UFC 171 Results: Hector Lombard Dominates Jake Shields En Route to Unanimous Decision

March 15, 2014
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Hector Lombard thumbWith the UFC welterweight division now wide open with the exodus of former champion Georges St-Pierre, Jake Shields and Hector Lombard stepped into the Octagon opposite each other at UFC 171 on Saturday night with the winner looking to position himself in the thick of title talk.

The fight looked to be all Lombrd’s from the opening horn, as he tossed Shields to the mat in the American Airlines Center in Dallas early and hammerfisted him. Shields quickly escaped back to his feet, but Lombard fired a left hand that put him on the mat again.

The first round played out with much of the same, Lombard stuffing Shields’ takedown attempts, and utilizing his powerful striking to put him in trouble on a number of occasions.

Lombard slowed a bit in the second stanza, but still stuffed Shields’ attempts to put him on the mat, and then blasted him with power punches. Lombard also turned the tables tossing Shields to the mat on occasion, including a beautifully executed judo throw in the final minute.

Shields needed a home run in the final round, but Lombard stymied him at every turn. Lombard couldn’t find the power to put Shields away, but after dominating all three rounds, he didn’t need to.

With Lombard running away with the fight, Shields finally caught him with an arm-in guillotine in the waning seconds. The choke was deep, but it was too little, too late, as the clock ran out on Shields’ opportunity to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Lombard walked out of the Octagon with a unanimous decision victory, moving his mark to 2-0 as a UFC welterweight, following up a win over Nate Marquardt.

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    *And the next WW Champion of the World Hector Lombard*

    • TheCerealKiller

      Not likely.


        O yess Likely, who else? woodley ha ha, there is Olympic talent & not. & who above Hector has that? Nobody not even Hendricks!

        • shakejunt

          hector’s throws looked good last night, but remember this was against someone who desperately wanted this on the ground. gotta realize he was an olympian 15 years ago.

    • vulcanman64 .

      Actually, I believe the next WW champ might be GSP when he returns. No doubt about it. After the simple brawling I witnessed tonight, Johnnie just isn’t on GSPs level. A hungry George will kill Hendricks. Im sure of it.

      • Kenny Powers

        I think Johny and Robbie would both KO GSP at this point.

        • MaritalArtist


          • vulcanman64 .

            I don’t think so. After the Hendricks Lawler fight it was pretty obvious technical fighting wasn’t their forte, however Hendricks does have a powerful left and George has been through it before. Im sure he would be well prepared.

        • brad king

          what kind of drugs you on kid? you make us all laugh!

      • MaritalArtist

        If that fight happened, you know dang well Johny would train his heart out and beat up Georges

    • put me in the sauna coach

      Lombard could hang with Hendricks for the first few rounds, then would gas and Hendricks would put it on him.

      • Lucas Freire

        As if Hendricks have some great stamina…He only got through 5 rounds against GSP and Lawler because he was able to control the rhytm of the fight.
        I think he’d be KOed in a 5 round fight against him.

      • MaritalArtist

        I could see Woodley knocking out everybody except Lawler and Condit.

  • urur6262

    Sorry Jake,Maybe if it were a fight without time limits.

    • shakejunt

      i’d be on board with no standups if you allow kicks/knees to downed opponents.

    • MaritalArtist

      No time limit: GSP, Diaz, shields and Condit would never lose again

  • Jon Doe

    Hector…??? Yo? I mean whats the deal? Why do you keep fighting like this? You could put any of these guys to sleep anytime you feel like it but yet you just??? Why?? They cant wrestle you, they cant out strike you but then you do nothing. Rogan was right, I wish Diego was in Hectors body, he would have the athletic ability with the right heart. What a waste of talent

  • mmalive

    Jake Shields is WAY OVER RATED since his arrival to UFC. Dude gets lucky with decision victories. Hector did not knock him out due to no real openings for opportunity. Hector threw Shields around like a rag doll. Jake would be SMASHED in striking with Lombart. Jake’s BJJ is WEAK!!! Any decent ranked BJJ fighter can and will DEFUSE Shields EASY!!!