UFC 174 Headliner Announced: Demetrious Johnson Puts Flyweight Belt on the Line

April 9, 2014
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Demetrious Johnson UFC on Fox 8 Post_9338UFC 174 finally has a main event… Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov.

UFC officials on Wednesday confirmed the bout first reported by Sportsnet.ca.

UFC 174 takes place on June 14 at Rogers Arena. It marks the promotion’s first event in Vancouver since June of 2011, and also marks the first time that Johnson has headlined a UFC pay-per-view event.

Johnson (19-2-1) is the first and only UFC flyweight champion. He won the honor by defeating Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152. Johnson has defended the belt on three occasions, defeating John Dodson and John Moraga before knocking out Benavidez in a rematch.

Bagautinov (13-2) is undefeated during his UFC tenure. His route to the flyweight title shot includes victories over Marcos Vinicius, Tim Elliott, and John Lineker.

He’s part of a wave of Russian fighters that have crashed into the Octagon, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Having worked his way quickly up the ladder – his UFC debut was in September of last year – Bagautinov faces the most significant opportunity of his career, but could also present one of the biggest threats to Johnson’s title reign.

UFC 174 also features a key welterweight match-up between top contenders Rory MacDonald and Tyron Woodley.

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  • Gareth Hudgins

    I’ve only seen Bagautinov in his fight against Tim Elliot. Undoubtedly a talented fighter, he out-witted Elliot in every situation, but I questioned his stamina. Mighty Mouse has as much stamina as humanly possible, and now he’s shown himself to have knock-out power. I think mighty mouse has this one. What do I know, though? Bagautinov might have enough tricks up his sleeve to take the belt–so many tricks that stamina would be irrelevant. Any which way you put it, this PPV is going to be grand. Woodley vs. MacDonald? What a test that’ll be for both fighters! Thanks for your time. I’m going to make some beans now.

    • shakejunt

      mm will be the rightful favorite, but i think ali brings an aggressive style to the cage that most flyweights don’t possess and that’ll make the fight interesting. either way, he’s the most qualified contender right now so it’s good that johnson is willing to step up.

  • Seth

    He’s not Russian…he’s Dagestani…I made that mistake also, but I already corrected myself. Most of them don’t like to be called Russians…

    • BobLemons

      They may not like it, but it is Russia.

      • Seth

        But if they don’t like it, you should at least respect that and don’t call them that. It goes down really to one thing – do you respect him enough to not say something about him that he doesn’t like or something that in his opinion may be insulting? Its just that.

        • Torrelio

          Being from a place is fact and not a matter of opinion or will. Will he be offended if I say he’s human or that’s he’s European?
          If people have problems accepting fact, then I lose my respect for them. He is Russian(fact), not only that, he is also Dagistani(also fact); and most likely he will be also from a specific part of Dagestan. Am I supposed to know which neighbourhood he’s from too?

          • Seth

            It’s not like people from Georgia or Dagestani WANTED to be part of Russia to begin with, same with a few others. That’s the reason why some of them doesn’t like to be called Russian. They are proud of being Dagestani. It’s like you would call someone from Scotland, British. They are from Great Britain (Fact) but they are also Scotish (fact). And believe me, they HATE being called British.

          • Torrelio

            You’re not very good at geography it seems. Scottish are also british because they are located in Britain(it’s a place, not a nation). Besides being from Scotland, they also belong to the United kingdom, the Commonwealth, The EU, Europe, northern hemisphere, planet earth, etc etc. It’s not about choice or wanting something; If you’re born in scotland today, you’re british and if you’re born in dagestan 10 years ago, you’re russian. You’re confusing nationality and geography with ethnicity. If I call them ethnic russian, then I make a huge mistake but if I call them russian, I’m 100%correct. And it’s because of this no one should be offended because of the circumstances they were born on: it’s a convention, there’s no judgement or value assigned here. just think of my 1st example: is he offended of being called european or human?

          • Seth

            Then go to him and call him Russian. Im curious how much he will like it.

            You don’t call someone something if he doesn’t like it. It’s effin common sense. If that offends him, drop it. Simple. I’m from Poland, but I’m not proud of it and that’s not something I like to be reminded. Now imagine that someone took your country by force and they try to take it away from you. If he doesn’t like that someone tries to FORCE him to be Russian and finds that insulting, you should respect that. That’s not hard.

          • Torrelio

            should I consider him european? human? that is the point I’m making; can you please stop trying to go the liking or not liking being from a country or not.

          • Jacob K

            And now back to mma…

  • Mark McDowall

    I have a feeling that Bagautinov will be the first of several new UFC champs from that part of the world to come soon.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    no way Bagautinov wins this, DJ has everything better (wrestling, striking, conditioning, bjj would be even) and can keep a high pace for 5 rounds and is more agressive, sure Bagautinov could catch him with a big punch but i dont see that happening. DJ by unanimous decision or a late TKO (4th or 5th round)..

  • Guest

    Come on guys…we all know this us going to be another boring 5 round Mighty Mouse fight. Nothing to get excited about.

    • Jacob K

      Yeah just Like his last fight…pshhh. GTFO and stop hating on the wee men. Putting my money on a finish in this one.


    He will stop the Russian / Dagestani invasion!