UFC 171 Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler Scorecard: Did the Judges Get it Right?

March 16, 2014
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Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler UFC 171 Scorecard

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When all was said and done at UFC 171 on Saturday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Johny Hendricks walked out of the Octagon with the UFC welterweight championship wrapped around his waist.

He and Robbie Lawler went back and forth for 25 minutes, each taking turns knocking the other’s head around, but the judges in Texas felt that Hendricks did enough to earn a 48-47 nod from all three of them, giving Hendricks the gold.

What we want to know is: did the judges get it right on the Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler scorecard?

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  • Collideoverme

    Yeah, they got it right. It was even up until the 5th. Hedricks did a great job toughing it out and controlling Lawler in the 5th.

  • Judges got it right this time.

    Stop complaining.

    • Collideoverme

      No whining here. I wish Robbie had pulled out the stops in Rd 5, but he didn’t. Hendricks won.

    • Austin, TX

      Actually the judges got it right by current MMA rules the last time too man. (ie: facial damage doesn’t always indicate win/lose status…it just indicated scar tissue and skin type, sometimes.). GSP won that fifth round. Just like big rig won this 5th round.

      Maybe now that Hendricks can go look how his face looked in that fight with the belt still around his waist he will figure out how he lost the GSP fight. I mean, I’m just sayin. Maybe now he’ll shut up.

  • Collideoverme

    Yes, they got it right, although I’m not sure about Doug Crosby’s score care. 10-8 for rd 2? I don’t think so. And the 10-10 for Rd 5 was off. But much to my dismay, Hendricks did win.

    • kutjanus

      Most people dont know what a 10 – 8 (jds-cain) score is. All rounds where 10 – 9. I gave Hendricks 3 rounds.

  • jesusdidnttap

    Good fight ROBBIE. ..WAY TO GO DOUG

  • Jrupertus

    If there was a 10-8 round, and I don’t think there was, it was the 3rd or the 4th for Lawler. And round 5 was definitely Hendricks.

    • piper

      I think 5 was the only tied round, and the only 10-8 should have been for Lawlor when he had H out on his feet.

  • taylor2008

    After the 4th rd I have it even. Who ever took rd 5 would win. I saw Hendricks had 5 and it was the right choice. I dont know about a 10-8 for Hendricks though.

  • whitebelt

    I agree with the decision but still think there should be a direct rematch. Lawler was the toughest fight of Hendrick’s career by far!

  • Scotty_O

    This fight showed Hendrix how it’s possible to get your face smashed in for 2 rounds, come out looking like you got hit by a bus, and still win the fight. Something he seemed unable to comprehend after the GSP fight. What a great main event, they defenitly earned their bonus money for that show!

  • put me in the sauna coach

    great fight…I had Hendricks winning 1,2 and 5. There was definitely no 10-8 round on either side. Not sure what fight Doug was watching.

    • Alec Rawls

      Lawler won both 3 and 4 10-8, in any rational scoring system. Unfortunately, judges mostly reserve 10-8 for what ought to be scored 10-7: a thorough beating that does huge amounts of damage and all but ends the fight. In contrast, Hendricks barely edged out 1 and 2, and was losing 5 until the last two minutes, so if the scoring was widened he MIGHT have deserved a 10-8 for the 5th, but probably not.

      The current scoring system is astoundingly bad, like girls gymnastics back when the scoring range for all the competitive performances was all between 9.7 and 10. Gymnastics finally saw the light and opened up the scoring range. If MMA would get rational in the same way, Hendricks would definitely have lost that fight.

      The guy got his ass thoroughly kicked. That he managed to be strong at the end shows how tough he is but he did NOT at any point beat up Lawler the way Lawler beat him up for two solid rounds. Maybe for 30 seconds at the most. I don’t have any problem with the result under the current scoring system, but the current system is a bad joke, and this fight shows why.

      • deepgrim

        yes thats the sort of thing i would like to see with the scoring. 3 and 4 had to be close to 10-8 rounds, think the fact that johnny came back at the end of both those rounds would have just saved him. it was razor close

  • Kenny Powers

    Yup, super close fight, but they actually got it right this time. I thought Johny was gonna dominate the whole fight after the first 2 rounds, then Robbie came back and almost finished him in the next 2. But Johny was just a notch better in the 5th. Great fight, both guys deserved the belt.

    • deepgrim

      yes hendricks was throwing good combos in the first two rounds while lawler just seemed happy with the hands. Then he really came to life. i found his constant smiling when he got hit very strange, even when hendricks failed with the takedowns still smiling away. was suprised hendricks couldnt get lawler down, well most of the time

  • Kenny Powers

    Hendricks and Lawler would both KO GSP.

    • Truthcore

      lol, Hendricks already had his crack at it and failed

      • Kenny Powers

        Failed at what? Beating Georges ass and scared him so bad that he had to walk away from the sport? Oh, and who’s the champ now? And where is George?

        • Madmmax

          You certainly are as dilutional as KP. Johny couldn’t knock out GSP. Wether he won the decision is debatable. By using his own logic after the GSP fight ” look at his face and look at mine, ” Lawler won this fight. Fortunately for him, MMA doesn’t work that way. Great fight. Good decision

          • Kenny Powers

            Nah Johny beat GSP by rounds, just like he beat Robbie by rounds. I was rooting for Robbie, but Hendricks pulled it off in the 5th. He clearly beat up George too. I like GSP but this new wave of fighters is too much for him. He got rocked in all 3 of his past fights, I dont think his mind state is there anymore.

          • Austin, TX

            ‘This new wave of fighers is too much for him. ” When they rule over the division for 6 years with 10 title defense etc or whatever it is and record number of ufc wins, then you may have a case. GSP knocked out Hughes when Hughes was considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world. And beat Penn twice when Penn was an icon. And then did again later on ko’d hughes. p.s. Lawlor isn’t a new wave of fighter. He is old school. I’m just sayin, man.

            one more things. I don’t think George is scared. Seriously man? Get real dude. If he’s scared then why does he fight people for a living? Why does he take whoever the UFC gives too him? Why did he call out Diaz if he’s scared. He was going to retire he said before the Condit fight, but decided to fight one more time. He’s not scared dude. He’s old. he’s had what is called….” a career.”

          • Kenny Powers

            I agree with you. He was the best, behind Anderson, for a long time, nobodies taking that away from him. He’ll go down as one of the best to ever do it, but I think his time is up now. The WW division is full of strong wrestlers with heavy hands now and I think they’ve figured out Georges style. I shouldn’t have said he’s scared tho, he’s probly not scared, but I dont think he’s in the same mind state now as he was before the knee injury.

          • Austin, TX

            Yeah, I agree he’s not the same as before the knee injury. He doesn’t seem as quick and athletic and young. He seems older now.

        • archaictext

          Failed at “KO”ing GSP. You just said Hendicks would KO GSP. They fought, and he failed to do that.

  • neechie Assassin


    • Darin

      He’s a quitter and a head case. Forget him.

      • Austin, TX

        You’re dumb. People so easily forget the past when intoxicated by the present. watch his fights against BJ penn, both of them and tell me what you think. Yeah, ….quitter’s and head cases rule over the UFC for 6 years dude, tko’ing people like hughes, penn, matt sera, (who bea thim the first time.) yeah….he’s a quitter…racking up record after record as a professional fighter.

  • MikeMcK83

    In a few hours, maybe tomarrow, you will get all the people who didn’t actually watch the fight start talking about a “bad decision.” If the fight happens to include a fighter who was often on free tv, people will say that guy should have one.
    It’s kind of a good thing. At least they’re interested.

  • james j

    Judges got it right. However I really thought Lawler was going to knock him out. I have no clue how Johny recovered. Best fight I have ever seen.

    • DS

      The best fight was Bigfoot v. Hunt easily.

    • neal

      If you think johnny beat gap by Johnny’s logic the man who looks the worst loses.well johnny looked like he got hit by a mack truck and Robbie had a lump.johnny got home field and TV publicity votes from judges

      • neal

        Gsp not gap I hate predicitive

      • james j

        Johny looked rough, but he won that fight. He owned rounds 1,2, and 5

  • chivachris

    Somehow I have a feeling that the goof that had a 10-8 and 10-10 round is the same one who had a 30-27 score in a split decision twice

    • deepgrim

      yes there was questionable adjudicating all night, thought some of the fights were really close like the pennington fight

  • jimmy777

    Robbie is a fking animal, he will hold the belt soon,.. SOOO Much better than watching a George fight

  • El Gvapo

    No complaints from me. Good judging for once although I think it was a fairly simple fight to judge.

    • archaictext

      Good judging? Really? Crosby scored round 2 10-8 and round 5 10-10.

      • El Gvapo

        Fair point. I was referring more to the overall decision rather than how they got to the decision. But you’re right, it is concerning that there was some bizarre judging still in what was a pretty simple fight to score.


    DOUG CROSBY scored 5th round 10-10 WTF ??? was he even watching the fight or just wandered off some where?

    • Reality_Speaks

      Yeah, he scores round 2 a 10-8 (which was a razor close round) and round 5 a 10-10 (which was clearly a 10-9 for H). Crosby should be drug tested following this one along side the athletes.

  • Kudos

    Think it’s a ill pathetic if u gotta lie on the guy for the final min. Hendricks is doing the same thing at the end of fights he did with gsp, lay n pray. There were a ton of boos

  • George Sperry

    I have to ask where all the “fans” are that said Hendricks beat St. Pierre because GSP was more busted up after the fight are?
    Clearly Hendricks was more damaged than Lawler was.
    I guess it was just uneducated fans that wanted their love interest to win both times.

    • archaictext

      Actually Hedricks said that himself at the GSP/Hendricks post fight. He was really complaining about that. At that rate, Hendricks should hand his belt over to Lawler.

  • Reality_Speaks

    Crosby must have spent the fight smoking something, 10-8 in the 2nd? Huh?

    Having said that, I had Lawler actually winning a CLOSE 2nd round during the fight but was fine with the end decision given it was close and Hendricks clearly won the 5th in what was a close fight.

    It would have been nice for Hendricks to man up at the presser afterward and admit his comments about GSP’s face were ignorant given the end result of this fight but whatever.

    With Lombard and Woodley neither exactly knocking anyone’s socks off a rematch of Hendricks/Lawler would be a better matchup than either of those 2 IMO then the winner of that and Lombard/Woodley could go at it.

    And seriously, if you were in Lawler’s corner why would you not tell him to keep firing that low left leg kick into Hendrick’s front leg? He threw about 3 in one round, all of which took H off balance then just stopped (and it wasn’t Lawler’s busted up shin leg either so it should have been fine). If they rematch I’ll be curious if he sees that on tape for the next fight. That, and work on the cardio bro.

    Overall though, solid fight, kudos to both!

  • Ernest Bethea

    My unofficial scorecard went like this:
    Hendricks won Rounds 1 and 2 (10-9 apiece)
    Lawler won Rounds 3 and 4 (again, 10-9 apiece)
    Hendricks won the Fifth Round (10-9) and thus won the fight and the Welterweight title.

    Not sure about Doug Crosby’s scoring considering he gave Hendricks a 10-8 Round 2 and scored the Fifth a 10-10 draw, but the bottom line is that Johny Hendricks did win the fight, and won the title.

    • piper

      I’d agree on your scoring and at worst for Lawlor a draw. He was never seriously hurt, and had Johny OUT.

  • Alec Rawls

    I had Lawler by 10-8 in the 4th and scored the match a draw. Have long been an advocate of adding more range to the scoring standards. Only close rounds should be scored 10-9. Any lopsided round should be scored at least 10-8 and any severe beating should be 10-7.

    By those standards Lawler would have scored 10-8 in both the 3 and 4th while Hendricks would have won the 1st and 2nd 10 to 9. Hendricks could Possibly be considered to have been a lopsided winner of Round 5. Then the bout would have been tied, but I thought Lawler was winning the 5th until the last minute and a half and did not think Hendricks did enough at the end for the round to be considered lop-sided, so by my preferred scoring standard I would actually have given Lawler the win.

    • archaictext

      Cool dude. Make up your own scoring standard and then base your opinion on that. Lol. I do partially agree with you though.

    • piper

      Yes, exactly! That’s the sanest thing I’ve read on this!

  • diaz209

    Where’s the fight metrics score card…..lawler outstriked him and beat him …….one takedown…..please

    • archaictext

      It was actually 2 takedowns, but yeah, you know how it goes.

  • piper

    Where else can someone go 1,2, kick…1,2,kick for points, never hurt the opponent, then get their ass whooped for 2 rounds and tie a round and win a world championship? He is not a world champ[ and he knows it!

  • balhaar

    Doug Crosby is a bad Judge. There was no 10 – 10 or 8 – 10 round in this fight. 10 – 8 score is like the jds – valasquez 2 fight.

  • Mike

    Hendricks lost this. Lawler did so much more damage, and was the only one pushing forward. Lawler was basically a walking zombie in the last round, and Hendricks, instead of going for a finish, decides to dry hump him, as usual. For someone who cried so much about the GSP fight, and said he’d never leave it in the hands of the judges, I didn’t see him doing anything to ensure victory in this fight. Plus, he said “look at his face, look at mine” in the GSP fight, well, look at your face, and look at Lawler’s in this fight.

    Horrible champion, doesn’t deserve it, and is a whiny b***h.

  • Black Dynamite

    They need to take old school Martial Arts traditions and have REAL masters who are well versed and preferably competed themselves, BLOODSPORT style. Oh yeah, f–k rounds in a championship fight.Go to K.O. or submission is Executed.Those men deserve the dignity knowing they lost as opposed to it being ill-judged by blind mice. All these fighters go through too much to be at the mercy of these terrible officials. Once again politics and numbers allegedly determine the outcome and f–k up mens careers. Lawler won that fight hands down(Hands and head movement look real good). Especially after what Hendricks said HIMSELF about damage shows who won the fight. He was right. Would love to see him watch that post fight conference when he said that, and put that Alpha Brain to use and come up with a clever excuse how he won that scrap. Lawler is a beast and deserves an immediate rematch or, IMO, settle a score with Diaz…Yeah, I’d def. watch that…A big fan of both of them.Think about it; Nick keeps coming, but Robbie don’t back down. Then that’ll give us an idea if Diaz is worthy of a title. Because if he does, he pretty much beat the peoples champ. Woodleys gonna drop Hendricks. Not a Hendricks hater, just not a believer.

  • george2003

    Lawler won the fight, he put Hendricks in dificulty, and hit him much harder than Hendricks did to him