UFC 170 Video Replay: Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann in Super Slow Motion

March 9, 2014
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Ronda Rousey continued to dominate the UFC women’s bantamweight division, defending her belt against Sara McMann at UFC 170 on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas.

The UFC captured all of the action with its super slow-motion Fight Motion cameras. Check it out!

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  • klaw24

    Woo. She may lost to a better fighter but if u think shes finished then ur a moron. It was her first lost and has plenty of time to get back in the mix…

    • klaw24

      I dont know whyi respond, but i guess idiocy bothers me…a lost doesnt add up to being done! It was a shot to the liver, perfectly placed. If u actually watched sara caught her with some good shots and stunned her. God gotta read moronic quotes about fighters being finished after one loss; vitors done silva kod him. How many bisbings finished hendo destroyed him. After every title shot faber loses, oh hes finished!! But they all came back strong and put together some wins. Geesh. “Sara’s done” retardedness!

      • deepgrim

        yes i seem to remember coulture having a good run till his mid 40’s. sara is still one of the better fighters left in the womens division, and clearly is still in good shape

        • klaw24

          Great example. Horace prolly thought he was done after liddell kod him. But look at what he did, come back tobwin the hw belt… And he ktfo not just a tko knee to liver.

  • RubeKegal

    According to FightMetric, McMann outlanded Rousey 46-9.

    • RubeKegal

      I disagree. Dana White and Herb Dean are in bed together. Herb will do anything for the UFC….stop Fedor vs Hendo incredibly early, stop Rousey vs. McMann incredibly early….then waited an eternity to let TJ Waldburger try to recover vs. Mike Pyle. Also look up Tim Boetsch vs. David Heath, that was a gem by Dean. It’s all about who the UFC is trying to push.