UFC 168 Results: Ronda Rousey Does It Again, Armbars Miesha Tate to Retain Title

December 29, 2013

Ronda-Rousey-UFC-157-1-478x270So much has changed since Ronda Rousey first fought Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce 135-pound title in March 2012. Female fighters are now featuring in the Octagon and the pair are both coming off high profile TUF coaching stints but the result was exactly the same with the champion scoring her eighth successive armbar win.

The animosity between Rousey and Tate was there for all to see during the reality show rendering their UFC 168 rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a bonafide grudge match. The challenger was looking for her first UFC win after being stopped by Cat Zingano at the TUF 17 Finale while the champion brough a perfect record of seven armbar wins out of seven.

Tate danced into the Octagon with a smile on her face while Rousey looked furious and they went toe to toe right from the opening bell before the champion executed her first throw of the fight. Tate was able to work her way up only to be taken down again.

Tate was able to reverse the position and end up on top but Rousey’s legs were wrapped tightly around her upper body and the Judoka softened her up with elbows and punches while looking to set up a triangle or armbar.

Tate was eventually able to power out and land a hard left hook which Rousey countered with a straight right. The challenger was bloodied up but was still able to see the round through to become the first fighter in history to take Rousey to a second stanza.

In the second round Rousey executed another throw but this time Tate used up kicks to keep Rousey at bay and work her way back up. It was only a temporary reprieve though as she was immediately put down with another Judo throw after shooting unsuccessfully for a takedown.

Rousey’s Judo was the difference between the two fighters at this stage and she looked to capitalize on yet another successful throw by finishing the fight with an armbar. Tate’s arm appeared to be hyperextended but she survived only to end up in a reverse triangle.

The round finished with Tate trapped, but Rousey unable to find a way to convert the dominant position into a successful submission attempt. The third round follows a similar pattern with Rousey again dragging Tate down but this time she was able to sink in the armbar for a tap at the 50-second mark.

In an apparent gesture of reconciliation, Tate offered her hand to Rousey, who ignored her, stating afterwards that she was still angry because her opponent had insulted her family during TUF. The crowd booed heartily but Rousey, who appears to be embracing her new heel role, stated she wasn’t bothered.

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  1. sure she was bothered-again she showed no class

    • She doesn’t owe Meisha anything. If I truly hated someone and beat their ass, I wouldn’t shake their hands. This is the only person she has done this to, did she do that to Sarah Kaufman, or Liz Carmouche? No.

  2. Rousey the gangster Rousey. F*** that girl is talented though.

  3. Miesha is a sweetie.

    As a fighter I really love seeing Rhonda go to work though. So technical and wonderful transitions. And really really athletic.

  4. One trick pony

    • How was that one trick pony? She beat her ass in every aspect of the fight. Beat in the stand up, clinch, grappling and jiujitsu. Just because she found her submission doesn’t mean that is the only way she could win.

      • No offence but Tate is terrible. She fights with her chin up in the air… Man who fight like her are considered bums.

  5. Ronda Rousey good job. Like that way she gose out there with her head up high. Even though people say boo in the end she still has a smile on her face.

    • I used to have a lot of respect for Ronda. Now I view her as an ignorant POS.

  6. I like that Ronda didn’t let her bitterness toward Tate get the best of her, ie: she walked away from the upkicks, avoided the boxing exchanges where Tate was getting the better, and respected the takedown.

    She may be a 1 trick pony, but she does her judo with such aggression and really wants to finish instead of just latch on and chew up the clock.

    • I didn’t feel Meisha was getting the better of the stand up. Rousey was planting the right on her in almost every exchange. That’s why Tate kept going for the takedown, otherwise she would have stayed away from Ronda’s grappling.

  7. I just wanna know where the hell is Sarah McMann? Forget Zingano who will get decimated by Rousey! I want McMann to fight for the title. I know Dana knows she’s the best qualified to beat Ronda, I just don’t know why it’s taking too long to put this fight together.

    • That I agree with. McMann is the only one in the division that will challenge her, but she is injured currently.

    • Just announced, Rousey v McMann at UFC 170.

  8. By the way…Stupid Tate!!! All she had to do to get a decision or have some success was to AVOID the CLINCH, BOX Ronda and KEEP her DISTANCE!!! But NOOOO instead she chose to play the wrestling game with an Olympian level Judo practitioner!!! She’ll never fight for the tittle again as long as Ronda is champ.

    • She tried to stand with her but Rousey was tagging her face. She did say that Rousey’s right hand had improved.

  9. Well done Ronda! You did great, and kept your attitude on check. It’s all about the fight! Musashi at heart.

  10. Boo as loud as you can. Watch all the videos, plan your strategy for as long as you want. Chant for her opponents, create drama, play head games, specialize your training…

    The result remains the same.

  11. Rousey could not take a punch nor did she have an answer to Tate´s up kicks .. So Tate decided to take Rousey down? Tate deserved the loss.

    On another note:
    Rousey reminds me of Lesnar. She started to run away and fold as soon as she got hit. She would not last 10 seconds against Cyborg.

    • Did you actually wacth the fight or are you just going off mot of these dumb comments? Ronda landed her roght hand on Tates face and did it with throwing it iver her shoulder no less. They landed hard too. Tate wanted no part of it an was getting hurt. Ronda hits hard. Meisha even hinted at it during the post foght interview. All this AND Ronda beat her in all the technical aspect of the game. Please dont me youre hate for ronda cloud youre judgment. Be real here

      • Miesha Tate is not a UFC caliber fighter. Women mma has a long way to go. Rousey is definitely the best female fighter in the UFC, but it does not mean much considering her competition.

  12. As much as I hate Rousey thought she put on an impressive performance. She showed that she could take a punch and last more then 1 round. On the other hand Tate showed heart in those first 2 rounds but horrible strategy when she kept going for take downs. Every time they hit the ground whether top or button position she was in trouble.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I hate how Ronda acts but she is one hell of a fighter and getting better. Meisha should have stricktly boxed. Ever time she got in clinch range ronda got the ippon.

  13. Has a champion ever been booed so loudly?

    • Remember Brock’s UFC 100 post-fight interview?

      • Oh yea, and maybe Tito? Not a group of names you want to be in though…

  14. Say what you like. She’s a trashy…child. Period. End of story. She always will be. She also never gets the proper orgasms you can tell. That’s why she acts like that. It’s because she never gets to come properly.

  15. Meisha Big Nose Tate looks like Roy Nelson without the beard.

    • No doubt that your imaginary girlfriend looks better then both Tate and Nelson!!!!

  16. Rousey beat Tate who got stopped by Zigano and almost was KO’d by Kedzie. Big Nose tate is not a top fighter just a second tier cry baby with a huge honker.