UFC 177 Play-by-Play: Ruan Potts vs. Anthony Hamilton

August 26, 2014
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Ruan Potts vs. Anthony Hamilton

Round 1: The two fighters touch gloves and Anthony takes the center of the cage.  Potts misses with a leg kick.  He moves forward and Hamilton takes him down.  He lands in side control.  Potts quickly works his way back to his feet and they separate.  Potts lands a right hand as Hamilton closed the distance to clinch.  Hamilton tosses Potts to the ground.  He lands a right hand or two and stands and lets Potts up.  Potts switches his stance and throws a high kick that’s blocked.  Hamilton steps inside and lands an uppercut.  Hamilton delivers a hard kick to the body followed by a right hand.  Potts moves in with a high kick.  Hamilton blocks it and powers Potts to the canvas.  He works from the half guard position and lands punches and elbows to the body.  Hamilton again stands and lets Potts up.  Potts rushes forward with a combination and Hamilton takes him down and lets him up again.  Potts closes the distance and lands a left hand.  Hamilton presses him against the cage.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Hamilton.

Round 2: Hamilton inches forward and ties Potts up along the fence.  He takes Potts down and stands.  It’s bizarre.  He lets Potts up.  Potts lands to the body with a kick.  He throws another one and Hamilton takes him down.  Hamilton lands heavy punches to the body.  He’s hitting the same spot, three punches at a time, over and over again.  He continues to pound away at the rib cage of Potts.  Potts is hanging on to half guard and just taking them.  He has a purple bruise on his side.  It’s hard to watch.  The referee steps in and stops it.

The official time of the technical knockout was 4:17 of the opening round.

Anthony Hamilton Post-Fight:

I just tried to stay relaxed and believe in myself. I just tried to get the job done and do what I knew I could do. I wasn’t surprised by anything he did. He did what we saw him do on film. He has been pretty much the same fighter throughout his career. It was a little frustrating with him lying down so much. I wanted to knock him out, so I wanted him to get up. I was putting pressure on his throat and I could see him get a little tired.  That’s when I started laying those body shots on him and I could see the welts. I thought the ref might stop the fight a little sooner, but I am happy with the win. I want to take a little break, but I would love to fight one more time this year.

Ruan Potts Post-Fight:

Anthony is an active fighter and quite athletic. He did well and he did what he needed to tonight. I never complain about a decision. I thought the referee was going to stand the fight up because he wasn’t doing any damage. I was taking shots to the ribs, but he wasn’t breaking anything and it was detrimental. If it were shots to the head, or if I was bleeding profusely, I could understand. It’s probably just my own fault, I didn’t know that in the rules. I thought the ref would just stand us up, which he obviously didn’t. But well done to Anthony, and hats off to him.

Potts vs. Hamilton

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