UFC 170 Bout Between Gilbert Melendez and Khabib Nurmagomedov Scrapped

January 4, 2014
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UFC 170 Rousey vs McMann PosterThe fight between Gilbert Melendez and Khabib Nurmagomedov that had been planned for UFC 170 on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas has been scrapped, according to UFC president Dana White.

White informed FoxSports.com on Friday that the Melendez vs. Nurmagomedov fight was “not happening.” The UFC is currently working to line up a different opponent for the undefeated Russian.

No reason for the Melendez vs. Nurmagomedov fight being scrapped has been given.

The Melendez vs. Nurmagomedov bout had initially been confirmed to MMAWeekly.com by several company officials and was included on the UFC 170 fight poster revealing the Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann main event, but won’t take place as planned.

UFC 170 is headlined by the Rousey vs. McMann UFC women’s bantamweight championship. The co-main event features the light heavyweight debut of Daniel Cormier, as he squares up with former champion Rashad Evans.

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  • uncle

    Melendez vs Guillard would be better

    • Kenny Powers

      Nah Melendez needs a higher ranked opponent, maybe like TJ Grant, if he’s healthy.

      • uncle

        So your telling me Sanchez is top ten
        who did Gil beat to deserve such a high
        ranked opponent ? Strikeforce accomplishments doesn’t count in the UFC, not saying the man should be on prelims but he can work his way up there

        • Kenny Powers

          I didn’t say Diego was top 10, but he beat him decisively, and who did Gil beat? Umm, how about Josh Thomson twice, who was supposed to fight for the title but now fighting Ben Henderson, who most people thought Gil beat also. You can’t deny Gilbert is easily the #2 or #3 LW in the world. You’re really just a hater if you think otherwise.

          • uncle

            He beat 1 guy that’s legit
            the rest were cans ,that’s just
            like saying Ben Askren is easily
            the #2 or #3 WW in the world
            because your going off wins not
            the competition that Gil has faced

          • $9244763

            Askren is top 8 in the world. NO ONE ever said he was top 3. Melendez has been top 3 since 2011 when he came into the UFC

          • uncle

            I know I just believe he is over rated he beat a bunch of cans

        • $9244763

          Countless fans think Melendez beat Bendo

          • uncle

            he had his moments in that fight
            but he didn’t beat Ben only
            Melendez nuthuggers think that

  • Matte

    Damn, was really looking forward to that fight.

    I’m really high on Khabib, hope he gets a quality opponent as a replacement now that he lost Gil.

  • Big Tuna

    I dig the portrayel of Honda Housey…UFC is embracing her as a villain EMO style!

  • Mark McDowall

    Damn…that was going to be a good fight. Wonder what the reasoning is. I hope the stupidity of the Diazes isn’t rubbing off on Gil and starts calling for title fights after every victory…

  • toom

    there trying to build khabib up a little more before feeding him to the sharks hes a great fighter but i dont think hes ready for gil

  • Shred Man

    Melendez is over rated and would have lost to Khabib. He knew it and he didn’t want to fight him. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain.

    • $9244763

      Khabib needs to work his way up before he gets a top 3 guy

  • brad king

    that russian kid is way too fast for the slow moving melendez. kahib would win convincingly.


    Damm was looking forward to this! Gil probably wants the winner of Ben v Josh coming up the 25th? But a fight vs Grant would be good as well. Kahbib vs who now? Dos Anjos fighting Rustam next. Maybe Nate Diaz or Bobby Green??? Too bad UFC dont have Alvarez & Chandler to go!!!

    • $9244763

      Why not Diego sanchez against Khabib or make the Russians fight each other like the UFC always has the fighters from Brazil doing lately


        i was thinking sanchez to but he is signed to fight myles jury in march & rustam is fighting rafa feb 22nd…

        • $9244763

          The Russians already said they wouldn’t fight each other.

          Still would like to see Khabib beat up Diego

        • $82473879

          Also, would love to see GSP fight at that weight.. he is awesome.

      • $82473879

        Changed my mind… I would pick GSP over them all …. he is a true artist.

        • $9244763

          What moron you are to copy a username

          GROW UP PUNK