UFC 170 Results: Ronda Rousey TKOs Sara McMann in First Round

February 23, 2014
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Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey earned her first finish that isn’t an armbar, grabbing a technical knockout of Sara McMann in the main event at UFC 170 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Rousey landed a knee to McMann’s body that sent the challenger collapsing to the floor, signaling referee Herb Dean to stop the fight at 1:06 of the opening round.

“We studied her videos and noticed no one ever really tried to hit her to the body,” Rousey said, following the win. “We felt that it was the best thing to concentrate on the liver shot for this camp.”

Both fighters came out of the corners swinging, trading punches before locking in a clinch against the cage. While tied up, both fighters landed knees to the body, but it was Rousey who landed a perfect knee to the rib cage, making McMann fall to the canvas.

“I just thought if I stayed consistent to that one spot it would eventually work,” she said.

For a brief period, McMann remained on the ground while her opponent swarmed in and landed strikes from the top. The referee stepped in, just as McMann began to return to her feet. The action prompted social media to buzz about an early stoppage, but McMann blamed only herself for the TKO loss, holding no blame on Dean for putting a halt to the action.

“I was trying to get back up. It’s my own fault,” McMann said. “If you see a fighter drop, then he’s got to protect us. I should have gotten back to my feet quicker.”

With the UFC 170 win, Rousey picks up the ninth win of her career, keeping her record unblemished as she awaits her next challenger.

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  • The Prognosticator

    I’m glad Sigourney Weaver was victorious tonight, so we can all watch Cyborg make her the next Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  • lonewolf44

    Good job Dana. Protect your money maker. Can’t take the risk of Ronda getting beat. If she is that great, then let her prove it. Cyborg will destroy RR. (If Dana will allow it.)

  • TheCerealKiller

    Herb let a fight go WAY too long, then stops Ronda’s fight early. Nothing suspicious about that. Ronda sucks, Dana knows…

    • Adam

      Ronda Sucks? She came out with the better game plan and dropped her a minute into the fight. Had it kept going Ronda would have crushed her into oblivion. Funny. lol

  • scott k

    Mcmann can beat Ronda……bad stop herb, u most be high or highly emotional. Ufc sucks. If there is no rematch I will never watch another fight in the ufc.

  • Jon Doe

    Joe Rogan needs to be held accountable, his actions directly impacted the last fight, he’s so critical of every little detail from fighters, judges to referees that when he talks, people listen. He threw Herb Dean under bus putting Herb on front street in public. This lead Herb Dean to get a quick trigger finger on his next outing. Joe’s comment was the direct result of the early stoppage, Travis Browne went down exactly the same and manage to come back. This one is on Joe, he needs to show professionalism and respect his coworkers job, its easy to make calls outside the cage,

  • badcallref

    I fell bad for those in attendance n ppv. U didn’t get your money’s worth, plus they charge a steep fee. It seems a revolving trend, and one that can only be overturn by changing the rule set, change ref at different events. Y same ref for ppv events in the main event. Everyone makes mistakes but more than twice, give other refs a chance. Thanks God there’s another mma org that doesn’t utilize the same rule set, which is far superior in entertaining and exciting fights with the overall contents.

    • Maddawgmar

      Why? There was some good fights. We saw the emergence of a potential contender in Stephen Thompson against a solid fighter in Whitaker. We saw a good fight between Kyle and Waldbuger, we saw an awesome fight that may have given us the next title contender, and personally made me a Rory fan. The co and main event were quick fights but told us that underdogs could come out and pose a little threat before they lost. Cummins landed a few solid shots before he got caught. And Sara McMann showed that Rousey would have a hard time taking her down. Plus Rousey showed some solid stand up and dirty boxing. All in all great night.

    • Neil

      Refs are chosen by the State Athletic Commission, not the UFC. All the refs you saw last night referee events for other organizations, too.
      The stoppage had nothing to do with the rules of the fight, and all to do with refs requirement to respond to a fighter being in trouble.

  • tired of cryin

    You guys crying on here would get moped up by Ronda! Lol. Keep hating from your couch losers. All these fighters, win or lose, are supreme athletes and bust their ass. Sara didnt make excuses. Apparently she is more of a man than you pansies.

  • Guest1

    What’s up Ronda haters! Shut you idiots up!

  • fshunoles10

    i cant believe how illogical a lot of these dudes on this comment section are talking about rousey sucks and all this cuz they are upset the fight didnt turn out how they wanted. suck it up you whiny ass little girls.

  • Monty Greer

    Let somebody knee you in the liver and see how it feels, you’ll want Herb Dean to stop the fight too.

  • horace

    Sara Mcmann is terrible and was embarrassed and at 34 years old it’s over.

  • Scott Common

    Coodo’s to Ronda. She’s smart, technical, fit, and fierce. That said,… I really don’t think she could beat Mcmann again, if ever. I would REALLY like to see a ReMatch.

  • horace

    Sara was too scared to even look Rhonda in the eye before the fight. McMann was scared to death and looked inept and weak.

  • blob

    Damn…Ronda looks very old in that picture.