UFC 174 Medical Suspensions: Brendan Schaub, Several Others Facing Lengthy Down Time

June 16, 2014
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Brendan SchaubDemetrious Johnson put on a masterful performance in defending his flyweight championship at UFC 174 in Vancouver on Saturday night. Ali Bagautinov barely laid a hand on him, so Johnson only received the mandatory 14-day rest period that all fighters on the card got from the British Columbian Athletic Commission.

Brendan Schaub, Ryan Jimmo, Valarie Letourneua, and Tae Hyun Bang all could be out for a significant period of time due to possible fractures.

UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov took place on Saturday, June 14, at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

The British Columbia Athletic Commission on Monday released the UFC 174 medical suspensions to MMAWeekly.com.

UFC 174 Medical Suspensions

Demetrious Johnson – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Ali Bagautinov – 30 Days No Contact Training / 30 Days No Combat Sports

Rory MacDonald – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension List; Follow up with regular general practitioner

Tyron Woodley – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Ryan Bader – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Rafael Feijao – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Andrei Arlovski – 14 Days No Contact Training / 30 Days No Combat Sports Event

Brendan Schaub – 60 Day No Contact Training / 90 Days No Combat Sports Event due to left eyelid laceration, right facial suture; Requires CT scan of his head and must be cleared by a doctor prior to training or competition

Ovince Saint Preux – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Ryan Jimmo – 180 Days No Contact Training / 180 Days No Combat Sports Event due to right forearm injury; Requires X-ray of right forearm and elbow and must be cleared by an orthopedic surgeon.

Kiichi Kunimoto – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Daniel Sarafian – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension; Follow up with regular physician.

Valarie Letourneau – 30 Days No Contact Training / 180 Days No Combat Sports Event due to possible left orbital fracture; Needs clearance by a doctor to compete.

Elizabeth Phillips -14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Yves Jabouin – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Mike Easton – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension; Requires further assessment of left thumb prior to returning to training

Tae Hyun Bang – 180 Days No Contact Training / Indefinite No Combat Sports Event due to possible nasal fracture; Needs X-ray of nose and requires a doctor’s clearance prior to training and competition.

Kajan Johnson – 45 Days No Contact Training / 60 Day No Combat Sports Event due to knockout with loss of consciousness; Must follow up with general practitioner prior to returning to training.

Michinori Tanaka – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Roland Delorme – 21 Days No Contact Training / 30 Days No Combat Sports Event

Jason Saggo – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

Josh Shockley – 14-Day Mandatory Suspension

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    You cant call a 5 round decision “masterful”. 25 minutes and you cant finish the fight, thats not masterful

    • Danny boy

      Stfu keyboard warrior did your broke ass order the fight Russians are known for there toughness and ali is no exception.Dj is one bad mofo

      • Learn how to speak and spell before you reply to a valid point with your rambling, illiterate, mind-of-a-child nonsense.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Well said.

          • Danny boy

            Nah, but that was well said!!!

  • anti ufc MMA fan

    Anyone else think the UFC is going down hill. It’s lame fight after lame fight after rematch after rematch its not what it was a few years ago. Where I’m from MMA gyms were opening like crazy now they’re all closing. I don’t think the UFC pays the fighters very well either the announcer probably makes more than most fighters. That guy can be out done by any military drill instructor why reward the announcer so much that a fighter this can be a career ender. Anyway I just want to get peoples thoughts so ill be posting same post different comment areas and get the feed back.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Please don’t repost this grammatical disaster anywhere else.

      That being said, you would have to give an example of these “lame” fights so we can tell where you are coming from. I do agree about the rematches. We watched Cain fight two guys for three years.

  • Kryptonitekid

    “Masterful” would’ve meant getting a finish.. There’s nothing masterful about a 25 min sparring match.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Lets see you last 2 minutes with any UFC champ.