UFC 169 Results: Jose Aldo Dismantles a Game Ricardo Lamas; Is Lightweight Title Shot Next?

February 2, 2014
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Jose-Aldo-UFC-136-460x270Ricardo Lamas made the short trip from Chicago to Newark, N.J., to try and take the featherweight title from champion Jose Aldo at UFC 169 on Saturday night.

Unfortunately for Lamas, the trip home will feel quite a bit longer, as he’ll make it minus the belt that he so desperately sought.

Lamas showed a lot of movement and a variety of kicks early in the fight. He was the more aggressive fighter in the opening round, although Aldo checked most of his kicks, and landed harder and with greater accuracy, when he fired his weapons.

Having gotten a feel for Lamas’ attacks, Aldo made the necessary adjustments in round two and began the painful process of destroying Lamas’ lead leg with a brutal onslaught of right leg kicks. As the damage from the kicks mounted, Lamas turned away as nearly each of Aldo’s low kicks found their mark.

Aldo mounted a massive amount of damage to the Lamas’ left leg in round two, and continued attacking it in round three, Lamas’ mobility compromised. Lamas dug deep and started utilizing more of his punching to put on a strong finish in the final couple minutes of the third round, effectively directing Aldo away from the leg kicks.

Lamas shifted gears in the fourth round, trying to score takedowns, but had most of his takedowns stymied. The champion secured a couple takedowns of his own in return, and worked on Lamas from top position in half guard, softening him up with ground and pound, and then taking his back and nearly securing a rear naked choke. Lamas survived the round, but found himself on his back courtesy of Aldo to start round five.

Aldo again went to work from the top and quickly moved to mount. Lamas, however, wouldn’t be denied, as he escaped Aldo’s mount and reversed position into Aldo’s full guard.

Lamas tried with all his might to find a knockout blow from inside Aldo’s guard, but the champion kept working from his back, shifting and moving, proving a difficult target. As the clock took away his chances, Lamas continued to drop the heaviest shots he could muster, but Aldo defended to the final horn.

Aldo retained his belt by unanimous decision, as Bruce Buffer relayed that the three judges all scored the fight 49-46 for the champion.

“I was surprised,” said Aldo after the fight, referring to Lamas’ ability to absorb the damaging leg kicks and keep coming forward. “He took a lot of kicks on the leg, but he’s a great fighter and kept going.

“I knew it was gonna go five rounds and it was a tough five rounds to the end.”

The victory was Aldo’s sixth consecutive UFC title defense, and should add more fuel to the recent speculation that he might be done fighting at featherweight.

Aldo mentioned earlier in the week that he would be willing to relinquish his belt if he were granted a shot at the UFC lightweight title, and UFC president Dana White has said that Aldo has the “green light” from him to move up to 155 pounds if that is what he’d like to do.

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  • Get It

    Aldo is boring anymore. Rogans fighter hype is getting old as well…And we just witnessed one of the worse PPVmain event referee stoppages EVER!!!!..garbage

    • WTF

      Usually if the ref says “do something” and all you do is give him a thumbs up he will stop the fight.
      Those are the rules. You must intelligently defend yourself or fight back. Faber did neither.
      Rules are rules and Faber was warned.

      • with

        He was punching Faber in the glove and forearm. How much damage does that do? Lame stoppage clearly.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Ugh NO! If a Fighter gives a thumbs up, that is ALL a fighter needs to do to let the referee know he’s okay. Also, when was the last time a fight was stopped bc the aggressor was punching his opponent in the hand/arm?! Yeah, Fabor must have been seeing stars… GTFO of here!

        As for Aldo, he’s a BIG 145er, and doesn’t fight te same quality opponents GSP has, yet people don’t talk so much shit about Aldo when he wins decisions, especially when he wins the first 3 rounds and fades in the last two, especially the fifth. Which has happened in every decision fight, except Fabor. So GSP dominates every opponent for 25 mins, except Hendricks, and proved vs. Hendricks he has a chin, but he’s boring?!? GSP is an avg WW while all his opponents are much bigger, I would have loved to see GSP do what most UFC champs do…. Be the bigger of the two fighters, Jones, Silva/Weidman, Bendo, Aldo, Barao even Rousey are all huge for their weight divisions. The only champ current or past, who were/are not big are, Edgar, GSP and Cain!!

        • John Bunch

          I thought the confusion was Herb couldn’t see the thumbs up? I wanted Faber to win even though I like them both. But it seemed inevitable at that point even though that is no excuse for an early stoppage.

        • John Bunch

          I’ve been a big GSP fan for quite a while now..and I’ve never understood your perception of GSP as a small WW. GSP is a physical specimen…can’t think of anyone he looks small next to unless you’re talking about height.

  • Big Tuna

    I skip a couple ppv a year and this was one if them I had a feeling this card wouldn’t deliver, looking forward to picking up the Feb 22 event!

  • aTomsLife

    I know it’s a lot for a champion to vacate his belt, but I believe Aldo would be stronger at LW. If he doesn’t get the finish within three rounds, he tires in the 4th and spends the 5th in guard getting punched in the face by a guy he’s 100x better than. Can’t help thinking the weight cut depletes him too much. Though he might just be coasting, too.

  • fsunoles10

    there really isnt any more for him to do at featherweight, the only fights im interested in him taking there is mendes and maybe edgar cuz i honestly thought edgar got 3 out of 5 but other than that nobody really comes close to him so its time to move on.

  • with

    Aldo looks like he was being dismantled in the 5th round. These decision fights are getting real boring.

    • s

      At least he beats the guy up, not like gsp who wrestle for 5 rounds

  • Lisa McMahon

    Pettis would beat the hell out of Aldo. Would be a huge mistake for Aldo to move up to fight Pettis.

    • John Bunch

      Completely disagree but hope we get to see it. He has to be so careful with his weight, has had some issues making weight at 145…I’d love to see his cardio at 155…those leg kicks would brutalize anyone of any size.