UFC 170 Play-by-Play: Diego Sanchez vs. Myles Jury

March 14, 2014
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Diego Sanchez vs. Myles Jury

Round 1: Sanchez quickly moves across the cage.  He lands a front leg side kick to the thigh of Jury.  Sanchez misses with a spinning back kick and Jury lands a right hand that stuns Sanchez.  Sanchez urges Jury to come forward.  Jury is moving laterally and establishing his jab.  Sanches moves forward.  He lands a right hand and initiates the clinch.  Sanchez presses Jury against the cage.  They exchange knees to the body.  Jury circles free and lands his jab.  Sanchez lands a kick to the body.  Sanchez presses forward and Jury circles away.  Sanchez lands a right hand on the inside.  Jury lands a stiff jab.  Jury lands a right hand as Sanchez rushed in. Jury lands a head kick and Sanchez walks through it.  Jury lands a right hand.  Sanchez moves forward and Jury ducks under and takes him down.  Sanchez isolates a leg.  Jury gets it free.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Jury.

Round 2:  (technical difficulties)  Sanchez moved forward and Jury out landed him.  Jury secured a late takedown winning the round on MMAWeekly’s scorecard.

Round 3:  Jury comes out and takes the center of the cage.  Sanchez has a low stance.  Sanchez rushes forward and lands a combination.  Jury delivers a kick to the body.  Sanchez continues to move forward.  He lands a kick to the body.  Jury working his jab. Sanchez bites down on his mouthpiece and rushes in.  Jury circles away.  Jury changes levels and takes Sanchez down.  Sanchez is active on the bottom.  Jury postures up and lands a right hand.  Sanchez gets to his feet in the closing seconds.  He applies a guillotine choke and pulled guard at the bell.  MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Jury.

The judges scored the fight for Jury by unanimous decision.  The scorecards read 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Myles Jury:

“Obviously I didn’t want to stand in the pocket too long and trade because that’s Diego’s strength, he’s known for it. I wasn’t afraid of his punches at all. I just wanted to fight smart. My coaches tell me I’m the best in the world all the time but I expect that from them. I know I can beat anyone but with each win over better and better guys I start to believe in myself more and more. I’m young and I’m better each time I step into that Octagon. I’m ready for whatever the UFC has next.” 

Diego Sanchez:

“It really was just an off night. I don’t want to make any excuses because I’m not that guy. I must’ve eaten something bad because I got really sick late yesterday. It really hurt my rehydration process and I couldn’t keep fluids down. Jury fought a great fight but I know I could’ve given a better showing for the fans and myself. Hats off to him.”

Sanchez vs. Jury

UFC 171 Live Results Home Page

  • August

    Looking forward to this fight. If Miles comes out like i know he can, he can win this fight. “I” feel he needs to take some chances, especially in the grappling department. There is no doubt in my mind that Miles can sub him and is the superior grappler. Deigos chin and conditioning (tempo) make him extremely dangerous for anyone in his division (even the champ!)

    • Collideoverme

      Looks like he did too.

    • joe

      I was looking forward too, I don’t know a lot about Jury, but I was hoping he would kick butt. And honestly after watching think he is a joke. he only way he could beat the champ is to run even more than he did tonight. Literally landed like 3 great punches and ran the whole time while diego pushed the pace and landed some shots. If judges gave it to sanchez I wouldn’t of been surprised because really Jury did very little.

  • joe

    Wow jury just ran away lol, then has the nerve to say gave sanchez a beating is absurd. I dislike sanchez personally. But I felt bad for him tonight, he went in there to fight and this jury kid (who I was hoping would whoop diegos ass) just ran a lot. The fight could of gone eitherway..no1 really destroyed anyone. Basically Jury landed maybe 3 really good shots and one opened diego up wit 1, but other than that diego charged threw combos and tried to engage while jury ran around.

  • Scott O’Dell

    You’re an idiot. Jury is going to move up the ladder quick boys I guarantee it.

  • Scott O’Dell

    Anyone who has gone 13.0 at this point should deserve some respect. Whether it’s by Ko or Dec. It doesn’t really matter as long as you win the fight.