UFC 170 Play-by-Play: Rory MacDonald vs. Demian Maia

February 18, 2014
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Rory MacDonald vs. Demian Maia

Round 1: MacDonald has a low stance.  Maia immediately looks to get the fight to the ground.  MacDonald stuffs the attempt.  Maia shoots again and secures the takedown.  MacDonald using butterfly guard.  Maia lands a couple of short left hands.  Maia advances to the mount position.  Three minutes remain in the round.  Maia lands a solid right hand.  Maia lands to the body.  MacDonald bucks but can’t get Maia off of him.  Maia lands two hard right hands.  MacDonald gets back to half guard.  Maia continues to land short shots.  MacDonald works his way back to guard.  Maia lands to the body.  MacDonald lands a hammer fist from the bottom.  He gets back to his feet.  MacDonald is bleeding near his left eye.  Maia lands a combination.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Maia.

Round 2: They meet in the middle of the octagon.  MacDonald lands a right hand.  Maia steps in with a left hand.  He changes levels and looks for a takedown, but MacDonald stuffs the attempt.  MacDonald throwing kicks.  He fires one at the head.  Maia blocks it.  Maia looks for a takedown, but MacDonald sprawls.  MacDonald presses forward.  Maia changes levels but MacDonald shakes off the takedown attempt.  MacDonald lands a hard kick to the body that makes Maia look for a takedown.  MacDonald stuffs the attempt.  MacDonald steps in with a combination.  MacDonald lands his jab.  Maia has slowed dramatically.  He looks for a takedown and is met with a knee.  MacDonald inches forward.  He lands a right hand.  MacDonald doubles up on his jab.  Maia seems to have recovered a bit.  He gets hit with a right hand.  Maia is bleeding near his nose.  MacDonald lands to the body with a kick.  MacDonald continues to land his jab.  MacDonald lands another kick to the body.  Maia counters with an inside leg kick.  MacDonald moves forward with a right hand.  He delivers a kick to the body at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 3: MacDonald goes back to working his jab.  Maia looks for a takedown but MacDonald easily stuffs the attempt.  MacDonald delivers a kick to the body.  Maia misses with a left an MacDonald makes him pay with a right hand.  Maia again looks for a takedown and MacDonald shakes it off.  MacDonald lands a kick to the body.  Maia works for a single leg takedown.  MacDonald lands a right hand.  Maia lifts MacDonald and slams him to the canvas.  MacDonald using butterfly guard.  MacDonald pushes Maia off.  Maia dives back in, but MacDonald flips him over and gets back to his feet.  Maia dives for legs.  MacDonald sprawls.  MacDonald stuffs another takedown attempt by Maia and lands a right hand.  MacDonald continues to land his jab.  His right hand finds its mark.  He lands a right hand on the inside.  MacDonald lands a combination.  The round ends with Maia diving for the legs of MacDonald.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald.

The judges scored the fight for MacDonald by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 29-28.


Rory MacDonald:
“I showed myself out there today and I didn’t hold anything back. I took some shots but I gave a lot more. Demian shoots really low so after the first round I altered my posture and leaned in. It helped prevent his shot and made all the difference in the fight. I was super excited to fight Demian because he’s such an accomplished veteran and he posed some unique threats. He has some big wins under his belt so this win means a lot.”
Demian Maia:
“I won the first round, but Rory recovered in the second and third.  He didn’t surprise me at all.  I knew he is one of the best in the division.  I’m satisfied with my performance but disappointed in my loss. We’ll see what happen next for me. I want to go to Brazil and spend time with my family.”



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