UFC 170 Pre-Fight Face-Off Video: Lots of Mean Mugging and a Little Shoving

February 20, 2014
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The fighters from the top three UFC 170 bouts had their final meeting with the media on Thursday at the UFC 170 Pre-Fight Press Conference.

In typical fashion, Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann, Daniel Cormier and Patrick Cummins, and Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia squared off for a photo opp following the conclusion of the press conference. As always, there was some serious mean mugging, but a bit surprisingly, there was a little pushing and shoving when Cormier and Cummins went face-to-face.

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  • Inyourface

    Lol at cormier, Trying so hard to sell this fight. I will be passing on this garbage card.

    • ZZtoppppp

      Yea I wouldn’t pay for it. Luckily I get to watch it for free or else I would just get the updates on my phone.

      • shawn buckley

        It’s an awesome card but with your name zztoppppppp lmfao you won’t appreciate it clown!

        • Inyourface

          Lmao calm down fan boy. Don’t get your tapout panties in a bunch. Go back to begging Dana to tweet you back on twitter homo.

    • shawn buckley

      It’s an amazing card douche face I can’t wait for it go watch some porn you clown!

    • Manuel Lopez

      Right, you know you’ll be watching. Probably already ordered it.

    • used2bgood

      Cormier is such a bad actor, and Dana too – he was literally laughing at that altercation, but this is a fight. It has to be promoted in order to sell well.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Hearing Ronda’s belt having VELCO on it just cheapens that belt!

    • klawman24

      I was just saying the same thing!!!

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    good card but sure as hell not the cormier fight. wtf, cummins is cannon fodder…it will be over in a few seconds.

    • Marc Livingood

      I guarantee Danial will lose I just ask that you humbly admit i was right Sunday mourning

      • Scott Paquette

        Marc I’m not sure if you got a chance to look Cummings up on Sherdog but the 4 opponents listed have a combined record of 10-20. He’s fought 4 times in four years. Cummings may be the second coming, but this fight is way too early in his career. Anyone can get caught but thats the only way Cummings wins. Cormier by KO.

  • The card isn’t as bad as people say it is.

    I’m watching this for sure.

    I feel like Ronda is showing a little respect to her opponent this time. It’s going to be a good battle.

    Rory is going to be carrying the MaiaBackPack all day unless he brings his stand up game. I feel like Rory’s ground game is weak compared to Maia.

    Cormier will probably win by decision, pinning Cummings against the cage most of the time. If Cummings was to pull an upset, it’d be by KO.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I don’t see Cummins having chance other than some freak accident on DC’s part. Especially the KO, this is where Cummins will be the weakest is in the standup. His last fight he took a wrestling stance and didn’t even try to engage on the feet to at least set up a shot. This is no wrestling match and it’s going to be apparent real quick that he’s bit off more than he can chew.

    • Thommo888

      Ronda only dissed Meisha , the rest she has been respectful

  • Marc Livingood

    Cummings will win by stoppage cormier is only been winning because the fighters hes facing are fighting bad, making mistakes. Even Mir hurt him with body kicks and could have pounced but stood their like an idiot and waited for Danial to catch his breath and drive him back to the cage. Cummings needs to watch out for the fake shot followed by the lunging straight right that’s how Cain rocked Dos Santos in round 1 of the first fight and round three of the 2nd. Cormier used that move on Big foot and Big country as well. If I can see it then lets hope cummings trainers can because if he gets rocked by that move Im trowing my T.V out the window. Cummings has Danial’s number he will out wrestle him also Danial like Lesner doesn’t like to be punched in the face he will quit if he gets hurt.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Whatever you’re smoking must be some good sh*t.

  • bvol

    It’s a weak card and they have made a mistake in having it just 2 weeks after having another ppv. Lot to ask to pay 55 bucks then turn around two weeks later and do it again. Cormier will finish cummins in first round. Rouse will armband her opponent in the first round. These aren’t competitive fights.

    • bvol


  • Joel Loel

    Fake-ass wolf ticket drama.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    UFC dropped the bomb on this one. I will not pay to see Lousey fight. Rory lost his last one and plays it safe wwaaayyy to often so hes boring. Corny will beat Cumquat with ease so thiers nothing to see

  • David

    This is the best video you could get? Hire me. I can hold a camera steady and I’ll upload it at a decent quality.

  • taylor2008

    I think McMann will beat Rousey….at least I hope so. Not a fight I will pay $55 for.

  • carsti07 .

    it´s just entertainment business, nobody must see, it´s a free world- why are so many always so pissed?
    I think u guys in USA don´t know how privileged you are. We can´t watch any mma in tv here in Germany and plus the way they moderate sports here is really boring compared to the US stuff. Me and my friends just love to watch/listen the american way of sports presentation and I would love if they would do our sports tv more like “US/FOX/UFC” style 🙂 it´s full of energy and I don´t give a sh… if they overdo because I see the result here
    when it´s the opposite 🙁 so if you don´t like why complaining just watch s.th. else, there´s so much offers for you

  • macarrech

    WWF drama