UFC 170 Weigh-in Video: Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann Face Off

February 21, 2014
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Check out the main event staredown from the UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMann weigh-in from Las Vegas on Friday, Feb. 21, where Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann went face-to-face, making their main event bout official.

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  • Esteban De Los Santos


  • uncle

    Ronda is sexy to me

    • used2bgood

      I agree, but did you notice Sarah McMann`s body? She looks like Cyborg`s white cousin…I bet this girl packs a punch.

      • uncle

        I know She has arms like GSP

      • horace

        Sara couldn’t crack an egg with her punches.

  • Adam K Vogt North Yarmouth

    Its been a long time since the UFC had “two guys fighting that you found in the back of a bar.” Really hope we see a new champ tonight and Ronda gets a taste of humble pie.

  • horace

    Rousey wears high heels to appear taller and to intimidate her opponents. Try intimidating Cyborg Rhonda.

    • uncle

      At this point Cyborg is the past ,when she tested
      positive for roids I lost all respect for her, and I
      use to root for her, people hate Ronda but she worked her a** off to make that bridge for women
      to fight in the UFC and that is more then Carano
      did, she is very smart and don’t care what people think of her ,only thing Ronda have to do is win

  • horace

    McMann barely beat the terrible Baszler. Easy win for Rousey.

  • horace

    Sara McMann couldn’t hit water if Sara fell out of a boat.