UFC 168 Fighter Bonuses: Ronda Rousey the Big Winner, but Travis Browne Scores KO of the Night

December 29, 2013
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Travis Browne at UFC 135UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva 2 came to an unfortunate conclusion on Saturday, Dec. 28, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but there were still numerous performances that deserved some extra notoriety

UFC officials thought so as well, handing out $75,000 instead of the usual $50,000 for the post-fight accolades.

Having now scored impressive knockout finishes in his last two fights over highly ranked fighters in Alistair Overeem in his last fight and Josh Barnett at UFC 168 on Saturday night, Travis Browne took home the Knockout of the Night honors.

He drilled Barnett with a knee to the face as Barnett shot in for a takedown and then finished him off with a series of elbows to the side of the head for the knockout.

Co-main event fighter and UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was the big bonus winner on the night.

While she and opponent Miesha Tate each got a bonus for their Fight of the Night performance, Rousey also secured the Submission of the Night bonus.

Tate took Rousey into the deepest waters of his career, finally forcing the Olympic judoka into the third round of a fight, but Rousey kept her string of armbar victories intact, ratcheting her unbeaten streak to eight consecutive professional fights.

The UFC awarded a total of $300,000 in post-fight award bonuses on Saturday night.

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  • Steven Mark Tobin

    barnett is obese, needs to lose 20lbs, stat.

    • Big Tuna

      Barnett would dominate 205

  • Milosc

    MMAWeekly: hire an editor!

    I like you guys, but don’t make it look like you’re typing this from your Mom’s basement all the time!

    Ronda Rousey is a woman, chief (ESPN hits right next to you guys on Google. Think of the contrast. It just looks half-assed and is bad for everybody. Please stop)

  • J Barnes

    Miller should have gotten sub of the night… he tapped out a bjj black belt. Tate is hardly comparable, and she’s been arm barred before.

    • BobLemons


  • AndersImperial

    Your thoughts guys………I am amazed at the skills, combat intellect and athleticism in MMA but there is one tool I always find cowardly and is not a skill & that’s elbows to the top and the back of the head.

    • subtlefist

      its a fight not a patty cake. elbows anywhere but the groin or spine should be legal and the angle and placement should not be an issue if they do not fall in the spinal channel because after all it is a sport not a fight to the death

    • I am an enormous Barnett fan (even having met him at competitions and nearly having competed against him), and although I thought the strikes were illegal while watching it the first time, upon replaying I can concede they were perfectly legal and Browne had gotten the better of the Warmaster. Fair, and square.

      There is no need to describe his actions as cowardly and imply that he is the same.

      Again, this is coming from one of the biggest Joshie fans.

  • C-Dub

    Might wanna get a Proof Reader!!!

    “Tate took Rousey into the deepest waters of his career,”


  • brad king

    haha i knew rousey WAS
    a man in drag