UFC 170 Ex Post Facto: Rousey vs. Cyborg Needs to Happen Before Ronda Goes Full Carano

February 24, 2014
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Ronda Rousey vs Cris CyborgWhen Ronda Rousey landed a Muay Thai knee from the clinch on Sara McMann at UFC 170, things began to become very clear. Rousey is good at what she does. Very good. And she’s getting better.

The UFC bantamweight title that was handed to her – yes, handed to her because she was deemed champion before fighting in the UFC, and admittedly didn’t feel she earned it yet at that point – in 2012 is now firmly around her waist as we close in on the second quarter of 2014 with what seems like no threat in sight for the foreseeable future.

MMA logicians will point to Alexis Davis, a fighter on a five-fight winning streak and owner of the same number of Octagon wins as Rousey, as a reasonable pick for the champ’s next fight. They would be fairly accurate in that assertion.

Or maybe if Cat Zingano can make a healthy return from injury, while recovering from the tragic death of her husband, then she would be the rightful contender.

But when we’re talking about the best fight and the one most want to see, is it Davis? Is it Zingano? Probably not. That distinction more than likely falls to Cris Cyborg.

With all due respect to Davis and Zingano, no one is storming the box office to get their hands on tickets to see either one fight Rousey in a main event. Cyborg, however, carries with her a ferocity that few have and a killer instinct rarely seen in MMA, on both the women’s and men’s sides of the game.

Rousey, with her I-don’t-give-a-[expletive] attitude and seemingly impenetrable aura, combined with Cyborg’s reputation for being, well, a cyborg of a fighter, would make for a build-up of hype that hasn’t been seen since Chael Sonnen got his rematch with Anderson Silva.

And we’re not even talking about the fight yet.

The two best female fighters in world are 10 pounds apart, and the heavier of the two, Cyborg, recently said she will make the cut, with a doctor’s guidance, to face Rousey in the UFC. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, UFC president Dana White is hesitant.

“You don’t just get a couple of fights at 135 and come in and step over every girl in the UFC,” White said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

White also said that Tito Ortiz, Cyborg’s now-former manager, boxed her into a corner by alleging that she would die if she cut to 135 pounds. White called that a bold statement, which it is, but it’s nothing more than a claim by someone who doesn’t handle Cyborg’s affairs anymore. White has stood his ground in saying that Cyborg has to prove she can make the cut and be healthy before fighting in the UFC’s bantamweight ranks, despite the fighter claiming the comment about the weight cut and death was misinterpreted.

Whatever the case, anything less than the Rousey vs. Cyborg fight is a waste of time.

The problem with Cyborg having to compete in two fights at 135 pounds before coming to the UFC, then presumably having to fight her way up the organization’s rankings, is they might miss the window of opportunity to make the fight happen. Rousey, just one year into the UFC, is fielding major offers from movie studios to be cast in full-length feature films.

The more offers that come in from Hollywood, the sooner Rousey will jump on the next bus dropping her off in front of a director’s camera. True, that might not be for a while, but there’s just as good a chance that it will come sooner or later.

So why risk it? There’s no sense in that.

White has alleged that Hollywood has yet to offer Rousey enough money to lure her from the Octagon on a full-time basis. But the fighter is rubbing elbows with Hollywood A-listers more and more, like Entourage castmate Jerry Ferrara, AKA “Turtle,” and parties of the sort are surely in her ear about the benefits of acting over fighting. Rousey’s popularity in those circles is quickly turning the process of rubbing elbows into a standing-room-only affair, with more and more showing her the glitz and glamour.

So as not to turn mixed martial arts into a sport similar to boxing where the super fight can’t come to fruition before it’s too late (ie: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao), the necessity to have Cyborg fight a number of times should be dismissed. It’s reasonable to want to see Cyborg cut to 135 with no issues, but having her fight a number of times becomes unnecessary when she can make test cuts between now and the end of the year.

Best to cash in on the Cyborg fight before Rousey goes full-on Gina Carano, being on camera, never to return to the cage.

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  • atilla

    Couldn’t disagree more. As a fan of the sport, I have no interest in Cyborg because of her juiced-up past. It’s the same reason I think anyone on TRT shouldn’t get a fight. It’s doping plain and simple. Legality now doesn’t make it right. I’d much rather see Rousey go against legitimate fighters who train as she does – clean. I agree with White – let Cyborg fight clean – and stay clean – for a few fights. If Rousey bolts for showbiz in the meantime, so be it. Let’s be fans of the sport – not the spectacle.

    • tom greg

      I totally agree with you. Let Cyborg drop to 135, join the UFC and fight a few fights. If she can win a few fights at 135, staying clean, then setup the match with Rousey.,

    • toom

      omg grow up there not super heroes half of them are on something until a week before the fight anyway and it deff makes sense for her to have a fight at 135 before she fights ronda

  • Seth

    Let her make 135 at Invicta, get 2-3 fights to see how new weight cut affects her – then we can talk about her Vs Ronda. You don’t come over to challenge UFC Champ if fans has no idea if you can make weight. And even if she can – her fans would bitch that she lost because of weight cut. Let her prove that she can be as good as is at 135 and we can do this. Why not? Could be fun fight.

    • Lisa Pomeroy

      Rhonda challenged her not the other way around! After. Her first fight with Tate! She actually said she would fight her in the street!

      • Seth

        Why would World Champion challenge her? It’s not like Ronda needs to prove herself anymore. If Cyborg wants to fight her, he has to make weight. Ronda already said she would fight her, so if Cris wants – she more than welcomed. Just make weight and prove you can still fight at 135, so there is no excuse for her once she losses.

        • Baller31

          Rousey does need to prove herself. She’s currently #2 women’s lb for lb.

          • Seth

            2? Dont tell me you put Cyborg as 1st. She just came back of the year suspension, which pretty much sums up her career. Ronda doesn’t need to cheat to win and she doesn’t need to prove a damn thing. She already did. Cyborg had her chance to join UFC, but her…so-called “manager” blew that chance for her.

  • horace

    The UFC cannot let that guy Cyborg dictate to Dana his terms and how many fights. Make CYborg fight at least 5 times at 135lbs against other UFC fighters to prove herself. No speak English not get fights.

  • Rick

    I have to be honest, I stopped reading at the part about how the title was “handed to her.” While true, the way you say it comes across as an insult, and as if Dana said “this girl is marketable, let’s give her our belt.” She was the strikeforce champion in a division the UFC didn’t yet have. When they folded strikeforce into the UFC, and kicked off the women’s division, they kept the strikeforce champ as their own. This is no different than what happened with Jose Aldo and Dominick Cruz when they were champions in a sister organization in a weight class the UFC did not yet have. Both were brought over as champions. You make it sound like they made an exception for her, and that’s not the case. They didn’t “deem her champion.” She was the champion in the only women’s weight class they had under the Zuffa umbrella.

    • Seth

      Well, Wasn’t Cruz’s last WEC fight for UFC title? If I recall correctly, they gave him UFC belt after that fight. But yeah, that’s normal – but still she got UFC belt without fighting in UFC. I just treated Rousey/Carmouche as a title fight for vacant belt. That would happen either way, so not mch difference for me there. Even if there was a legit reason behind making her UFC champ, she still was handed that belt. But she earned that belt either way, with her fights in Strikeforce and then UFC fight against Liz. So for me it’s more like a case when you change a logo on a belt she already had, than handing her belt out of the blue.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      that’s exactly where I stopped reading it for the exact same reason, well said.

  • horace

    Take Rhonda and her movie star power away from the UFC and the woman are finished. Picture the woman without Rousey there-let me go vomit

    • Seth

      They aren’t. There is a lot of female fighters worth of watching.

      • horace

        no there aren’t without Rousey it’s a cattle feed

        • Seth

          Emm…yes, there are. Cris Cyborg for example. Michelle Waterson. Carla Esparza. Joanne Calderwood. Tecia Torres, Rose Namajunas, Alexis Davis, Jessica Eye, Jessica Aguilar, Bec Hyatt and list goes on and on. Only becuase haters of WMMA don’t know or are stubborn enough to not learn more about it, doesn’t mean WMMA has nothing more to offer.

          • Eric Tackaberry

            I think he was saying that without rousey it’s a bunch of ugly women, but i disagree. She’s an ignorant and two faced
            Evil eye, felice herrig, and a whole buttload of others women fighters are stone cold foxes we they put a little effort in. And they all look like hell in the morning anyways, so what does it matter?
            I’m watching them fight, not do full contact modelling. As long as they kick ass i’m stoked. If they wanna get dolled up at the press ops tho i’m good with that…

  • horace

    Dana basically told Cyborg to go to hell and Cyborg is not wanted in the UFC. who the hell wants to look at that steroid created man looking non English speaking drug induced lab created Creature Cyborg.

    • rondy is scared

      wait your talking about venderla silva right?

  • Quincy Crow

    Didn’t Brock Lesnar lose his debut, beat Heath Herring and walk into a title fight? So what’s the difference?

    • Seth

      For Brock it was pretty obvoius he can fight at that weight. We don’t even know if she can make 135 and we talk about 135 title fight for her. There is a difference.

    • Uncle RayRay

      People knew who Leaner was! No casual fan or anyone outside MMA knows who Cyborg is!

      • Me

        That’s nonsense. Literally the only fight in wmma everyone wants to see is cyborg/rousey.

    • Al_Capone

      he fought 3 times b4 title shot and if i remember correctly took the fight last minute

  • a thought

    Rousey was handed the title on a silver platter. Why can’t Cyborg be handed a title shot in the same way?

    • uncle

      Maybe if she didn’t cheat because at this point
      people have to think she has been on the juice
      the whole time. so I use to feel sorry for her she
      had the skill but not the beauty ,but when got
      busted for roids I lost all respect for her

      • John Bunch

        She said she would subject herself to weekly tests. Your problem is solved.

        • uncle

          yeah right That is what her mouth say and she still needs
          to make 135 lbs first ,your
          probably still a big A-rod fan

          • Me

            What a stupid reply. She said she’d subject herself to sweekly tests and is working with a doctor to properly make the 135 weight cut and fight at least twice in invicta at that weight just to make sure she can be at her best. What more do you need? Stop being a hater.

          • uncle

            Lets wait and see I’m not a hater i’m realistic first Cyborg
            needs to be signed with the
            UFC so keep dreaming, UFC first priority is making sure Cat Zingano gets the next shot not the cheater

          • John Bunch

            You’re not a hater, you’re just an idiot. There is a difference…thanks for exemplifying the difference. Your next reply should reference me wanting to sleep with a man thing…priceless my intellectually diminutive friend…I await your clever response.

          • uncle

            Which cereal box did you
            get your P.H.D from to
            analyze me ?

          • Al_Capone

            dude your really weird

          • Guest

            A fan of a rod? you mean the rod that is shoved up your a$$? Yes…I am a fan of that rod…may it strike deep, bloody and lethal. 😛

        • Al_Capone

          she just got beat down(so much for quit ting Roids)

    • Mr Kevin

      Did people forget Cyborg was the Champion in Strike Force? Coming in as a former champ qualifies her for the title shot.

  • Lisa Pomeroy

    And Rousey can’t come up why? Much easier room come up than go down! I can’t wait to see that arrogant bitch get her ass kicked by Cyborg! Rousey ran off at the and challenged Chris, so she should go up, then there would be no questions!

    • Adrian Kimmett

      Probably because she is the champion of the biggest mma fighting organization in the world and is the one who already has everything that Cyborg wants. When the challenger wants a shot at the champion they come to them not the other way around. Cyborg is a great fighter obviously but good enough for this whole thing to revolve around her and for them to create a special weight class just for her to fight in and allow her to dictate the terms of when where and how she will challenge the champion and take a title shot? No.

      • Al_Capone

        plus she’s just gotten back from her ban for Roid, then got a beat down so why give her a shot

    • Al_Capone

      Roidborg just got back from getting her zzz handed to her, why give her a fight for a championship when she’s not championship material….she just got back from her being kicked for Roids then got beat down

  • thinking_man

    This website has an unnatural woody for Cyborg. I just don’t get it. The unjustified ranking… the constant news updates… the front line calls for her shot in the UFC against Ronda. She was busted for PED’s. She stated she cannot even make Ronda’s weight class without risk of death. She was taken down by Gina when they fought – how the hell is she going to stop an Olympic Judoka from taking her down? It’s nonsense and ranking her above Ronda at any time was nothing more than a credibility blow to mmaweekly.

    • L

      I am pretty sure that if Ronda locked her armbar on Cyborg that Cyborg would hoist her into the air. What would happen next? Well, thats why I want to see the damn fight!

      Rousey fans, stop the excuses! Please!

    • Baller31

      Cyborg destroyed Carano, even slamming her a couple of times. One of those times Carano ended up on top, but cyborg threw her off easily. It was ridiculously easy for cyborg, and I really doubt Rousey could beat Carano.


    Have Borg start cutting now, fight the Invicta bantamweight champ Lauren Murphy (8-0) ASAP, If borg wins bring her over to the ufc asap & fight one of the top 4 ranked ufc bantamweights like Cat, Tate, Davis or McMann. If borg wins then make the super fight asap! No need for a hand full of fights!Two & just do it! If dana thinks borg needs more than that he’s protecting ronda. Then borg after winning the invicta bw belt, can go fight Rin Naki (15-0-1)(pancrase) in Japan they love her like godzilla. And then go fight Holly Holm in Legacy & make a lot of $$$$

  • horace

    This is America and Rhonda is an American so tell Cyborg to get out of the USA. Cyborg is not needed in the USA and the stench off Cyborg belongs in back water brazil anyway.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Wow, racist much?

    • Stephen Quadros

      Please take your meds…

    • Ciao Bella

      Wow, I bet you were really pissed off with UFC 169 results. Two top Brazilians beating two good ol boy american boys (again) lol. Perhaps you put down that bottle of whiskey long enough to actually aim your shotgun and shoot the TV this time instead of your sister/wife.

    • Mr Kevin

      Angry much? Can’t compete yourself? If you can; don’t win much huh? This IS America Jack! or Horace…not just you.

    • Al_Capone

      plus she just coming back from being kicked for Roiding

  • Stephen Quadros

    Ronda could never go full Carano.In order for that to happen she would have to be beautiful.

    • Mr Kevin

      Steve! Good to see you Doc! In short to these comments; Cyborg is the best Female MMA Fighter. Don’t like negative statements but Rhonda is rude and unprofessional. Spoiled if you may. Getting out more would be good for me.

  • nogodforme

    The soap opera matters, and right now Rousey is it. The other fighters just don’t have it right now, unless you’re a super fan. There is a short life span of the fighters because of the intense training, and getting beat up. If you notice, Ronda doesn’t get hit, probably takes more damage in training then the fights. So the allure of making more money in front of the camera will be there. The UFC needs to develop more American fighters the fans here can identify with (the soap opera).

  • David Huenecke

    Ive only seen gina in two movies. So i dont know if her leaving mma was that great of an idea.

  • horace

    Cyborg’s stench and lying and steroids are not needed in the UFC. Bewtter off without this man lab created semi monster beating nice true woman up. especially one who cannot speak our language. If you cannot speak english get the hell out of america.

    • UOENO

      Horace knows the end is nigh!

    • If you can’t write english maybe you shouldn’t have such a strong opinion on english.

  • otto

    Pretty strong words there Horace, If I were u Id watch my back with that idiotic statement, close to 50% of the fighters dont speak English or well at least, something tells me your just a tween with an IQ lower than your shoe size…..If I were you, Id stop skipping elementary school, put down that warm bottle of milk and dont forget to take your Flinstone vitamins….and be carefull not to roll out of your racecar bed…….and yes watch your back , front and side you clown…..you’ll realize how stupid you are some day when you turn 12 ….maybe…..dont forget to leave that tooth under your pillow…….heh heh…..

  • Gary Fredericks

    @Erik Fontanez (Author)….Could it not be as simple as having Cyborg introduced to the audiences of the UFC, the majority of which may not know who she is or why she would/should have a shot at the title upon her introduction? I think it would make perfect business sense to have Cyborg fight at least twice to showcase what she does.

  • otto

    anyway, now that we put Horace to sleep……I would love to see this fight come to fruition, definitely a main event, and would bet the house on Cyborg here, but correct me if Im wrong, Dana’s not gonna let these two fight for a while, he has a thing for Rousey and knows she can be beat by Cyborg, dont expect to witness this anytime soon, From the headlines it seems Dana’s ready to make this happen, then I read the articles and he completely back pedals from what the headline reads, this will be synomynous with Mayweather vs Pacquio, never gonna happen til one is on the outs, he knows Cyborg cant make that weight repeatedly

  • Fern

    To cut through all the hype and BS. Here are the facts: Ronda Rousey is an extremely talented and tough mixed martial artist and will continue to improve.
    She also has some maturing to do in the way she acts and needs to learn a bit more humility, class, and respect.
    Cyborg is a beast of female fighter and she is huge for even 145.
    Cyborg truly would have an immensely difficult time cutting to 135 (just look at photos of her in street clothes and you will see how built she actually is)
    Both fighters have the skills to beat each other on their best day (no one else in women’s mma need apply right now).
    Ronda has much more to lose which is also why she is firmly staying at 135. Ronda has challenged Cyborg to a street fight even, but she is not backing up these challenges by refusing to fight a catch weight fight. She knows she may lose and down the drain will go much of the success/fame/money she will be earning in the future. Ronda also knows that Cyborg would have a very difficult time cutting to 135, which again, is another reason she is not going to do a catch weight fight.
    Cyborg was using PEDs, but I don’t think that negates her entire career like some people say.
    Dana White may want to make this fight happen but is in no hurry to lose his biggest star and will not be jumping at the chance to make this fight right now.

    • brad king

      It would be hard to see RR getting out of first round. She better bolt to hollywood before she gets mauled.

  • BobLemons

    I honestly don’t see Rousey leaving MMA anytime too soon. Say what you want about her, but she’s a born competitor..

  • brad king

    Why don’t rhonda have a rematch with caramouche? Garunteed win and a postponement of her impending showdown with Cyborg. Or is there an easier opponent out there? Rhonda caN Only delay this envitable defeat she is facing, for so long

  • R

    Any avid fight fan can appreciate what Dana White has done for the sport. However, as a person so critical of boxing he is ironically portraying an image more and more of the likes of a Don King or Bob Arum in the sport. I believe that it was Dana that said one of boxing’s biggest issues was that they were for years unable to provide the super fights that fans wanted to see (i.e. Pacman v. Money May and the like). Really? Silva v. GSP, Silva v. Jones, Jones v. GSP, Randy Couture v. Fedor..…. No? I could go on. And now it’s too late for any of it. Anyone remotely familiar with MMA knows that Cybrog is the only real fight for Rousey after her running through McMann. All of this with Dana attacking Cyborg on personal levels, which is completely unprofessional and has nothing to do with the fact that this fight is one that that makes sense for the fans as well as Women’s MMA. Dana White being unprofessional and over protecting his fighters and interests. Does any of this remind anyone else of boxing and its current state?

    And can we please stop the PED remarks when referencing Cyborg? She paid her dues and only if and when she fails a test will it matter for future fights. It’s amusing that the numerous male fighters that have been caught repeatedly using PEDs don’t catch the same heat. TRT exemptions anyone?

  • Al_Capone

    cyborg just lost to someone Rousey already beat…not seeing it

    • R

      Unless I missed something, I believe you are mistaken.
      Cyborg just lost to a word class Jojo Baars in a Muay Thai competition, not
      MMA. Rousey has never fought Baars in MMA and it wouldn’t be a good idea in
      Muay Thai. Cyborg hasn’t had a loss in MMA since 2005. Also pretty interesting those negotiations with Holly Holm have been
      so “difficult”.

  • Chieu Vo

    Ronda would not make it out of 1st round