UFC 177 Results: Bethe Correia Takes Out Shayna Baszler In the Second Round

August 30, 2014
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Bethe CorreiaBethe Correia scored a technical knockout of Shayna Baszler in the second round of their main-card fight at UFC 177 on Saturday in Sacramento, Calif.

Correia unloaded a group of punches with her opponent covering up against the Octagon’s fence, earning the TKO at the 1:56 mark of the round.

The fight went to the ground early in the first, and Correia was in top position. Baszler, however, returned to the feet and she worked to get the fight to the ground, getting there moments later. While in advantage, she landed short strikes and earned the round.

In the second round, Correia unleashed a series of punches with Baszler against the cage. With combinations going to the head and body, Correia proved too much for the longtime WMMA veteran, overwhelming her with punches from all angles.

With Baszler covering up, the referee stopped the fight in the second frame.

With the win on Saturday, Correia holds wins over two of Ronda Rousey’s training partners, and she used her post-fight interview to call out the UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

“I want to send a message to Ronda Rousey,” she said.

The UFC 177 win improved Correia’s overall MMA record to 9-0.

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  • uncle

    That’s my girl

  • lonniex

    Hey Correia, get a win over: Tate, Kaufman, McMann, Carmouche, or Holm–then start whining about deserving a title shot.

    • uncle

      I wouldn’t call that whining, she is making a smart
      move to call the champ out it’s becoming a
      interesting storyline. I do agree about her fighting
      someone higher ranked before she get a title shot.

  • markhopkins435

    Hey Weidman got a title shot and we didn’t know who he was

    • Wardsize

      Soto was a better fight then Barao.

  • tt

    You have to win to be able to throw up the four-hoursemen! Baszler might have had success when there wasn’t alot of talent in women’s mma. Now that she has to compete against average talent we’re seeing what she’s made of. She’s got nothing for the elite fighters in her division. As always, JMO. Howard is God!!! Bababooey to you All!!

  • Mark Mills

    this had to be one of the lamest ufc cards ever……glad i watched for free online!!!

    • eddie eagle

      Bazler has no business on a UFC PPV card.

  • David

    LOok at her bicepts. do Ya think a little jucin?

  • David

    Look at those biceps. Do ya think a little jucin?

    • eddie eagle

      Basler looks like a man.

  • eddie eagle

    Bazler is terrible and at 40 years old needs to get a life. Bazler never has won a big MMA ever and is a joke.

  • eddie eagle

    Yea the 4 Horsemen- a mule, a donkey, a burro, and an A $$