UFC 170 Video: Daniel Cormier Trades Trash Talk with New Opponent Patrick Cummins

Daniel Cormier made it clear that he had a strong desire to remain on the UFC 170 card after his original opponent, Rashad Evans, pulled out of their fight due to injury. The next day, Cormier got his wish and will now lock horns with UFC newcomer Patrick Cummins as the co-main event on the Las Vegas pay-per-view.

In the video above, Cormier and Cummins exchange words ahead of their newly scheduled fight. Judging by the tone, it’s clear these guys don’t really like each other all that much.

The two have some history from their amateur wrestling days, and it appears Cummins struck a nerve on D.C.

“You need to be careful with with you’re saying,” Cormier said, addressing Cummins on FOX Sports Live. “Not only has he crossed the line, you’ve completely put yourself in my crosshairs … You’re going to suffer for your words.”

(Video provided by FOX Sports)

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  1. Cross-hairs, shmoss-hairs. I hope Cummins can dish it then cage as well as he can on TV. Someone is going to beat Cormier soon enough. Keep going into every fight with that gut. Can’t stand the way he fights.

    • Cormier def Patrick Cummins via TKO.

      • Don’t be so sure. Cummins is no Tomato can. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an upset.

        • No can….? Look into his record. He beat the Cans of all cans lol. Please….

  2. Gotta sell the fight lol

  3. why so serious?

  4. Cummins mustve won in those sessions. Dc said what happened in the gym should’ve stayed there

  5. DC is a wrecking machine! Him vs Jones wowiee

  6. So fake. DC just being a good company man and trying to get people interested in a fight nobody wanted.

    • yes all the trash talk in the world wont replace evans. all that i want to see now is how cormier deals with the weight cut, and if he can get the ko

  7. I could beat DC. He’s all mouth. And the dude still looks fat after dropping down in weight??? Too funny

    • i think you mean you beat DC, off with your mouth

      • Are you 5??? This is for adults son. Does your mom know your on the computer? Pull your stool up before you fall off son.

        • speaking of for adults, computers, and stool. your daughters new shizer video just dropped.

          • Weak

    • Haha sure you would keyboard warrior. 13-0 is all talk.

      • How did you know I played the keyboard also?? Wierd

  8. Cummins is a fall guy.. Why does the UFC post it’s fighter rankings if the ranking have no barring on the match-ups. This is sloppy..

    • I feel you but the art and science of match making doesn’t always follow rankings to the t.

  9. Anyone else feel like this was some of the most fake BS “heat” ?? This was so forced on DC’s part…I think he is breathing a big sigh of relief knowing that he isn’t fighting Evans. He’s been given a payday fight…thats it. If he doesn’t go out and absolutely destroy Cummins then I think it will be just as bad as a loss to Evans.

  10. Think its a smart fight everyone saying dc boring in he will show his power in this fight. In after he will look like a major threat to light heavy weight tittle. In he will beat jones if tex don’t.

  11. cormier has big holes I am shocked that Barnett didn’t win maybe because he broke his hand. Mir had him hurt with body kicks and just stood there time again i watch this guy get a way with murder maybe cummings will welcome Danial to the octagon.

  12. go Cummins go, shut him up…

  13. Funny Meme for the fight!


  14. Another funny meme for the fight !


    • Get the words right, “You cant just climb in the ring with Ali, cause you think you can box!”

  15. Cummins has a 4-0 record against opponents with a combined 10-20-1 record.

    Cormier has been in a 25 minute fight with barnett and cummins strategy is to wear him out? I don’t know we will see.

  16. All you ppl talkin about this sounding fake, so what if it is? They got you talking about it, so I guess it’s working.

  17. people are just saying fake because everyone else is. you go from saying that UFC is trying to tell you how to feel, to letting people on forums tell you how to feel. fake or not, you’re watching it. DC is going to win this one via TKO

  18. The Rock says: Know your role and shut your mouth.

    • Triple H > The Rock

      • Hulk Hogan > Triple H > The Rock

  19. If Cummins “broke” DC and made Cormier “cry” every time they wrestled, how come Cormier went to the Olympics, and Cummins didn’t? Claim seems kinda suspect. Guy was supposedly so much better than DC, but ended up selling coffee, despite all those skills?

    This feels like a bad sales job. Dude will probably get wrecked.