UFC 167 Video: Dana White Bashes the NSAC After GSP-Hendricks Decision

November 17, 2013
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Dana White Heated at NSACUFC President Dana White isn’t happy with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

At the UFC 167 post-fight press conference, White was upset that the judges score the fight for Georges St-Pierre, who was left with numerous bruises and cuts on the face, and not Johny Hendricks.

Watch here to see White get heated following the decision between St-Pierre and Hendricks.

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  • The only time I have ever agreed with Dana.

    • Danny McClendon


      • Agreed on Danny agreeing with Sandwich agreeing with Dana.

        • ♞ Castle Bravo ♞

          Agreed on Eugenio agreeing on Danny agreeing with Sandwich agreeing with Dana.

  • Big Tuna

    No one wants to do it but posting scores will end bad judging…I know I know what if it’s a one sides fight and one guy starts dodging Same thing occurs in football when a team is killing the clock running the ball. We still watch that. judges wouldn’t get to just leave after handing in their card they’d have to face the fans every round

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I don’t see how posting the scores will end bad judging. You think the crowd is going to murder a judge in the stadium for scoring a round wrong? The score cards were made public within an hour of the fight and out of the million+ people who looked at them, I am almost sure that not even 10% of those people remember the two judges names when they woke up in the morning. It is not the responsibility of the crowd to pressure the judges into making proper calls. Someone of higher authority needs to step in and if you watched the press conference and paid attention to the Mayweather/Canelo fight aftermath, you know what Dana is waiting for. Personally, I like the idea of displaying the judges and their scorecards but only for personal satisfaction. Everyone from the trainers, to the fighters, to to refs, to the UFC takes heat for their failures but the judges have zero accountability in this sport. I’d like to see the judges start taking some heat when they f*** up but I do not believe that will solve any real issues.

  • Mike H.

    Johnny will have another day. Maybe he won’t have that cocky smile on his face next time. The loss is good for his character.

  • Sarcasticball

    Maybe if Dana was not tearing down people all the time, then mabe I would partially agree with him. Maybe … Come on everyone it was a close fight… I tought that Hendrick one but I was not that suprise by the decision. Seriously Dana It’s mma not wrasstling you look like more like Mr Mcmahon every day.

    • George Sperry

      I thought Hendricks two.

    • John

      anything you say is irrelevant you can’t even use the proper form of “won”.

      • Sarcasticball

        tks grammar kid…

        • MuayThaiFood

          It’s not grammar, it’s spelling, short bus.

      • microman

        useless comment. You are a genius

    • JohnQ

      I actually feel dumber having read your post. I agree with John. Anything you say is irrelevant cause you can’t spell. Wrasstling??

      • Sarcasticball

        Wrastling is the term people use to describe wwe acting dummy…

  • Old Salt

    You don’t need judges, dana…Judge every fight yourself.

  • jr. Sandoval

    Hendricks won that fight hands down the ufc is supposed to be better than boxing but with scoring like that then a retirement after the fight makes you wonder whos getting
    paid under the table…

  • George Sperry

    Dana should really not talk after events, in fact he should require all questions be put in writing and then answer in writing after someone with a brain edit’s his weird opinions.

  • NoRulesNoRoundsItsAfight

    Simple to fix to mma. Don’t have rounds and secondly scrap the rules it is supposed to be a fight. Based on the attempted submission by gsp in round one he gets the round strikes were equal in round one. Maybe Hendricks should have kept his mouthpiece in round two. Hendricks got rounds 2 and 4. Gsp bruises like a peach. If you were to look at gsp’s face the first time he fought bj penn you would have said he lost. But if you watched the fight you know he won rounds 2 and 3. The guys on fox said it best the fights are won on points not damage.

    • King_DG

      he really did lose the Penn fight as well, the judges screwed that one up too!

  • Brazil for ever

    Please GSP just fed ex the belt to Hendricks please
    u said u forgot some of the fight, please watch and fed ex to him please.
    That’s all folks

  • J32

    Dana White needs to shut the f*** up. Without a doubt the biggest contradicting, corrupt, sack of s*** in professional fighting. NSAC has been around long since you were hatched from the shell, and knows a s***load more about scoring then you do. Judges make mistakes individually on occasion. Two judges disagreed with you. No one thought he won the fight? Where the f*** were you when half the crowd was cheering and the other booing? Jon vs Alex wasn’t even this close and where the f*** were you then? Where is the rematch? Hendricks really didn’t do anything at all. He landed elbows and punches in the first round, only because of GSP’s aggression for a take down. GSP out struck Hendricks on the feet, and that is statically agreed upon by everyone who scored the fight. GSP scored more take downs also. So you feel the need to discredit the champion for winning basically all the statistics kept, because of cosmetic damage to their face? Hendricks showed 0 aggression for 90% of the fight, other than when GSP was caught, and when he slipped. Majority of the fight GSP had octagon control and pushed the fight all night. Every fighter knows you either finish the fighter, or score to win. Hendricks did neither, hes not the champ.

    • vr82
    • Marcus Miles

      The only round Johnny didnt have was round three. Either you have a GSP bias or you watched a totally different fight.

      • deepgrim

        what you smoking mate, it must be good stuff!

        • Anita Pierson

          if you think GSP won the fight you must have a man crush on GSP. You probably hate hendricks now for kickin on his ass. lol

          • deepgrim

            sorry that comment was meant for J32 it replied to the wrong person. He was talking some smack

    • Adam G

      NSAC is corrupt,, there was heavy action on Hendricks, had he won Vegas would have lost huge. Remember Lewis / Holyfield 1? This is just as bad. GSP lost that fight clearly, don’t compare this fight to Jones / Gus. Jones pulled that fight out in the end.

      • Anita Pierson

        absolutely right. It’s all about the money. Gsp got his ass kicked. He talked about how he got bashed in the fight and how he couldnt think straight now. doesnt sound like the winner…..

    • Johnny Joelsson

      Hendrics taps out 1 rond giljotin so many
      have not seen that, not Dana either

  • The Best Eva

    Switch it up to the pride rounds, 10 minute first rounds would be amazing.

    • Matt Schwindt

      And the way Dream did it. I love that because the fighters can’t be as predictable.

  • All fighters voted Hendricks, overturn decision and crown the new champ. GSP you have had your time hand over the belt. Dont make MMA lose more fans because you are accepting the outcome. Forget my opinion forget other non fighters opinions they mean nothing, the real MMA fighters all voted Hendricks thats all that matters….

    • PaulFierro

      Whatever the judges say is all the matters, evidenced in the fact that GSP still holds the belt. MMA scoring is the true thief here. MMA fights that last 3 or 5 rounds max, shouldn’t be judged the same way as boxing matches that have 4 times as many rounds for judges to score. They’re completely different sports but share the same judging rules and suffer as a result…

  • Pineda Fred

    Gsp knows he lost the fight, he’s tasting defeat running away with the belt and has nothing but excuses.

  • jimmy777

    Net fight should be gsp and lawler – hendricks and diaz? OR Lawler and hendricks for a shot at the title.

  • Carnage

    Gsp only one 2 rounds and anyone who dosent think so really don’t know shit just like the judges

  • Trevor240

    GSP beat him twice. tapped him out in the first round and beat him in the decision… GSP GSP GSP

    • Anita Pierson

      you obviously didnt watch the fight. GSP is way too scared of Hendricks to fight him again. You could tell in the conference that GSP knew he lost the fight..

  • GSPStillRules

    Dana go fock a goat man! GSP doesn’t owe you, Hendricks or the fans an immediate rematch. Gustafsson beat Jone Jones and when asked about an immediate rematch and why it wasn’t happening you said, “The Champ doesn’t want it.” Why? ‘Cuz it’s Jone Arrogant Jones and he’s American and GSP Canadian? You should check your attitude BOY!

    GSP is your biggest draw, Jones is not. So what makes you think Jones can call the shots and GSP can’t? If GSP needs time off to resolve problems, then so be it; but don’t be acting like Djorn Rebney in the way you treat GREAT fighters like GSP who have made you and the UFC more money than anybody else. Yes, GSP has made you TONS of money, so he doesn’t owe you, the UFC, Hendricks or the fans an immediate rematch.

    If GSP does come back, he should fight another contender, and Hendricks needs to fight for #1 contender. Those should be the consequences for his lame ass excuse that he was only using 70% of his power and couldn’t get the job done. Plus, watch the fight, Hendricks tapped when GSP had him in the guillotine chocke. The referee didn’t see it and he managed to get away with it and now he complains and says he’s champ. Screw that bitch! Payback is sweet. Kosh beat Hendricks and so did Condit, so why is he whining that he got a wrong decision when those other 2 didn’t even complain the way he’s complaining. That bitch is dilusional. He threw everything he had to GSP and he just couldn’t put him away and that’s why GSP won! Great decision and one that should shut Johnny the Hell UP for running his mouth off saying he was going to knock GSP out and couldn’t deliver. Oh now he says next time he’ll do it. You had your chance bitch, now go back to the back of the line and wait for your turn MORON! I’m glad even Dana shut him up when he claimed 70% was enough. He just made an ass of himself infront of millions of people…LOL

    GSP take as much time as you need, you have earned it!!!!

  • PaulFierro

    The biggest issue here is that MMA fights are scored like boxing matches where a 10-9 round must be awarded to the winner of the round. If a fight goes to decision, it would be fair in a 12 round fight since there’s a much larger pool of rounds to score but when a fight only lasts 3 or, rarely, 5 rounds, it greatly decreases the points you can award a dominant fighter. Case in point, it’s not unusual to see one fighter dominate a fight but win by a 29-28 score. In this fight, GSP did take more damage but if you look at it round by round, many were razor thin and could’ve gone either way so you can’t blame a judge for awarding the close rounds to GSP in some instances. The bottom line is that MMA is not the same as boxing so it shouldn’t be scored the same when most fights last a quarter of the length (round-wise) boxing matches do. PRIDE Fighting had judges rule on simply who had won the fight, not round by round scoring. This would’ve been a much simpler issue if the judging was formatted differently rather than being modeled after boxing.

  • Kenny Powers

    It came down to round 1 on the official scorecards. 2 judges gave it to George. I cant see how anyone with any MMA knowledge whatsoever gave GSP round 1. The stats showed Johny was way ahead in strikes landed and he took George down. Hendricks definitely won the fight, just look at the damage done. Obviously you’re just a GSP fan if u still defend the decision after every UFC fighter, the President and the referee all had it for Hendricks. GSP is a great fighter, but he should retire. Hendricks will finish him next time.

    • Anita Pierson

      no way GSP agrees to fight him again. lol no way

  • Anita Pierson

    f you think GSP won the fight you must have a man crush on GSP. You probably hate hendricks now for kickin on his ass. lol