UFC 174 Play-by-Play: Ovince Saint Preux vs. Ryan Jimmo

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Ovince Saint Preux vs. Ryan Jimmo

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves and the main card is underway.  Jimmo delivers a leg kick to start the round.  St. Preux answers with a kick to the body.  Jimmo lands to the body with a knee.  St. Preux lands a right hand and Jimmo circles away.  St. Preux lands a left hand.  Jimmo presses forward with a right hand and presses St. Preux against the cage.  St. Preux turns Jimmo around and has him against the fence now.  They battle for position along the cage.  Jimmo separates and switches stances.  Jimmo lands to the body with a kick.  He delivers an inside leg kick.  St. Preux lands a left hand.  Jimmo lands a kick to the body.  He delivers another.  St. Preux presses forward with a left hand.  Jimmo fires off a high kick and St. Preux quickly changes levels and secures a takedown.  Jimmo gets to his feet at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Jimmo.

Round 2: Jimmo bounces on the outside.  He lands an inside leg kick followed by a right hand.  They exchange kicks and Jimmo slips.  St. Preux follows him to the ground.  He advances to the mount position.  Jimmo rolls and gives up his back.  He moves to side control and lands hammer fists.  a scramble ensues and Jimmo is injured.  The fight is stopped.  He’s saying his arm is broken.

The official ruling was St. Preux by TKO at 2:10 of the second round.

Ovince Saint Preux:

“The finish was just a chicken wing like we all used to do in high school wrestling  back in the day. A lot of guys used to call it the ‘Redneck’ and you would use it to turn someone over. I’m still young in the sport and I’m improving all the time. I have a lot to learn and every fight can’t be perfect. After this finish and the Von Flue choke previously I’m sure a lot of people will expect the unexpected. The truth is that I work out in an unorthodox gym with unorthodox guys and this is normal for us. That’s beginners stuff for me. Stay tuned there’s much more to come!”

Ryan Jimmo:

“The chicken wing didn’t do anything really. I think it was a kick to the forearm that damaged my arm. When I tried to pivot and push off the canvas after the takedown I felt my arm snap and I let the referee know that I couldn’t continue.”

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