UFC 169 Results: Renan Barão Tops Urijah Faber with Questionable First-Round Finish

February 2, 2014
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Renan-Barao-UFC-138_011-478x270Renan Barão successfully defended his UFC bantamweight title, stopping Urijah Faber in first round of their UFC 169 main event on Saturday night in Newark, N.J.

Despite protests from Faber about the stoppage, Barão earned the technical knockout at 3:42 of the opening frame.

Both the champion and challenger were calculated as the fight began. After an attempted kick, Faber slipped to the ground where Barão swarmed in and briefly battered him with punches.

The two then engaged in a few exchanges, but Barão rocked his opponent with a right-handed punch. Faber fell to the ground and Barão began landing heavy ground and pound before Faber persevered and returned to his feet.

With one more looping right hand, Barão dropped Faber again and began to hit the challenger with numerous hammer fists. Faber held onto his opponent’s leg and signaled he was OK with a thumbs-up, but referee Herb Dean stepped in and put a stop to the fight for the first-round finish.

Disappointed, Faber felt the fight was stopped too early.

“It’s very frustrating,” Faber said. “[The referee] told me to do something so I gave him a thumbs up … I had some more fight in me.

“I wasn’t out. I’ll be back.”

With the win, Barão improves to 32-1 and has not lost a fight since his professional debut in 2005.

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  • Collideoverme

    Total shit call. Needs to be a rematch asap.

    • Piotr

      Another one? No thanks. Faber will never be a champ. He’s the new Kenny Florian. Good, not great.

  • Shred Man

    Herb Dean is a horrible ref. Terrible decision. Uriah was covering up, gives a thumbs up, and Herb retard stops the main event title fight!!! What a f***ing idiot!!!

  • Big Tuna

    Keep your damn thumb down and fight back, them yiu won’t have to cry about it.

    • deepgrim

      I can see the argument from both points of view, but faber should have moved to the defend himself more, he had room to move on the ground and yet he remained like a statue. a bit sad to end on that grey area tho, they way they went at it in that fight someone was going down

  • What was questionable about this? Stop sensationalizing somebody moving their thumb up and down through thickly-padded gloves as a form of “doing something”.

  • WTF

    Do something in MMA doesnt mean do anything it means fightback or defend yourself.

    • thegoodzz

      Pretty sure he was defending himself considering every punch was hitting his hand

      • Piotr

        And that hand was bouncing off of his skull every time while Faber didn’t move to defend himself in any way.

  • Denny Swain

    Faber didn’t really lose, he was “clowning “,like silva. “What if “. Thumbs up

  • Christina

    Fighters need to know their opponent and their referee. Herb Dean is known to stop fights quickly. I don’t recall ever seeing him be slow to stop a fight.

  • Shred Man

    Herb Dean is a horrible ref and that was a terrible stoppage. Uriah was intelligently defending himself, covering up and gives a thumbs up while Barao was hitting Uriah’s arm with weak baby hammer fists that wouldn’t hurt a fly and Herb retard stops it. Its the friggin main event and a title fight!!! What an idiot!!!

    • Piotr

      Sorry, turtling is not defending yourself. Also there was no thumbs up.

      • Shred Man

        Did u actually watch the fight? If so, go watch it again. If u still don’t see Uriah blocking Barao’s baby hammer fists with his left arm and put his thumb up with his right hand, then u are blind and need to go see an eye doctor ASAP. It’s also recommended to stop hugging Barao’s nuts so hard because it clouds your judgement.

        • Piotr

          Thumbs up with gloves is hard to see, and when you get dropped like that…again, it’s not hard to think he’s in trouble when Faber isn’t moving at all. Well, except for his thumb.

        • Piotr

          And again. Turtling even while giving thumbs up is still not intelligently defending.

          • Shred Man

            U ride a short bus to school, don’t you Piotr? I can tell because you apparently don’t know that when you are using your arm to block baby punches, that IS intelligently defending yourself and when you put your thumb up to the ref, that means hey ref, I’m ok and these baby hammer fists don’t hurt. Add the fact that you don’t know how to spell your own name, (it’s Peter) maybe you should go put your helmet on and go back to your padded room so you don’t hurt yourself…. Too far? Nah!

          • Piotr

            Maybe you missed the rest of the round where Barao was completely dominating him and rocked him twice. This was the third time. And really, ever read an X-Men comic? Dude is russian and spells it Piotr, but thanks for trying to use that one brain cell you have.

          • Piotr

            Your anger has clouded your judgement. But you’re either 13 or mentally challenged, so there’s really no debating you.

  • horace

    Midget faber is terrible and loses every big fight.

  • DLV

    dont wanna get stopped… keep fighting, fight back… defend yourself… just turn into a turtle, and you are out… just like that.