UFC 169 Set for Super Bowl Weekend, Includes Jones vs. Teixeira and Mir vs. Overeem

October 4, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-136-368-478x270UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ next title defense is now official. He will square off with Glover Teixeira at UFC 169 on Feb. 1 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

UFC officials made the bout and event official on Thursday.

The Jones vs. Teixeira bout was not a surprise nor was the date and location. What was a bit of a surprise, however, was another bout announced for UFC 169.

Frank Mir and Alistair Overeem were scheduled to fight at UFC 167 on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas, but will now move to the UFC 169 fight card in Newark, in part to be sure Mir is medically fit for the fight.

“While there was no indication whatsoever that Mir wouldn’t be fully, medically cleared in time to compete on November 16th, UFC officials and Nevada Commission representatives believed that a short postponement would allow both athletes more time to train for the bout,” said a UFC statement to Newsday.

The move also gives the Super Bowl weekend fight card a loaded top end.

The move to New Jersey for Super Bowl weekend is a big one for the UFC. Their television partners at Fox will be airing the next Super Bowl and they asked the UFC to move it’s annual event to New Jersey to help them dominate the sports world that week.

The UFC has traditionally held its Super Bowl weekend events in Las Vegas.

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  • robc

    So if Overeem loses does the UFC cut him? I think so. Has there been any other Pride fighter that has performed worse in the UFC? At least Crocrop went 4-4… Overeem is 1-2 so far. Wanderlei Silva is 4-5 but at least he has had exciting fights, win or lose.

    If Mir loses, that is 4 losses in a row. I can’t see the UFC hanging on to him either. Mind you his 3 losses with to 3 of the top guys in the weight class. With that said, I believe Mir takes it. Overeem gases in about 3 minutes so all he has to do is make it to the second round.

    Also Overeem has been KO’d 8 times in his career. If I were him, I’d be worried about my long term heath. (Mind you Mir has been KO’d 7 times).

    • Dragon Kid

      Cro Cop’s run in the UFC was terrible. He’ll be remembered in the octagon as the guy who got finished by his own move delivered by Gonzaga and not being the same since and having some boring fights whereas Alistair Overeem had the more entertaining fights. His record might look dismal but the two KO losses he was in, he dominated most of the fight up until he got caught. Cro Cop’s 4 wins aren’t very memorable either as his losses against some of the well known heavyweights overshadow his wins.

  • lance

    hate watering down cards after they’ve supposedly been set and tickets have been sold. Also funny how there was no indication from anyone that Mir wouldnt be able to to fight. UFC bashes guys for not taking a fight out of shape on 7 days notice against a guy whos had 3 months to prepare. still a decent card but i was looking forward to it, no quite so much anymore

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I guess that would bother me a little if the card wasn’t one of the best cards of the year but are you really going to make noise about losing Mir vs Overeem when you have a headline of GSP vs Hendricks and a new Co-main of Chael vs Rashad? Without even going into some of the lesser but still exciting fights you still have Macdonald vs Lawlor, KOS vs Woodley, and Cerrone vs Dunham… I mean are you kidding me, talk about a card with some names. There will also more than likely be one or two more fights added to that card. Fighters are fighting tooth and nail to be added to that stacked card. To sum it up, ticket value and excitement for this card does not go down even a minuscule amount and I think you are one of the few people upset about losing a couple of guys who may not even have jobs after their fight is through.

      • macarrech

        Agree, This move was really to even those cards a little bit. This 167 is really packed with great fights.

      • Scotty_O

        Still, without sounding too negative, this card was made and tickets were sold. I’m flying all the way from the Canadian East Coast. It’s over 5000 miles both ways. I bought tickets because it was the 20 year show and the card was stacked. While Mir and Overeem may presently be on the down slope of their careers, as a long time MMA fan, it would have been a great to see these guy live. Honestly how many more chances will we get.

        I’m always aware that cards can be changed due to injuries and unknowns, but to just move the fight to another card for no real reason, makes my money feel unvalued by the UFC.

    • shakejunt

      debut of sergio pettis, debut of robert drysdale, return of ebersole, cerrone/dunham, tim elliot, and 3 divisionally significant main card fights.

      either you watch every card… or you don’t… and 167 is still more than bearable.

  • CADpaul

    has Overeem got a problem with the Nevarda commission? since his ban, when ever he has been down to fight in Vegas, it then been moved to another state!!

  • solo

    Jon has very good unorthodox stand-up game. But in that Gustafson fight and in the 1st round with Machida, it showed us that he still needs alot of work in that area.
    Teixeira is tall, has the same reach as Gus, but with even better powerfull boxing skills. Imo, if someone can beat Jon on the feet and actually finish him, its Glover for sure. Cant wait for the fight…

    I say so what if this fight between Mir and Reem has been shifted, it still remains a great card with many big names on it.

  • macarrech

    Overeem has proven to be a very bad investment by Dana and the UFC. I say get rid of him win or lose.

    • Mark McDowall

      Win or loose…he’s one of the highest paid on the roster and hasn’t done crap so far. 1 win followed by a drug suspension…and 2 KO losses. I think we have another Fitch/Okami on our hands…

      • julian moran

        You failed to mention that Overeem koed and retired a ufc heavy weight champion. Completely dominate the big foot fight before the ko loss and 9 out of 10 referees would have given Overeem a tko win over Brown during his onslaught.

        • DonJon

          You failed to mention Overeem’s glass jaw he’s put on display while he’s dominating his opponents. He dominates most fights he’s in until he gets hit.. then it’s night night… the brain can only be shut off like that so many times.. TBH it appears he’s mirroring the last stages of Chuck’s career.

        • Mark McDowall

          He fought Lesner then popped one of the highest T levels the NSAC has ever seen. And if you could point out on his WIN LOSS record the part where what happens before the fight ends counts…then I will agree with your statements.

  • Mark McDowall

    I don’t really see how putting a fight between 2 guys in a “looser leaves town” match is really giving this card a “loaded top end”. I really don’t think either of these fights will be very exciting. Jones is going to prove again just how far below him most of the rest of the LHW division really is. And Mir vs Overeem?? I’d rather paint dry to be honest…

  • shawnw

    Hard to understand UFC’s love affair with Mir. A few weeks ago when they cut Okami, Dana White partially justified the decision by saying Okami was turning into too much of a “gate keeper”. Mir has become less of a gatekeeper and more of a doormat, yet they keep throwing him fights. Same can be said for Sonnen – although congrats to him for finally beating a guy who was in his way down anyway.