UFC 178 Results: Conor McGregor Dusts Dustin Poirier, Calls for Title Shot

September 27, 2014
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Conor McGregor stepped into the cage at UFC 178 on Saturday night in Las Vegas looking to prove his 11-fight winning streak – most of it outside the UFC – is championship worthy. Number five ranked featherweight Dustin Poirier, however, was looking to show that a lot of talk doesn’t earn a shot at the belt, winning in the Octagon does.

To Poirier’s detriment, McGregor put a stamp on his winning streak, extending it to 12 consecutive bouts in less than two minutes.

McGregor opened the fight with his usual splash and dash, launching hook kicks and firing punches at Poirier’s skull.

Poirier was aggressive, exchanging with McGregor from the opening bell, but it was McGregor that looked more fluid and took control from the center of the Octagon. He kept firing kicks, most of them missing, but that eventually set up a left hook that landed behind Poirier’s right ear and sent him to the canvas.

It only took a moment longer for McGregor to drop several punches and hammerfists that forced the referee to call a halt to the bout.

Always brash leading up to the fight, McGregor gave Poirier his due respect after the fight, but didn’t hold back on declaring what he sees as his station in the UFC.

“I find that a lot of mixed martial artists get in a rut. That Thai boxing flat-footed style. It’s the old age,” said McGregor. “This is the new age. I wanted to come over here to America and show the American public the new era of the fighting Irish.”

He’s only four fights into his UFC tenure, but McGregor took aim at the top of his weight class from the very beginning, and each victory only fuels that fire.

“You know what’s next. That world title is next,” he said after the fight, earning some extended mic time for his quick finish. “I’m gonna fly to Brazil and, if they want, I’ll eliminate Chad ‘Mini’ Mendes. I’ll step in and give the fans what they want, Aldo vs. McGregor, or you know we could come back and do it at a football stadium. Bring he Brazilians over. We’ll whoop them on home soil or away soil; it’s no problem.”

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  • Yah, you didn’t test his chin–you hit him illegally in the back of the head. What a boastful c—.

  • kudos

    LOL, the first shot wobbled Dustin, then Connor finished up with some illegal blows to the back of the head hate that crap. Get some new referees or have no rules at all.

  • Jason Priest

    Next time just crack’em in the back of the head with a bat lolz. 5 shots, 4 of them ILLEGAL.

    • Maddawgmar

      you realize that shot was legal right? If a punches and the other fighter dips his head causing the blow to go to the back of the head, it is legal.

      • James Wilson

        But then 2 hammer fists to the back of the head

    • Dick hertz

      Don’t you find it funny it didn’t land and poirier of all people went down and couldn’t get up ? Something is fishy here ,man . There’s a ton of money riding on mcgregors future and something smells funny . Poirier has been in bloody wars and gets walloped squarely on the jaw many times and is fine. Don’t know about this one.

      • solo

        Daaaamn, you’ve got to be kidding me!!! Conspiracy again? Really? Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

      • solo

        You know what’s even funnier?? You! Damn dude you’re so funny! Cause you’re a joke, and jokes are funny right?! I would love it for you to trully realize just how funny you really are. You’re a winner!

    • deepgrim

      the shot that dropped him was legal, after that there was a few illegal shots. Felt that the end was inevitable anyway, there was a lot of talk before hand that mc gregor hadnt fought anyone, but really he dominated most of the fight, now the big challenges await him

  • Bigal

    He face planted him, then Poirier turtled. Won’t disagree with where the shots landed after but herb is the best and knows better than us

  • Marshall Closs

    Haters will hate conor is legit

    • TheCerealKiller

      Most fans don’t like disrespectful A-holes like him. All the fighters on the card were respectful, except Conor.

      P.S. His chest tattoo is way worse than Brock’s.

      • Jamierugby

        Watch his post match interview and say he’s disrespectful, don’t jump to conclusions about people!

        • TheCerealKiller

          “The division seems to be full of rookies and has-beens, so I’m just sitting her enjoying myself, collecting these checks, on my way [to] eliminating each one,” the brash Irishman said at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference.

          ““I believe I’ll dismantle both of them,” he said. “Chad’s a 5-foot-6, overblown — he should be a 125er, but he’s gone past that limit now. Now he’s a little, small bodybuilder that’s stuck in the 145 division ”

          That sounds like a pile of respect. Go listen to the complete post fight, not just the hand picked highlight.

          • ultimate-nick

            He speaks the truth and the truth hurts!!

    • James Wilson

      I wnt argue with that but lets see a fight. Cat’s fight was a fight and so was Romero except for the extra break he had. Must be union.

  • Dick hertz

    C’mon man ! A phantom punch more like a brisk wind and poirier drops to the ground and can’t get up. We are talking about poirier he’s been in wars and keeps coming and a breeze knocks him out . Ok , whatever. I think some money was put in his pocket and the ufc is going to make a ton of cash with Connor fighting for the belt . The fix was in ! Now let’s hear the bullsh!t comments It starts in 3-2-1

    • Guest

      GTF out of here!!!!!!!

  • James Wilson

    Hey didnt Erick Silva get disqualified for the same thing except 3 less punches to the back of the head? I like Poirier but man he gets so sloppy on the feet!!! Hey Bigal wasnt it herb who stopped the fight when baroa was hitting faber and faber was defending and he gave a thumbs up and Herb stopped the fight? Hes the best..

    • Bigal

      you have a point but he’s hardly a mazzagatti. Would you rather what happened in the lesnar Mir 1 fight? There’s a reason him and big John get the majority of the big fights though

    • ultimate-nick

      There was one and that accrued when Dustin ate his first fist on the ground Conor was mid punch and Dustin turned his head that was his own fault, Conor changed his point of attack then???? Don’t know wat fight u were watching??? When Conor is holding the belt are you going to have the same opinion about his fighting skill??? I think yes!

      • James Wilson

        I have no problem with Connor I was not bashing him. And I did watch the fight and dustin got hit on the way down with 2 hammerfists to the back of the head. I never downtalked his fighting skills. I actually had money on Connor. So why dont you reply to someone elses comment who dont know what they are talking about or someone who is bashing Connor.

        • ultimate-nick

          I didn’t say you had something against Conor, I explained to you that there is nothing a fighter can do if they are midway through a punch and his/er opponent tuns their head, You see it all the time after the bell even though the have the 10 sec clacker to try to combat that problem. He isn’t a dirty fighter. Irish athletes are known for their fair play.

      • The guest of guests

        I like Conor and he has some serious skills, but he’s not getting past Aldo.

        • ultimate-nick

          Everyone said that about Dustin and that ended in tears

  • Baller31

    Seriously, how did a shot that missed and barely parted the hair on the back of Poirier’s head drop him?? That was eerily remniscent of some of the fights Tyson had when he got out of jail and was trying to come back, fights where he’d miss a punch but the guy would still be lights out. I know UFC is suffering with poor PPV sales, a flop of a cable channel, the downfall of TUF series, etc., so i really hope this was legit and not Dana White pulling another Don King move, doing whatever it takes to promote a fighter who is proven to boost media coverage, PPV sales, gate sales….

    • solo

      have you ever heard of equilibrium? not to mention he was hurt before that shot anyway…
      Btw… damn, you cant be thinking that this was fixed? are you fu***** serious??? Jeeeeez!!!

  • dandogood

    Conor is great for the UFC and brings life and excitement to a sometimes dull organization.

    • Austin, TX

      I would have to agree. He dusted Poirier. Poirier was hurt after that left 30 seconds before the ko. He was trying to walk it off. I thought Poirier would show him something. I was mistaken. At least he backs it up. There’s was nothing illegal about any of that. i watched the replay 5 times. it actually wasn’t back of the head. He just dusted him thats all. Poirier curled up already hurt from 45 seconds ago. .he was going down sooner or later…..as opposed to that tim kennedy romero bs. that was bs.

      • ultimate-nick

        That was absolute shit. If you cannot get up from the stool when its time to, you forfeit the fight. I did see one blow to the back of the head Austin totally accidental it was when ate the first fist on the ground Conor was mid way through the second strike Dustin turned his head and it connected.

        • Austin, TX

          yeah, i see what you mean. one of those could be considered. accidental though you’re right.

  • ultimate-nick

    It was inevitable if Dustin got back up he was hitting the canvas again anyway!!! Conor was too strong, too quick, too slick, too handsome lol. You will see him cleanse the feather weight division and haters will still find something wrong. A fighter of Dustin calibre would never intentionally take a dive shame on you all, were is the proof? you have none. The fight was won by the better fighter. Conspiracy capital of the world

  • guest

    Connor McGregor sucks…overrated, overhyped! Go get drunk and beat your woman dirty Irishman.

    • ultimate-nick

      Angry little people

    • Zabs

      LOL You’re one to talk, you slanderous ignorant little man, look at the NFL domestic abuse recently for one… You are blind by hate and you can’t see through your own ignorance, typical american attitude.. Turning a blind eye to your own country’s faults and being abusive to others for the same acts.

  • Roberta Nava

    Yep! Conner McGregor sure did use quite a few illegal punches to the back of the head!!! And he’s the most disrespectful trashbox in MMA!!!! Go back to Ireland you cocky thug!!!

    • ultimate-nick

      Still won lol

  • ultimate-nick