UFC 173 Results: Daniel Cormier Chokes Hendo Out Cold, Says Jon Jones Can’t Run Forever

May 25, 2014
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Daniel CormierThe UFC 173 light heavyweight battle between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson had title implications written all over it. Cormier was all but guaranteed a shot at the belt should he win, and Henderson’s explosive victories always make him a contender.

The only question going in was who would take the bull by the horns and put himself on the top rung of the ladder of fighters waiting for UFC champ Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson to settle their score.

Cormier recently came down from heavyweight to fight in the 205-pound division, while Henderson weighed in at 199 pounds for this fight. The size difference, coupled with Cormier’s impeccable wrestling pedigree, was immediately apparent.

When Henderson shot in for a takedown to open the fight, Cormier stuffed it and tossed him to the mat with ease. Cormier dominated the first round, maintaining top position on the ground for the majority of the stanza, but didn’t rack up much damage.

Round two played out much the same as the first, although, realizing his dominance, Cormier’s confidence started to grow. He didn’t just wear on Henderson this time, he peppered him with an endless barrage of punches for the final four minutes of the round.

Supremely confident going into the final round, Cormier disregarded the potential for a patented Henderson H-bomb, and threw everything at the former champ. Cormier kicked him, threw him to the mat like a rag doll, and then once again pounced and pummeled.

After softening him up, Cormier took Henderson’s back and locked on a rear naked choke. Henderson wouldn’t tap, so Cormier put the lights out… completely out.

Henderson has been fighting for nearly two decades, but never has he been manhandled the way Cormier manhandled him on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Even at 44 years of age, however, Henderson wasn’t ready to call it quits.

“I’m just gonna have to figure it out and move forward,” he said. “I’m not done yet. I’m still gonna compete. I’m gonna continue to do it until I can’t.”

There were no questions surrounding Cormier, though. He looked as good as he ever has, and after taking the bull by the horns, he’s ready to try and do the same to Jones. And he wasn’t shy about saying so.

“Jon Jones you can’t run away from me forever. No matter where you go, I’m coming. And I’m only getting better,” Cormier declared after dominating Henderson.

“I know nobody can wrestle me. If I decide to take Jon Jones down 100 times; I’ll take Jon Jones down 100 times. This is my Octagon!”

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  • Rob

    I like Cormier. But you’ll have to do more than take out a over the hill Hendo before stating the Octagon is “yours.”

  • truthslinger

    I dont know why anyone is pointing to his age for this loss. Everyone knew he was going to lose and it was because cormier is a beast who ragdolled the heavyweight division, and is now fighting a guy who fought at 185 for large part of his career. He came in 6 pounds under the limit! So for people to start throwing his age around after this loss is just laughable. Cormier is going to be the second big test for Jon Jones. Gus being the first. Everyone else was so undersized, that jones could just keep them away with his big hand in peoples faces. Cormier is going to close the gap, and has the power, speed and wrestling to give jones all kinds of problems. He’s had all kinds of experience fighting people bigger than him already in the heavyweight div, so thats also going to help. Bottom line, if hendo gets beat by Phil Davis, glover, Anthony Johnson, ryan bader, Jimi manuwa, guys like that, then people should be bringing up his age and pointing to him thinking about hanging it up.

    • Spider Aragon

      Who did he fight as heavyweight ? I just don’t like his attitude n
      big mouth( If I want to take him down 100 timems I will ) please get over yourself! Cain V would out wrestle n punch him in that fat head of his as much as he wanted . Heavyweight ? What a joke .ill take Jon jones when they fight .

      • deepgrim

        cain may out punch him but he is not out wrestling dc, he coached cain his wrestling. big foot, mir, barnett and nelson were big name heavy weights he not only beat, he dominated! 2 former ufc heavyweight title holders and a title contender. yes he talked it up a bit, but that is just to get the interest in the fight. while he was ragg dolling hendo there was a feeling that he could do that to anyone including jones. off course jones will still have an edge in striking. that could all be irrelant if gus beats jones but he is a top martial artist

    • deepgrim

      i think henderson is going to 185, even if he beat dc he would have had it very hard against jones. if machida can beat weidman, hendo may not be that far away from the title based on a dabatable split decision loss to machida. if he could beat souza for example he will be near the top of the division. it doesnt sound like he is ready to retire yet

  • The milkman

    I think Cormier deserved a title shot before this fight based on the fact that the ufc seems to give them to fighters dropping a weight class especially if they were a champion. He’s the last strike force heavyweight champ and would’ve got one at heavyweight had his training partner not been Cain

    • shakejunt

      my problem with giving him a shot is that it seems apparent that cain would’ve mauled him, had they fought. he would’ve been in the same position as junior.

      • The milkman

        Yeah most likely. I was just pointing out that every champ from other major organizations have gotten immediat title shots.

  • p

    I hope cormier beats jones but post trt henderson was in serious trt withdraw and could’ve beat cormier 5 years earlier. Im surprised hendo made it past 1. Withdraw from drugs means sickness and no energy

  • put me in the sauna coach

    That was hard to watch Hendo getting rag dolled like that. Reminds me of when Chuck kept getting KO’d late in his career. Hate seeing legends hang around too long…or atleast in Henderson’s case hanging around the wrong weight class.

  • Paul Warner

    Ya Ya Ya, we heard the same things about every one of Jones’ opponents in all his title defenses. Cormier is a big talker, just like Evens…I sincerely hate that! Jones will do his homework, just like he did against Glover and beat him at his own game. Bide your time Daniel, no need to wish for this too soon.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    I honestly think once D.C. Becomes champ he will hold it for a while. I do think jones could beat him, but I think he could beat jones easier.

    • Raphael Mastro

      Its hard to judge fighters, at least for me it is…On one hand you can say he hasn’t fought anyone that well and mostly at heavy weight…On the other hand you can say that he’s going through people fast…but only 2 at 205…just one of them happened to be a top contender and a legend…Have we seen what DC is capable of or is he just not facing the same level competition as Jones did. Jones went and beat so many former champions, more then anyone else…Either way I’m having a hard time agreeing with u and disagreeing with you lol i just don’t know how that fight is gonna go but DC looks HUUUUUUUUUNGRY! LOL

  • dandogood

    Dan flat face Hendo should retire at 44 years old. Face it -flat face is not top notch anymore and is a beaten inverted faced old man.

  • shakejunt

    “jon jones, i’m comin fa you. you can’t hide from my lack of offense from the mount and my inability to finish until my opponent is straight up exhausted. i’m like ben askren, but more boring because i’ve painted myself as a powerhouse.”

  • dandogood

    Danny boy looked terrible and flat face’s wrestling was childish and weak. Give it up Hendo.