UFC 172 Play-by-Play: Joseph Benavidez vs. Tim Elliot

April 25, 2014
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Joseph Benavidez vs. Tim Elliot

Round 1: Elliot quickly closes the distance and takes Benavidez down.  Benavidez gets to his feet.  Elliot closes the distance and tosses Benavidez to the ground.  Elliot gets Benavidez in a crucifix.  Benavidez gets to guard.  Elliot lands punches from the top.  Benavidez gets up but gets hit with a knee.  They exchange knees to the body.  Benavidez lands a kick to the body.  Elliot changes levels and takes Benavidez down.  They scramble.  Benavidez gains top position.  He moves to side control.  He works to mount Elliot.  He does.  Benavidez cranks on a guillotine choke.  Elliot kicks and bucks but can’t get out of it.  He’s forced to tap out.  Benavidez wins by submission.

The official time of the submission was 4:08 of the opening round.

UFC 172 Live Results Home Page

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