UFC 177 Video: Bethe Correia Wants Ronda Rousey, Desires UFC Title

September 2, 2014
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Bethe Correia is on a roll, picking off Ronda Rousey‘s teammates on her way to potentially facing the UFC women’s bantamweight champion in the near future.

In this MMAWeekly.com video, Correia explains that she wants a shot at Rousey and the UFC title, and she feels her credentials have put her in the title conversation.

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  • brad king

    there is no way Rhonda will face you. She knows there is a chance you will knock her senseless in incredible easy fashion. Dana will hide her as much as he tries to prevent the ineveitble KO in the first round once she faces Cyborg! However i admit she was pretty ok in the EX 3

    • drkdisciple

      Bethe Correia has no chance in hell of beating Ronda. That being the reason Ronda is so eager to fight her. But I do agree with you that Cyborg would destroy her, that is why that fight will never happen.

  • eddie eagle

    Correia has a Roman nose on her. It roams all over bethe’s face.

  • David Huenecke

    She needs to to get some better wins than duke and bayzler to fight Rhonda.

  • eddie eagle

    Beth got a nose like Chris Aerrola has one huge honker that puts Meisha’s honk to shame.