UFC 175 Embedded: Ultimate Multitasker Ronda Rousey and the Fighters’ Open Workouts

July 4, 2014
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On the third episode of UFC 175 Embedded, the cameras follow main and co-main even fighters Chris WeidmanLyoto MachidaRonda Rousey and Alexis Davis.

Ronda Rousey shows that her multitasking skills are just as sharp as her fighting skills as she navigates a tremendous amount of media leading up to her fight with Alexis Davis, Chris Weidman sneaks in a late-night workout at UFC headquarters, and the main card fighters put on a public display for the fans at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

UFC 175 Embedded, Episode 1: 
Chris Weidman Gets Pimped Out Hotel Room Complete with Leftover Chicken Bones

UFC 175 Embedded, Episode 2:
Emotional Glimpse into Ronda Rousey’s Ascension and the Pressures

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  • Mark McDowall

    I could have sworn the main event of this fight was Weidman vs Michida. Yet all we are seeing and hearing about is Dana’s favorite person. Kind of annoying that ALL we hear about regardless of the spot on the card is Rousey. There are 11 articles about 175 on the main page of this website alone…6 of them are about Rousey. I like her and all…but there is more to the UFC than her!!