UFC 172 Results: Anthony Johnson Derails Phil Davis’ Hopes for a Title Shot

April 27, 2014
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Phil Davis threw out a lot of trash talk prior to his UFC 172 fight against Anthony Johnson on Saturday night in Baltimore. The thing is, most of his trash talk was aimed at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, not his opponent.

Focusing his attentions at the wrong man may have backfired on Davis, as all the talk he flung at Jones was for naught. It was Johnson, who was making his UFC return after spending that past two years fighting elsewhere, that dominated the fight.

Davis, who relies heavily upon his wrestling skills, was stymied by Johnson. He was unable to take “Rumble” down at any point in the fight, something that nary any opponent has been able to accomplish.

Johnson did just that, however, stuffing every attempt that Davis could muster.

Meanwhile, Johnson displayed a newfound maturity in employing his own offense. He stuffed Davis’ attempts, and then countered with heavy shots, mounting damage as the fight wore on, but not rushing things or overcommitting.

Johnson chopped Davis down throughout the fight with a counter right uppercut as his focal point, busting up Davis’ left eye early in the fight en route to a unanimous decision victory.

“It’s been a long road coming. Since I left, I’ve matured so much,” said Johnson after the fight, acknowledging his growth.

While Davis had been trying to talk his way into a title shot with a victory, that didn’t materialize. Johnson avoided the spotlight, buckled down, and proved to his employer that he deserves to be back in the Octagon.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Phil ran like a scared little girl the whole fight.

    • toom

      Yeah it was almost sickening if you talk that much shittake your beating like a man

  • Mark McDowall

    Johnson looked scary good last night. He put a hurting on Davis in the first and it completely derailed his game plan. I think Johnson is going to be a force @ 205.

  • El Gvapo

    Really enjoyed Davis taking a pasting, the dude just rubs me up the wrong way for some reason. And how the hell did Rumble ever make 170? It looked like he’d have to work hard to make 205.

    • deepgrim

      i liked phil davis a while back, but he was talking alot of crap with nothing to back it up. while his stand up is improving he lacks power and when he cant nail a takedown he looks average at best. rumble looked about 15 pounds heavier than davis, i thought he would gas in the last round cause of the weight cut but it didnt happen. looks like powerful addition to the division