UFC 173 Results: T.J. Dillashaw Upsets Renan Barao, Wins Bantamweight Title

May 25, 2014
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TJ-Dillashaw-Vaughan-Lee-5012-UFC-on-Fuel-4T.J. Dillashaw shocked Renan Barao, dominating the UFC 173 main event on Saturday night in Las Vegas and winning the UFC bantamweight title.

Dillashaw actively moved and found angles to land numerous punches, finishing the bout at 2:26 of the fifth round by technical knockout.

“I’ve dreamed it for so long,” Dillashaw said, reacting to being the new 135-pound title holder. “It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

“I had to bring my A-game to the champion of the world and it happened, baby.”

Dillashaw moved well throughout the opening round, sticking and moving against his opponent and landing a significant uppercut. With an overhand right, Dillashaw dropped Barao to the ground and nearly finished the fight. The champion survived the onslaught and made it through the first round.

Dillashaw continued utilizing his movement in the second round, landing strikes and immediately moving to find other angles. Barao landed a combination of his own halfway through the round, but Dillashaw kept staying active on the feet to avoid major damage.

Barao’s offense appeared to hit a wall in the third round, allowing Dillashaw to keep landing combinations. Dillashaw also landed head kicks that were set up with fake punches, wobbling Barao a number of times.

The champion continued to get dominated in the fourth round, as Dillashaw found the precise angles to land punches of all sorts. Barao attempted a spinning back kick, but fell in his efforts, allowing Dillashaw to pursue on the ground and control from top position.

The end came in the final round where Dillashaw landed a tremendous head kick. Dillashaw then landed a left hand that put the champ on his back. While there, Dillashaw landed a number of strikes on the ground before referee Herb Dean stopped the contest.

With the win, Dillashaw became the first UFC title holder at Team Alpha Male. In defeat, Barao lost his first fight since his professional debut in 2005.

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  • Timothy Malone

    The Brazilian Age of MMA is dead

    • Jon

      Only stupid people would think that.

      • shakejunt

        only stupid people call other people stupid.

        but seriously, every champion is an american wrestler except for aldo. not too far of a stretch to say that there’s a certain mold right now.

    • This guyyyyyyy

      Tell that to Aldo. I see where you’re coming from so don’t take any of this as aggressive, but just because the we’ve seen many great Brazilians fall doesn’t mean that more won’t rise. Jose at FW=BEST. LW will be interesting for him. Americans, Brazilians, Latinos and Russians alike all have fighters that rise and fall. It’s a way of the business. Sure Junior, Anderson, and Renan fell. Latino MMA was never as ‘alive’ in the first place when compared to Brazilian MMA but that didn’t stop Cain from pummeling Junior. Anything can happen to anyone at any time.

  • Luis Manuel

    Cant believe barao lost 🙁

  • deepgrim

    could not believe what i was watching, didnt give tj much of a chance before hand but hes speed was amazing, beating baroa to punch almost all the time and avoided most of his. thought the the division was going to go stale with baroa dominating. best beat down of a champ i have seen since jones and shogun

  • wow

    Man much respect for tj true underdog going into the fight and dominated barao in what barao is good at good head movement in the fight kept his pace steady barao looked scared after the first round

  • Collideoverme

    Absolutely love it!

  • pappy

    Yes!!! Go north america!!!!!!

  • Maddawgmar

    TJ gave Dwayne Ludwig gold, as a good bye gift.

  • drkdisciple

    So much for all that talk of Barao being the best P4P!

  • RoBeRtOe

    So….where’s that dipshcitt that was calling team Alpha Male, team Beta Male? I mean, it was funny until he thought we didn’t know what he meant, and then went onto descrbe the definitions of Alph and Beta. Where’s that moron now??

  • Pat Garret

    Amazing fight! Sry I ever doubted you , Mr. TJ

  • Guest5

    What a fluke…Team Beta Male just a bunch of tiny wrestlers