UFC 168 PPV Price Increase is a One-Time Deal

December 16, 2013
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Chris Weidman, Dana White, Anderson SilvaNot to worry, fiscally concerned MMA fan. The price hike for UFC 168 is a one-time deal.

UFC president Dana White confirmed on Saturday night that the cost for the upcoming pay-per-view is, in fact, getting a $5 increase, but other pay-per-views going forward will go back down to the normal price.

“Just that fight,” White told reporters, when asked about the cost of the Dec. 28 PPV card.

The typical cost of a UFC pay-per-view is $54.95 for high definition and $44.95 for standard definition. For UFC 168, however, consumers will see an increase to $59.95 for HD and $49.95 for SD.

White said that he imagines people will be upset about having to pay the extra $5 for premium mixed martial arts, but explained that the problem is easily alleviated with inviting over a couple extra friends to help foot the cost for the PPV at home.

White added that raising the price wasn’t his call, saying, “Some guys got together in the office and decided to do that. I didn’t determine it.”

UFC 168 will be headlined by a middleweight title fight between onetime champion Anderson Silva and the man who beat him to take the title, Chris Weidman. The card is co-headlined by women’s champ Ronda Rousey defending her crown against longtime rival Miesha Tate.

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  • John Bunch

    This how it starts. Testing the waters to see what the reaction is. If sales are consistent with anticipated buys it would be hard for Zuffa not to rationalize raising prices in the near future.

  • Lawdog1521

    It’s his “****ing show” in every decision until it comes down to the PPV price… then it’s some random “guys in the office”. Sure, Dana.

    • bajafox

      If you look back in history Dana once said he would never raise the price of PPV. He specifically said that it was for the average Joe and would never increase the price.

      I love this fight, but I speak with my money and me and my friends who split every PPV are thinking about skipping it. Can we afford the extra $5? Sure, but the best way to tell them to go fk themselves is by not spending the extra $5

  • Kristena

    I’ve never ordered a fight and asked friends to help cover….really?? That’s his solution?

  • Disgruntled

    I’ve purchased every PPV for the last 4 yrs or so. I have recently grown more and more dissatisfied with the organization’s TUF show, and more than a little tired of listening and watching commercials during my PPV events. White himself is a great cause for my dissatisfaction with his many contradictions. And this fox deal of his is absolute garbage.
    Never liked Rousy, and regardless of her skill, she’s been so over promoted I had decided I would never buy a PPV with her fighting on it.

    And now they are testing the waters of increased PPV costs with her fight.Well I, for one, am experiencing the exact opposite of reactions the UFC may expect.
    Not only am I not going to buy this PPV. But I will not be buying anymore PPV in the future. Nor am I going to continue watching any MMA on Fox. Because not only does Fox suck with their over promotion of their own channel, but their constant commercial breaks and inconsiderate cross sport updates along with the fact that their is no other MMA on Fox Ever!

    This $5 cost increase is the final nail in the coffin. I’m not done with watching MMA. I’m done watching the UFC. I’ll be removing the Fox channel from my cable package as well.

    Keep up the Good Work.

    • bajafox

      I can’t even remember the last Silva fight I odered. Only reason I was going to order this one was to watch the new champ defend. Guess I’ll read about it on mmaweekly the next day instead. I would rather buy a new game for my spankin new PS4

  • Mememmem

    Thank god for the internetz and its warez sites.

    • dgs

      For real. I haven’t paid for a UFC event in so many years I have forgotten the last one I paid for.

      • S

        My last one was silva vs bonnar. Bonnar obviously took a dive in that fight. I stopped after that.

  • JPS II

    6 words for ya: EBITDA! Looks like their CFO wants to pad their Y/E numbers with a direct increase to their bottom line $5 x approx 900K buys is almost $5M to their earnings.

  • Me

    “White added that raising the price wasn’t his call, saying, “Some guys
    got together in the office and decided to do that. I didn’t determine
    it.”” – Not his call and yet that didn’t stop him from going on record and saying that PPV’s prices would never be increased. Strange. And can I assume if they’re raising the price for this (supposedly) special ppv that they’ll be lowering the price for those less than stellar cards? Probably not. There are too many ways to watch fights these days to allow 1 company to so wantonly exploit it’s fan base. A fan base that already shells out more money for the simple pleasure of watching their sport on TV than fans of any other sport out there. So no thank you Mr White. I’ll be watching the Weidman/Silva fight for sure but I won’t be paying for it. Something I would have done if Zuffa hadn’t decided to get just a little too greedy.

  • Mark McDowall

    Im sure after getting their calculators out and realizing that daddy Dana gave Rousey a retardedly huge contract…they needed the bump to cover all the PPV buy rates that are offered to her, Silva and probably Weidman now.

    Rumor has it that Rousey has an even bigger PPV buy rate then Lesnar…and his was absolutely nuts.

    I think its funny that people really would bitch over $5…if you can afford $54.95 im pretty sure you can afford $59.95.

    • bajafox

      It’s not the $5, it’s a matter of principle. I can live not watching the fight, but I’m not playing this game with them.

      • SRT 10

        So, just wait 3-4 months for the DVD and save 75% of your money? Or not watch it at all? And Internet piracy is just wrong. 😉

  • JPS II

    Let’s not get nuts here. It’s 5 flipping dollars. They haven’t raised prices and they probably could have given the garbage cards boxing puts out for more!!

    The card is stacked. The ME is epic. Illegally streaming is not the answer. I’m sure the UFC has to spend a bunch of money trying to catch the illegal streamers.

    Dana speaks off the cuff a lot and no way he could stand by the “we will never raise prices”. It’s inevitable.

    • R

      Its not inevitable, its a choice. You can justify it all you want, but that doesn’t alter the fact that Dana and the Fertitas could have eaten that 5 dollars. Especially if it is a “one-time-thing”. We shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes, they should.

      • JPS II

        The CHOICE is inevitable. I’m not justifying anything. If they are handing out bigger pieces of the PPV for this card, they need to make up the margin somewhere. They put on plenty of free shows during the year and if they need to pass on a small increase to hit a certain profit for this show, big deal.

        Not sure where they made a mistake. They seem to be killing it big time in 2013!!

        • R

          No choices are inevitable. You are justifying a 5 dollar increase in price, ten percent. The mistake(s)
          they made have/has led them to increase the price ( like handing out bigger chunks of the PPV). They can afford to keep the price the same, it may cut into their profits, but thats what happens in business when you make mistakes. I understand your misguided notions of Zuffa “needing to making up margins somewhere, big deal”, I used to be the same way. You need to take philosophy, and economics classes. Then the reality of this situation will be clearer to you, and you will laugh at yourself for ever possesing such a naive world view.

          • JPS II

            The situation is perfectly clear to me. You are whining about a $5 increase and telling me to take an economics class at the same time. That’s laughable. If you had a clue, you’d understand there must be a demand at the new price point, genius. Or they wouldn’t have made the decision on the increase.

            You’re calling adding higher profile fighters to the card and giving them ppv buys a mistake? Please sign me up for the Econ class you took in college.

            Go back to your Econ 101 book and slap yourself with it. Dummy.

          • R

            You said there must be a demand at the new price point. Its funny how ignorant people always resort to supply and demand to justify this type of behavior. The UFC has a monopoly, so supply and demand is out the window. You getting upset, and telling me to “slap myself” is childish, and further demonstrates your mentality. The only mistake I said they made was passing on costs to the customers. Furthermore, I never “whined” about any pay increase. I don’t buy any of these shows, and never will, so I have no reason to “whine”. In a roundabout way, I am actually trying to help you. Its funny how quickly your feelings were hurt though, and you started calling me names. Your ego is clouding your judgement, and making you angry. You need to educate yourself, plain and simple.

          • Timothy Malone

            You actually sound like you dont know anything about economics. Supply and demand is everything in determining price. “UFC has a monopoly so supply and demand it out the window.” That is completely economically ignorant. You could learn why in a grade school economics class.

            If the UFC made the PPV 1 million dollars to buy would you buy it because there is a monopoly and you have no choice but to get it? No, the demand for the product isn’t high enough for that price. That’s why they haven’t set it that high. By your reasoning they could literally set any price and people would pay. You actually need to educate yourself.

          • R

            Your example is a little extreme, and you are misinterpreting what I said. Obviously nobody is going to forfeit a high percentage of their income to watch MMA, maybe a few people would… I never came close to suggesting that people would pay 1 million dollars for a PPV. What I meant was that the standard rules of supply and demand do not apply to the UFC, because they have an unhealthy control of the supply. One of the defining characteristics of a monopoly is the ability to exclude competitors and raise prices. The UFC does not have any other MMA companies with top ranked fighters putting on PPV events to deal with. That is the way they like it, and that is why they can get away with charging such a high price. It is also why they can raise the already high price. Essentially, what you have done is created a straw man. In case you have never taken a debate class, I will educate you.

            The straw man fallacy occurs in the following pattern of argument:

            Person 1 has position X.

            Person 2 disregards certain key points of X and instead presents the superficially similar position Y. The position Y is a distorted version of X and can be set up in several ways, including:

            Presenting a misrepresentation of the opponent’s position.

            Quoting an opponent’s words out of context—i.e., choosing quotations that misrepresent the opponent’s actual intentions (see fallacy of quoting out of context).[4]

            Presenting someone who defends a position poorly as the defender, then refuting that person’s arguments—thus giving the appearance that every upholder of that position (and thus the position itself) has been defeated.[3]

            Inventing a fictitious persona with actions or beliefs which are then criticized, implying that the person represents a group of whom the speaker is critical.

            Oversimplifying an opponent’s argument, then attacking this oversimplified version.

            Person 2 attacks position Y, concluding that X is false/incorrect/flawed.

            This reasoning is fallacious because attacking a distorted version of a position does not address the actual position. The ostensible argument that Person 2 makes has the form:

            “Don’t support X, because X has an unacceptable (or absurd or contradictory or terrible) consequence.”

            However, the actual form of the argument is:

            “Don’t support X, because Y has an unacceptable (or absurd or contradictory or terrible) consequence.”

            This argument doesn’t make sense; it is a non sequitur. Person 2 relies on the audience not noticing this.

          • Timothy Malone

            No I’m addressing your actual lack of knowledge of supply and demand in economics, not a straw man’s lack of knowledge. The UFC having an “unhealthy” control of the supply does not make the “standard” rules of supply and demand go out the window. Not even sure what you mean by using that word as the rules will always be the same in a free and open market. The UFC controls the supply but the demand for that supply is still what determines their prices. Yes I used a hyperbolic example but the point is still the same. Why is the UFC setting the price at $60? Why not $70? Why not $80?

            The fact that you call the price “high” shows you don’t understand how it works. The price isn’t too high if people are paying it. It means their demand is so great they will pay that price and it is thus a fair price. The only way it would be too high if people weren’t watching anymore, and if that was the case the UFC wouldn’t be raising the price in the first place.

            Supply and demand is everything in determining price. This is literally Economics 101.

          • R

            You don’t get it, when a monopoly exists, the market is no longer free. Supply and demand is now operating under a manipulated premise.
            Just because people are dumb enough to pay a high price, that doesn’t make the price low. If people are dumb enough to pay ten dollars for a bag of M&M’s, that doesn’t make ten dollars a good price.
            I understand what you are trying to say, however, it is simply irrelevant. You are lacking the fundamentals to comprehend what is going on here. Sorry buddy, but you don’t much about economics 101. Your entire argument is based off of a fantasy version of capitalism. Have a nice day!

          • onegoodnathan

            umm..UFC may hav the only prize fighting on sat nite, but it’s not a monopoly on entertainment. watch a different cable channel, spend time with the fam, go see anchorman 2, etc..

            PPV’s are actually one of the last vestiges of free market capitalism in this crony-corporatist country.

            the opportunity to engage in voluntary exchange or trade that’s beneficial to both parties.

          • SRT 10

            It comes down to, you either buy it or you don’t. If you buy it you’ll get 2 Championship fights + 3 more fights, and the $5.00 increase. If you don’t you’ll don’t have to pay anything. And possibly spend it on other things you don’t need or even the next UFC PPV. No one needs a college course or personal attacks to help people make up their minds. Personal opinions are all those are. And if you think the UFC is not fair with PPV costs then just watch the televised cards. But you’re still supporting the $5.00 one way or another by watching any UFC. I agree onegoodnathan.

          • R

            You don’t have to pay to watch the UFC. If you haven’t figured that out yet, that sucks for you.
            Everyone needs college courses to help make up their minds. What an asinine thing to say. You need it more than most, if you think that.

          • R

            The topic here is MMA. I could stare at the wall for free on Saturday night as well. That is not what Im talking about. A five dollar increase benefits one party, not both. That is what we were talking about. You remind me of a child that walks into the middle of a movie, and then starts asking questions.

          • SRT 10

            LoL at you guys… both of you are buying it so there’s no sense in arguing. hahaha 😉

  • O.Montes

    I remember when their PPV’s only cost $19.99…… I miss those days=

  • KungFuCow

    I remember when the Tito Vs Randy PPV got a “one time” $5.00 bump and the price never went back down. I fully expect the same thing to happen here.

  • updanaass

    Why would anyone want to pay such extorbiate price? I watch it online for free and stick a finger up if I can’t. The guy was taking the piss to everyone when he said it wasn’t his decision for the increase. Is he also saying he’s no longer part of the UFC. As a result, I boycout UFC ppv and urge other to follow, then the price will decrease. Up yours.

  • Whackster

    Bottom line is this. There is no need to raise prices. This is simply “testing the waters” to see who will tolerate. DO NOT ORDER. Go to a bar or somewhere you can watch it for free. Stream it. The more PPV orders, the quicker the price will go up. DO NOT ORDER.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    I’m not worried b/c thanks to the good ol’ internet I never have to pay for a PPV….hell make it a million dollars per buy.

    • Brian Hanna

      Get2DaChoppa …were can I watch the fights on the internet like u

  • Mahoney

    Definitely won’t be purchasing a card with a price hike that has Rousey vs Tate 2 on it. You know damn well if ppv buys are consistent with recent events that increase will be here to stay. Seems like five bucks a year or two has been the trend. The money these f****** pigs make with all the adds during the event and the chump change they pay the fighters… No, they can suck it.

  • Justin e

    Definitely not ordering now. This was already not on my list of quality events worth paying for.

  • Justin e

    I am done paying for Silva fights period. The guy has already proven everything he needs to prove. Why should I’d drop 60 bucks to see if he shows up to fight or acts like a clown? And the rest of the card just isn’t very compelling. The fox card was way better even after all those fights fell apart.

  • otto

    Card not worth it, Really dont want to purchase anything that has Rousey involved with, I guess its personal, but its my belief,…..If I had an inclination she would get the smackdown, well, then,……I’m in, but not this time…………hate that bitch

  • diazfan209

    I don’t have a problem with a company looking to make a little bit more money, it happens everyday, so long as the price increase brings an increase in quality. The only problem is that there’s no guarantee the main card is going to kill it. On paper, it looks like all 5 bouts could be grapple-fests. Hopefully the fights are good though and it’s worth it for whoever spends the coin.

    • truth

      if you don’t like grappling I suggest watching an entirely different sport altogether

      • saturn

        MMA – MIXED martial arts… That includes a strong stand-up game. Not just wresting / jiu-jitsu base… So no, I will continue watching MMA as there are alot of fighters that will mix it up as the name of the game intends. But thanks for your stellar advice…

        • SRT 10


  • Rum Runner

    I want anchovies and extra cheese for that!!!

  • Reid Carnes

    Why not just go to Fridays or Applebees, or some vvenue that will be televising it. I used to buy ALL of the UFC PPV’s, but screw that!