UFC 172 Pimp Slap: Phil Davis Unloads on Champ Jon Jones

April 21, 2014
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Jon Jones vs Phil DavisUFC president Dana White has said that Phil Davis seems happy hanging around as a contender, that he doesn’t really have the desire to reach for the title.

Well, Davis took White’s words to heart and on the UFC 172 conference call, he unleashed a verbal tongue lashing on light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, all but calling for a fight with him right then and there.

Jones puts his belt on the line against Glover Teixeira in the UFC 172 main event, while Davis welcomes Anthony Johnson back to the Octagon in the night’s co-main event.

If everything goes his way, expect Phil Davis to keep on talking if he beats Johnson, because he’ll be calling for a shot at Jones, or whomever the winner of the Jones vs. Teixeira fight is.

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  • Dragon Kid

    Phil Davis has always bored me with his fights.

  • DamianCross

    I’m actually a fan of Davis but Nick Diaz has more of a claim to a light heavyweight shot right now.

    • Piotr

      LOL @ Nick Diaz having a claim at anything besides being a contestant in the stoner olympics.

      • DamianCross

        thats. the. joke.

  • BenGoldsteinEatsMyDickCheese

    Rematch with Gustafsson. They don’t train together any more, so close your horse mouth, stop blinding me with your ultra-white teeth and attempt to stake a claim; prove you’re the rightful number 1 contender. Just don’t challenge Lyoto. You’ll lose, again.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Davis should be directing his frustration at Dana , Dana should be giving the title shot to Alexander. Not to the guy that does the best Chael SOnnen impression.

  • steeltown65

    I’d like to see it. Jones would beat Davis down and keep on beating. Rashad embarrassed him. Machida would have won if he would have attacked at all. And Gus would make him wish he had never trained with him. If he’s the 5th best LH. Meisha Tate is a world champion.

    • deepgrim

      davis is good but jon jones is a terrible match up for him. when he cant out wrestle an oppenient hes prob not going to win

  • Shakir Hanifa

    Phil! you talk like a girl and boring as f–k!! Jones, Gus, Glover, Machida, Bador, all will beat you.

    • julian moran

      not “Bador”.

      • Bucket of Chicken

        Yes, the Darch Bador

    • Shred Man

      Davis already beat Gustafason.

      • Rodbert

        Now now, you know bringing up reality when someone is trying to be clever is painful.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Phil is more of an athlete than fighter

  • t

    Phil davis can out wrestle jones.Anthony johnson can ko jones and gus can ko jones. Gus should’ve gnp ‘d jones when he had him down instead of letting him up

  • New Phil fan

    That was the funniest comeback in in ufc history…. Phil Davis KO Jon jones with what rounds did I lose? ” u lost the rounds that he put his hot hands on ur forehead” lmao!!! Classic!!!!

    • put me in the sauna coach

      I dunno…Jones had a pretty sweet comeback himself “That’s not Nice Phil”. Nailed it.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Phil Davis reminds me of a male cheerleader. At first glance you think, “wow, that guy’s buff”, but then you see him perform and cover your face with your hand.

    Jones finishes in the first.

  • jojo

    Who is this Phil Davis character?


    He better not be overlooking AJ !

  • Bucket of Chicken

    Phil Davis’ only fan is Phil Davis.