UFC 170 Video Preview: Can Newcomer Patrick Cummins Upset Daniel Cormier’s 205 Debut?

February 18, 2014
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(Courtesy of UFC)

In 2004, Daniel Cormier and Patrick Cummins were Olympic training partners. Ten years later their paths will cross again as they are set to do battle inside the Octagon this Saturday.

Cummins stepped up on 10 days of notice after Cormier’s original opponent, Rashad Evans, had to drop out due to injury.

Now, Cormier vs. Cummins will don the UFC 170 fight card in the night’s co-main event on Saturday, Feb. 22, in Las Vegas.

Cummins says he has done well with Cormier in the gym in the past, but when it comes fight time at UFC 170, how will he do in the Octagon? Will Cummins be able to disrupt Cormier’s undefeated record and spoil his drop to the 205-pound division?

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  • MuayThaiFood

    I predict that as soon as he gets hit with a hard shot from Cormier he’s going to do Brock Lesnar’s turtle impersonation. He’s fought cans so far. This is just Dana throwing DC a bone so he can get paid. I’ll be surprised if it goes past round 1.

    • Sir_Roy

      I pretty much agree with this. Though to be fair to Cummins, I have not seen one of his fights. Which probably speaks volumes in and of itself.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I just watched his last fight and honestly I think Tank Abbot ( 2014 Abbott) would be a huge step up in competition for him. That being said, I can’t wait for this matchup because Dana is going to be so embarrassed for setting this up.

        • Sir_Roy

          Lol. Tank Abbott with or without the hairpiece? Cuz, it matters. 😛

          • MuayThaiFood

            More intimidation factor with the rug on. Gotta change his nickname to David “Sneaky Uncle” Abbott though. Abbott: “Tonight’s movie night with Uncle David”…..Patrick starts crying and pisses himself.

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    this is dumb. :/

  • Manuel Lopez

    Poor guy was set up like a lamb at least he’s getting well paid hopefully.

    • Adam K Vogt North Yarmouth

      Poor guy?? Cummings is the luckiest guy on earth, in my opinion. His first UFC fight is a co-main event against a guy with huge momentum to be stolen…all Cummings has to do is put up a decent fight and people will remember him as the guy who stepped in to face a top 5 contender on 10 days notice. Even when he gets KOed it doesn’t hurt his career any because he now has name recognition among all of the MMA world when 3 days ago about 14 people knew who he was. Plus he did Dana a solid by stepping up to give Cormier a fight (something I’m assuming other HWs were offered and declined), so he’s already in good standing with the boss and hasn’t even stepped foot in the Octagon yet. If anything I feel sorry for Cormier because he has absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose. Plus he’s fighting a big, strong, athletic dude…anything could happen. Cormier sure wasn’t expected to beat Big Foot or Barnett, but he did. Obviously Cormier is going to walk through this guy, but I don’t feel sorry for Cummings in the slightest, and I’m sure he is pumped to have this opportunity.

  • Jon Doe

    At least this isnt like the Silva vs Sato fight, he’s fighting someone with some size and in the correct weight class. Nevertheless, this circus WWF match up is getting out of hand. Why not just pick up Kimbo off the street? Literally 30 fighters plus all the others orgs, and they pick this guy to fight Cormier? Cormier the man many believe is third best HW in world behind Dos Santos. Really?


      Fo Sure Jon Doe, you’er right! They had way better options available. in the ufc they could of switched up some up coming fights like oh Gus vs Manuwa, Phil Davis, f th fight with Rumble Johnson, or put Rumble in there he sustained no damage last month with 2min KO of Kyle, Rua or Hendo fight next month put one in! Ryan Bader, James Te Huna, Rafael Cavalcante, Ryan Jimmo Ilir Latifi & thats just fighters from the ufc!

  • Rodbert

    I think we’re going to watch legalized murder…

  • gnodeb

    I hope this won’t be as bad as Mousasi vs Latifi.

  • bajafox

    Doesn’t matter, this card is so bad I finally get to save a few bucks and skip one.

    I’m disliking Dana more and more these days, if he lets Gilbert go, I’m boycotting the UFC. I doubt they’ll care losing someone who’s ordered 95% of the last PPV’s since 2007.


      I’m actually looking more forward to the next Bellator FC card more than this one. Rampage vs M’pumbu, King mo vs Zayats plus the featherweight tourney continues. I bet Dana wish he had one of those 4 middleweights to go against DC!