UFC 175 Results: Yes, Chris Weidman is The Man

July 6, 2014
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Although he defeated Anderson Silva twice, questions still swirled around middleweight champion Chris Weidman heading into Saturday night’s title defense against Silva teammate Lyoto Machida at UFC 175 in Las Vegas.

The main query was whether or not Weidman was really as good as two wins over Anderson Silva should suggest. And he answered that question.

Not surprisingly, Weidman fell into his usual approach of applying pressure, taking the fight to Machida early. What was somewhat surprising is a new wrinkle from Weidman, as he threw numerous kicks from the opening bell, not giving Machida any room to counter.

Machida started, slowly, to turn the tide late in round two, but then Weidman secured a takedown, dishing out a strong helping of ground and pound that took much of the wind out of the Brazilian’s sail.

As hard as Machida tried to get things going, it only served to press Weidman into a higher gear. The champion took the fight to his challenger scoring several takedowns, increasing the ferocity of his ground and pound, and landing numerous combinations on the feet.

Machida wasn’t done, however, stuffing Weidman’s takedown attempts in the first of the championship rounds, and then opening up with his hands. He staggered the champion with hard left hooks and backed him up with follow-up combinations, completely changing the flow of the fight.

The final round was an entirely different beast. It was a brand new fight in and of itself.

Machida tried to keep the momentum gained in round four going into the final frame, and did for a time, but as soon as he seemed to take control, Weidman fought through a furious exchange and took him to the mat. After some ground and pound, Weidman transitioned to mount and then back control. Machida somehow regained his feet and unleashed one final flurry, but couldn’t put Weidman away, and that was what he needed to win the fight.

It was a blinding display by both men, and each gave the other his due following the fight.

Weidman, however, remained undefeated, moving his record to 12-0 with a unanimous nod from the judges, putting a stamp of approval on his claim to the UFC middleweight championship.

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  • battle ready

    Great fight. Weidman looked good tonight, but it was Machida who made it an exciting fight in the last rounds. Much respect to Machida’s heart and toughness. Congrats to Weidman who’s best is yet to come.

    • uncle

      I would like to see them fight again

      • Ian Price

        Absolutely. Maybe with another couple wins by Lyoto

        • Cptmats

          And maybe a little more size, He has never looked so small !

          • Sir_Roy

            Could be a by product of Lyoto getting ready for a possible drop to 170lbs believe it or not. Or so the story goes …

    • John Bunch

      No offense, but they both made it an exciting fight, unless you are deferring and acknowledging that Weidman was the ONLY one making it a fight through the first 3 rounds. Yes, Chris looked gassed in the 4th and Machida almost made him pay, but Weidman more than responded in the 5th. Perhaps I misinterpreted your analysis…if so, I apologize. But other than round 4, Weidman was the one making it an exciting fight…Machida participated in that excitement during rounds 4 and 5.

  • uncle

    This was a great fight! Machida showed lots of heart

  • steve s

    That was an amazing fight, from start to finish…and even after the bell they both showed thier heats in the form of true respect. They both won in my eyes.

  • hyperbole

    I was figuring Machida wasn’t going to show up after the 2nd round, running for the rest of the fight. He really impressed me tonight. More impressive was Weidman. I questioned him being able to go 5 rounds. He answered. I questioned if he’d figure out Machida and he answered that. The biggest factor for me was Machida’s camp having three fights to prepare for Weidman… they still haven’t solved that riddle. Chris’ chin also impressed. Incredible. I’ll now take that asterisk I put on his wins against Silva. The kid can fight. He pretty much answered all questions I had about him.

    • deepgrim

      agree with everything you said, so so surprised how he had machida puzzled in them first 3 rounds when its usually the other way around, gets out of the way of his shots too even tho he doesnt seem that fast. machida definately made a good fight of it in the championships rounds tho and had him on the ropes but weidman composed well in the 5th

    • Jon Doe

      What were you watching? Why are there so many of you?
      Why do people/media hate Machida so much? If anyone actually reads this, go watch the fight minus Joe Rogan’s Bias, the fight was actually pretty good and NOT in anyway was Chris the “unanimous victor” There’s this odd brainless copy, rinse and repeat thing that people in masses do. There was no running, no dancing, and Machida DID fight for all 5 rds, he put on an excellent performance.
      Breakdown in a nutshell:
      Chris – Controlled center 1,2,3 but what he did with it was nothing, a few TD’s no more than 30 seconds to a minute and with no major damage aside from 1 good elbow in the begging of the fight. Lots of grazing punches, a few solid inside leg kicks, 1 slicing straight right followed up by glancing punches appeared more than it actually was, 1 big standing elbow and 1 right hook toward the end of the fight.
      Machida – Landed very clean shots over and over, hard left liver kicks, multiple effective flurries, Hard Lefts in the 4th, good inside leg kicks, won the 4th easily 10-8 Chris did absolutely nothing in that rd, controlled center 4-5
      Conclusion: Machida 1-2-4-5 easy, 4th rd 10-8 Machida was cut but not beat down or defeated in any way, he looked like he could of went another 2 rounds, true damage is whats inside the body. Chris was swollen, beat down, took a lot of liver kicks and looked relieved the fight was over.

      • Sir_Roy

        There is no way you can justify giving Machida rounds 1 & 2. Sorry. You can make a 10-8 argument, MAYBE, for rnd 4. Definitely an uphill battle and you would be pushing it to the extreme to do so all the same.

        Giving Machida rounds 1 & 2 is just pure silliness.

        In no world but your own did Chris lose that fight.

        • Jon Doe

          What constitute a 10-8 round then? Chris did absolutely nothing in the 4th, not 1 blow or TD nothing. While he was getting struck repeatedly and was even wobbled. Chris did nothing in 1-2 other “look aggressive” Machida landed clean hard counter shots while Chris landed inside leg kicks and a few TD’s all less than 1 minute with minimal damage.

          In no world but your own did Chris win that fight.

          • Sir_Roy

            Glaring problem with your conclusion is that the majority of the fans, pros, judges (yeah, yeah, but still), promoter, ref and fight metrics state more emphatically that in no world but your own did Machida win that fight.
            Weidman landed 65 significant strikes to Machida’s 58.
            Weidman landed 90 total strikes of 206 thrown compared to Machida’s 63 on 145 (making him by a significant margin the busier fighter).
            Wiedman scored 5 takedowns on 13 attempts versus Machida’s glaring zero on zero attempts passing guard twice to Machida’s nadda.
            So yeah, sorry, Machida lost that fight bud.

          • Jon Doe

            Chris Weidman: Requires x-ray on left jaw, right elbow, right ribs and right ankle;
            Lyoto Machida: facial laceration.
            ya ya ya… stats stats stats I know, modern mma = points fighting. Forget about actually causing damage just tackle them and you win. No damage needed.. because “its control and aggression”

            Machida has a boo boo, a few cuts.. While Chris will need some time to recover. Did you see his jaw hanging open? Thats going to hurt for a while. Oh.. man his ribs too.. but.. Chris Won! You Win!

          • Sir_Roy

            I don’t really have to point out the fallacies in judging a fight based off damage done and / or apparent damage done right?

            I mean, I shouldn’t have to.

            Hendricks made GSP’s face look like hamburger meat due to one string of elbows to the side of the head and a short burst of ground and pound. Yet was out of the fight game for 6 months due to injuries sustained during that fight compared to GSP’s 45 day suspension. Looks are deceiving indeed. Damage done, or apparent damage done (for those like GSP who bruise easier than a 5 year old chubby kid) is the absolute worst way to judge a fight. While a factor, it should never be held in higher esteem than actual stats as enumerated above.

          • Jon Doe

            Thank You…? Wtf..? you just proved my point. So.. anyway, I see what you are getting at. This is the problem right now, there is a serious lack of knowledge about what fighting is really all about. So many of you are coming from NBA/NFL stats obsessed backgrounds, that you fail to understand the true fundamentals of fighting. You have no comprehension of distinguishing the difference between a competition from a fight. Your brain is wired to access how/what/If/when and so on based off of trivial meaningless stats.
            I know exactly how people like you think. If a fighter gets Submitted or Knocked out said person is the inferior fighter. Right? If said person on paper clearly indicates a “FightMetric” disadvantage said person is Clearly the loser, right?
            Points, Rounds, Control is the only thing that is relevant in fighting, Yes? Just answer yes or no

          • Sir_Roy

            Point was obvious. But I can certainly understand if it flew over your head.

            Pure statistics are certainly not the whole story, but they sure as hell go a lot further than your brand of logic because what they do is put myopic chumps who think they know how many truly significant strikes were landed in their place. You were wrong. You saw the fight you wanted to see. Not the fight that took place.

            “Serious lack of knowledge about what fighting is really about”. Get real Mr. Keyboard Warrior. Pretty sure no one gives a rat’s arse about your version of “what fighting’s really about”. Go pet your inflated ego somewhere else Mr. Miyagi.

          • Jon Doe

            Struck a nerve I see..

          • Sir_Roy

            I accept your acquiescence graciously.

          • Jon Doe


      • OBS3RV3R

        You’re funny, where can I subscribe to your comedy podcasts?
        Yes, Machida won rounds 1&2…If the contest is “Who’s the biggest loser of rounds 1&2”, Machida is the clear winner!!

        So you are saying Weidman’s 9-10 Landed leg kicks in the 1st round don’t mean anything because Machida was doing the Samba for the 1st round and being evasive. Weidman landed more legs kicks than Machid’s total landed shots in the first round.

        But yeah, Machida definitely won…You’re right…Machida’s corner was crazy when they told him after the 1st, “1st round was his..no problem, you got 4 more rounds to go…”

        Get a pencil and paper and Please go to the 50 min mark in the link below and watch the start of this fight. Mark down every Weidman hit landed, then rewatch and mark down every Machida hit landed. You’ll find for the 1st minute and a half, Machida did nothing but be evasive. That’s how you win a Championship…escape and evade..survival tactics.


        Even the graphic towards the end of round 2 shows Weidman landed 25 to Machida’s 16 and that was before Machida got taken down, at some shots, and took knees to the face when he stood up and then round 2 ended.

        Round 2 onwards: http://pwtalk.net/cgi-bin/protect.cgi?File=Vc7eJknFp.html

        “Chris was swollen, beat down, took a lot of liver kicks and looked relieved the fight was over. ”

        One liver kick will send a guy down, taking a lot of liver kicks…you’re saying Weidman is superman and can withstand a flurry of liver kicks which no-one in MMA has ever seen. Kicks to the ribs are not kicks to the liver…go google for liver kicks and watch what happens when just one is landed.

  • What sort of headline is this for an article? How do you not realize by now that you don’t capitalize “the”?

    • P-Pac

      you are wrong- “The Man” is not just the Man

      • Try again.

        • Maddawgmar

          They are using The Man as a title for Weidman thus it has to be capitalized. Think WWE The Undertaker or baseball The Great Bambino or Football’s The Catch.

          • P-Pac

            I didn’t want to waste any more time trying to explain the English language to Fetus since he has already mastered it.

  • Informed One

    Funny thing is Machida could likely beat everybody else in the division, which means Chris is likely to stay champ for a very long time.

    • MikeMcK

      I understand your trying to use MMA math, but the top ten is about matchups. The legit number 10 could be the worst matchup for Chris even if we doesnt have a prayer against the rest of the top 10.
      With that said Machida should have been one of the worst matchups for Chris.
      Time to see what Vitor can do.

      • shakejunt

        styles make fights, but machida was one of those quirky style matchups. everyone else in the division has more direct approaches and matt/longo should be able to help him plan around it.

        vitor fight will probably get a lot of hype, i’m excited.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Vitor won’t get a license.

  • Ian Price

    I wonder where the doubters are now.

    • Cptmats

      Could have been a draw anywhere but Vegas.

      • Matchmaker

        How could it have been a draw? Three clear rounds won by chris and machida did not have any 10-8 rounds.

      • polk14

        ???? Four rounds to one is not even close to a draw.

      • shakejunt

        cmon, even lyoto’s corner told him he was down

      • Jon Doe

        Machida 1-2-4-5
        4th rd 10-8 easy

  • Trot

    Oh us doubters are still here! This division is such a weak one. Chris beat The old man Silva who was getting ripe for the taking and now you have Machida who has lost like half of his last 8 fights (yes Shogun beat him twice!) and look who els is ranked…Vitor seriously his hormones are so screwed up from years of test abuse, Luke Rockhold, Micheal not a chance Bisping. Yes Weidman won again but I don’t see how that was particularly impressive Lyoto ran away for 2 rounds and when he actually started engaging was getting off well and he’s never been great …ELUSIVE yes (aka running away). Let Chris bask in it and yes he may win a couple fights (hell my grandma could beat skinny Belfort or the annoying brit). Do we have a GSP, Matt Hughes, Jon Jones etc here in Chris…..no I don’t think so his skill set is not that diverse . SORRY!

    • shakejunt


    • Sir_Roy

      Problem is you stating Machida was “running” away really does have a completely different connotation simply because we are talking about Machida. When being elusive and a grade A counter striker is the style that’s frustrated so many 205 pounders and 185 pounders alike over the years, Weidman catching him and throwing him to the mat like he did in the first 3 rounds counts as impressive. Why downplay? It’s disingenuous.

      As far as your Shogun blurb, I would state that styles make fights. I can clearly see how and why Shogun’s style of striking could frustrate Machida.

      I don’t think Weidman is in the best pound per pound fighter discussion quite yet either, and yeah, he has some road yet to travel before his name is in the same tier as GSP, Jon Jones and their ilk. But give credit where it’s due … you really do downplay a tad too much.

    • Baller31

      You’re insane. Middleweight is the strongest it’s ever been, and machida is a beast at 185…Weidman is just better.

  • BobGyro

    No! Cain is the man!

  • dandogood

    Weidman is good and deserves the attention. But not yet great.

  • Guest

    Still not convinced! If Machida had fought for all 5 rounds…Yes. If Weidman had finished Machida…Yes. Neither happened so I guess we await the next opponent.

    • Austin, TX

      And what made you think he was not able to fight through all five rounds? The ether, the atmosphere around him? The air possibly? You’re a child. Have fun attending the meetings in the flat Earth society. Weidman is the sh*t. Even I was curious how he could handle Machida. He handled him. Machida is actually better that Silva at 185. Did you see Lyoto’s face? Then look at Weidman’s. (Machida beat Rashad…and Rampage despite what the judges said.) But he’s actually a better fighter at 185. Except against Weidman.

    • Seth

      I came here for this. Butthurt fanboys, furious that Weidman is the best Middleweight today. Keep comin’, folks! Keep us entertained 🙂

  • TheCerealKiller

    I still hate Machida. All he does is run. That could have been so much better of a fight if he fought like he did the last two rounds.

  • brad king

    lyoto shouda knocked Weidman unconcious in round four. Chris was moving so slow Liz Carmouche woulda looked a speedster. i hope machida aint finished cause 1-3 he looked like he had no offence

  • Lt. Dangle

    Weidman is a tough dude. His striking and cardio still need work but his grappling and Gnp is top notch. I wanna see him against Vitor, Rockhold and Jacare to really prove himself.

  • Lucas Freire

    As a huge Silva fan I must say. At first I had my doubts. But now I must admit: Weidman is a beast!
    Sure he doesn’t have some fancy stance that no one uses like Machida.
    Sure he doesn’t drop his hands like Spider.
    Sure he isn’t a genetic-modified beast like Jones…but man…You can see he’s a guy that goes for what he wants, that works for it. He has textbook striking style, but why would he need anything else? He caught Machida with some very heavy punches, and his wrestling…needless to say anything. He’s also effective and active while on the ground. No lay’n pray with him.

    He has everything to be the next big champ in my opinion. Including the most diverse contenders to test him in every area of the game.