UFC 169 Results: Alistair Overeem Hands Frank Mir His Fourth Straight Loss

February 1, 2014
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Overeem-vs-Lesnar-UFC-141_9649-460x270Alistair Overeem defeated Frank Mir by unanimous decision in their UFC 169 main card fight on Saturday night in New Jersey.

Overeem paced himself throughout the contest, earning the judges’ nod with scores of 30-27 across the board.

“Usually I always go for the knockout,” Overeem said in his post-fight interview, adding, “but this fight I chose to pace myself a little bit.”

After a feeling-out process, Overeem landed a knee to the head that grounded Mir. Overeem chased his opponent to the ground and landed several short shots, but Mir recovered and returned to the feet. Mir pulled guard, but Overeem landed more blows on the ground as time expired, signaling an end to the first round.

Overeem continued to look for knee strikes in the second round through going for clinches. Mir countered and secured a takedown, attempting a guillotine at one point, but Overeem escaped and pounded away at his opponent. The fight returned to the feet just before the end of the second round.

Mir was bloodied up as the third round began, going for a takedown, but getting stuffed in the process. Mir pulled guard, and Overeem continued to punish the former UFC heavyweight champion with short strikes on the ground. After returning to the feet, Overeem landed more punches on the way to the unanimous decision.

Overeem picks up his second win in the UFC with his victory over Mir, ending a two-fight losing streak. His other win came over another former UFC heavyweight champ in Brock Lesnar, who has been the center of attention in a rumored return to the UFC.

Overeem, addressing the rumor in his post-fight interview, said he would like to welcome the pro wrestler back mixed martial arts.

“I’ll be here, waiting for you,” he said.

In defeat, Mir loses his fourth fight in a row and is on the longest losing streak of his 13-year career.

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  • jrcr_15

    I’d be interested to see a healthy Brock vs. a non roided up overeem

    • Manuel Lopez

      A healthy Lesnar? You keep believing that myth… whatever version of Lesnar is never as skilled an mma fighter as Reem. Even when he has lost Reem makes top level guys look ordinary.

  • Jackson9001Over9000?!

    Not all fighters are required to be drug tested for/after fights so reems T count was probably around 20:1 during the 140 fight just like it was when he got tested finally. I’m pretty sure a healthy Brock would win but he’s getting old and that condition is still there so its hard to say if he’d really even have a chance anymore. Sad Mir lost though.

  • Dragon Kid

    This fight was a letdown for me. Overeem had it finished in the first but decided play it safe for the next two round rather than go for the kill. Anytime Mir gets smashed I’m happy but sad he didn’t get stopped.

  • David Huenecke

    Brock wil never fight again. I saw a wwe ppv last year when he fought john cena and he took about two shots to the gut and was seen throwing up and dry heaving. He cant take body shots anymore. Even in a pro wrestling enviroment let alone a ufc enviroment. His condition has gotten the best of him and im sure hes making more money in wwe than ufc.

  • Mike

    lesnar won’t return to the UFC because he can’t take a hit, he never could. Anytime he was struck he turtled up.