award a TKO to his opponent, marked as the end of the previous round.

  • stew

    How long did he remain seated after the ref told him to get up?

    • deredcrd

      extra 29 seconds betix round 2 and 3

      • jdwilli09

        it was 29 extra on the stool and 37 extra if you count the walking around with his back turned to the fight taking deep breaths. Blaming the commission is just weak sauce reaching for an excuse for your guy. His corner knew exactly what they were doing, and he knew what he was doing when he was pacing and not facing BJM or Kennedy after that whole ordeal. I was a Romero fan prior to this fight, I hope it gets overturned.

  • derekjeter

    extra 29 seconds

    • sevendays7

      Yeah and 29 seconds of extra rest for a professional fighter is an eternity. That is time and half. Cheating plain and simple.

  • Jason Priest

    Blame the Ref and the commission official. Both would not let the fight continue until the extra vaseline was wiped from Yoel’s eye. His corner could’ve been stalling but the fight doesn’t start until the ref says so. And that extra 8 seconds on the stool didn’t change the fact that Timmy got brutally finished. Props to Romero for weathering the storm in the 2nd, then coming thru for the win in the 3rd. Great fight.

  • uncle

    McCarthy should of said get your a** up now and fight. Now let his been Mazzagatti you would never hear the end of it from Dana because this was a huge mistake
    that cost Kennedy the fight.

  • James Wilson

    Once the ref tells him 3 times to get up and he looks at him dazed then he is unintelligently able to fight and it should have been stopped. Maybe kennedy should have left and ran down the road to get a burger whle Romero took a nap.

    • Baller31

      I agree completely. Fight should have been stopped when Romero failed to respond to ref’s directions. This was a disgraceful way to win a fight. If he had been made to fight when the round was supposed to begin, Kennedy would have easily dispatched him.

    • ForrestSableUTK

      How many times did he tell him to get up dumb motherf—-r? Watch it back and count. 1 and he got up then. You clueless piece of s— the problem wasn’t the stool the problem was the UFC’s cut guy got heavy handed with grease and the ref told him to clean that up. Why would Romero stand up when he’s being told to let the guy wipe off the grease? Worthless scum should keep their mouths shut period.

      • James Wilson

        You need to watch again. He tells them to wipe it and the towel guys is rubbing his chest down with a towel. Then he stands up and walking around looking around like he is FN retarded while Big John tells him 2-3 times lets go and he has his back towards him.

  • sevendays7

    Yoel Romero is a cheater….NSAC should strip the win from him. If they don’t every fighter who gets rocked or is tired will just sit in the cornor. The breaks are timed for a reason. If he is allowed to get away with this it sets a very bad precedents.

    • deepgrim

      cant really blame Yoel its the referee that ultimately did not stop the contest. there is also the factor that the corner had to tend to his eye, a lot of times a ref will stop a fight if a fighter has a cut like Yoel and try and close up the cut. Can see why Kennedy would be mad tho, i think he thought he had the fight won and had mentally checked out of the fight. maybe they will do a rematch- it was a fun fight

      • MikeMcK

        I’m not sure if you just misspoke, but they do not try to close up a cut mid round. They have a fighter come over to the doctor and have him look at it. There are times when that doctor may wipe blood away so he may get a better look at the cut, but no one is treating cuts mid round. In fact the doctor wiping blood away could remove any grease still left.

        • deepgrim

          well the treatment they use to wipe is designed to stop blood flow and thicken it up. it

    • Robert Jenkins

      If you want to call out cheaters watch the fight because tim kennedy held romeros gloves when he rocked him in the second round. he had his fingers deep in his gloves so he couldn’t get away. cheater

  • put me in the sauna coach

    What a disgrace. 30 extra seconds when you can barely stand. Ref really dropped the ball.

    • Robert Jenkins

      well tim kennedy landed those shots while holding romero’s glove. so tim cheated anyway

      • jdwilli09

        You’re the one who needs to re-watch the fight. The first two punches he has normal wrist control which is completely legal, then ONE punch when Romero twists and tries to pull away, which was incidental. Like when a person is moving and accidentally is struck in the back of the head, it won’t be called unless it’s egregious and intentional. The last 4 punches they were not tied up at all there was separation and Kennedy was just throwing bombs. What Kennedy did was basically an accidental groin strike at worst, which Romero did was essentially target the back of the head with 30 strikes get warned repeatedly then just get awarded the TKO anyways. All the Romero fans are holding onto the argument of the glove hold or it was the commissions fault. Both are totally bunk. I was a Romero fan going into the fight. But the shady behavior by his corner then his fake, “what did I do?” style act when the fans were booing him totally flipped the switch. I’ve been a fan since he absolutely KTFO of Eck, that is a BRUTAL KO. After that fight, I thought he had a chance to run off 25 or so straight, but I am certainly not a fan now. It’s too bad, I would’ve had more respect for him if he had just done the right thing and he had a loss on his UFC record, he could easily have come right back to contention. Now he’ll never have another fight where what they pulled at 178 won’t be a topic. He “won” the fight but lost a ton of respect.

  • dan-z

    1. Was UFC guy who put all the vaseline, not his corner
    2. the Ref is there for a reason – he could have ended the fight if he wanted
    Culprits – UFC guy and Ref.

  • drkdisciple

    Big John looked like a rookie in handling that fight!

  • Robert Jenkins

    Tim cheated anyway when he stunnedd romero. he grabbed the inside of his glove so he couldn’t back away when landing the shots. dirty as heck. He should have had points deducted for that and yoel should have been allowed recovery time anyway. the shot that rocked him consisted of tims fingers deeeppp in romero’s gloves.

    • jdwilli09

      Robert Jenkins, you keep saying this as do many Romero fans, it’s total BS. Kennedy was going for TOTALLY LEGAL wrist control. Which he had at first and as he tried to keep wrist control and Romero moved away there was accidental fingers in glove during one big punch, Then he lands 7 more in space. Do those punches not count. You all are taking apples to oranges and trying to make the fouls equal out. Which what Kennedy did could be argued is not even a foul since, he went for the wrist control, had it, the fingers went in and he didn’t keep holding on. It was incidental. Total accident. What Romero and his team did was a blatant disregard for the rules. I mean if you seriously think that as Kennedy is punching, first punch with wrist control, second with fingers in, third with pinky only, and you think that Kennedy’s pinky finger is keeping Romero in place, you are crazy. The Romero apologists are really grasping at straws here. You posted the gif, it’s clear as day what’s happening on those uppercuts, it’s not an intentional foul and it’s not egregious. You’re essentially putting evidence up that contradicts your own argument. Well done. I’ll admit BJM bears a lot of responsibility here as he clear as day should have waved off the fight, but that doesn’t make any of Romero fan arguments any more legit.