UFC 167 Results: Georges St-Pierre Barely Hangs on to Belt, but Says He is “Stepping Away”

November 17, 2013
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Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields at UFC 129UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre held onto his belt at UFC 167 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night, if only by the skin of his teeth. But perhaps as surprising as the decision was the champion’s post-fight comments, not exactly retiring, but saying he had to “go away for a little bit.”

St-Pierre opened aggressively, taking the fight to Hendricks, and scoring an early takedown. On a subsequent attempt, however, Hendricks landed some vicious elbows to the champion’s head, slowing him down. Hendricks out-dueled St-Pierre for the remainder of the opening frame, landing the more impressive strikes and controlling the clinch.

Hendricks didn’t let up to start the second stanza, keeping after St-Pierre with his power shots. St-Pierre eventually got his jab and low leg kicks going late in the round, starting to chop away at Hendricks. It was a very close round, and could be the one that swung the scorecards in St-Pierre’s favor in the end.

Round three was one of St-Pierre’s better rounds, as he found much success with his jab and low kicks. Hendricks noticeably slowed down in the round, the power in his punches losing some of their steam.

St-Pierre kept up his jab and low kick attack – a key part of his game plan – in the fourth round.

“He was very good at countering my game plan. My game plan was to make him fight going backwards (to take away his power),” said St-Pierre.

But just when the momentum was all swinging his way, he tangled up his own legs as he moved away from Hendricks and hit the canvas. Hendricks followed him down and landed several hard elbows that busted the champion’s face up a bit. They returned to their feet for the remainder of the round, but Hendricks had effectively taken St-Pierre out of his rhythm. It was another close round.

The fifth and final round was nearly all Hendricks. St-Pierre came after Hendricks aggressively, but just couldn’t land many damaging blows. Hendricks kept tying him up and outwrestling St-Pierre, keeping control of the fight, and once again landing with power when he unleashed his powerful paws.

Many in the crowd seemed to feel Hendricks had walked away with the decision, but when the judges’ scorecards were read, they reached a split conclusion. Two judges scored the fight for St-Pierre, while the other judge scored it for Hendricks.

St-Pierre admitted it was his toughest fight to date, but felt he earned the right to keep his belt.

“Without a doubt my toughest fight,” said the champ. “I lost memory a little bit during the fight, I couldn’t see with one of my eyes. He really messed me up.

“I wasn’t surprised (at the decision), but like I said, I lost a little bit of memory of what happened.”

Hendricks, however, was extremely surprised.

“I thought I clearly won the fight,” said the challenger. “Georges is a great competitor. It sucks, but I’m coming back. I’ll get that belt.

“I won. I don’t care. I want that belt. It was taken away from me. I swear to God it won’t happen again.”

Although he held onto the gold, St-Pierre gave in to the rumors that have been swirling for weeks that he might retire after the fight.

Or did he?

“There was a lot of talk about what is going to happen. I am going to hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life,” said St-Pierre, still standing in the middle of the Octagon.

But when he was pressed if that meant he was retiring, St-Pierre wasn’t quite ready to fully commit to the idea.

Perhaps he had planned to retire when he headed into the fight, and the emotion of the moment held him back from making a finite decision. Whatever the case, he only alluded to some personal issues and the need to deal with them.

“I have to go away for a little bit at least. Personal things are happening. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the UFC,” he continued.

“I have to step away for a bit, that’s all I can say right now. Later on, I’ll make a point about that. Right now I have to go away for a little bit.”

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  • I think that he wanted to retire, but the emotions held him back.

    I hope to see a rematch again, I’m a fan of both fighters and I thought Hendricks should’ve won that fight. You could tell he was so pissed by the way he talked.


  • Tom

    indeed hendricks won that fight… and was robbed by shitty judges as so many have been in the past.

  • Pete

    What a horrible decision

  • james j

    Great match and card. Loved watching Chael get smashed.

  • Lucas Freire

    I’d like to see how any GSP fanboy will explain this decision.
    I thought GSP would dominate this fight. Hendricks proved me wrong.
    I thought Hendricks would gass by the third round. Proved wrong once again.

    I just want to know HOW GSP won this fight. Hendricks punches were clearly more contundent, he was countering GSP’s jabs with power jabs, he outwrestled GSP…

    I guess it works for GSP but not for Gustafsson, huh?

    • Matte

      I guess I could be called somewhat of an “GSP fan boy”.

      But why would I or anyone explain the decision? You’re assuming all who got a great respect for George would agree on the decision but I do not. 3-4 rounds for Big Riggs imo.

      And I interpreted Georges reference to his memory loss as a way of saying he wouldn’t have protested a loss.

      I thin GSP has got bought up with the massive pressure of being a champ holding off hungry up comers and in his mind would defend the title and then pass the torch to Rory McDonald. Then several things happened that threw him of his plans, Rory lost and GSP himself having the kind of fight he did.

      • Lucas Freire

        You’re not the kind of fan a “fanboy” is. I meant to reach for basically GSP’s nuthuggers, who would come up with some lame excuse of why he won.
        I am a huge GSP fan, and I screamed to the four winds how I thought he’d dominate Hendricks. And I agree with you on how GSP talked about his “memory loss”

    • Austin, TX

      Actually I just watched it again. Round 1 St. Pierre. Take down and outboxed him. Late stupid take down by Hendricks didn’t steal it. Round 2 Hendricks clearly. Round 3 GSP. Solid control out boxed him all through the round. Again late take down by Hendricks didn’t steal it. He got right back up (GSP) Round 4 Hendricks. Solid Hendricks, ground and pound. Round 5 St. St Pierre. Out boxed him, more aggressive and actually landed. Finished on top landing punches and elbows.
      Hendricks threw a lot but missed a lot. 3 rounds to 2 St. Pierre. It was a solid 2 rounds a piece. And then watch the 5th again. All 10-9 rounds.

      • Austin, TX

        And also I noticed something interesting. Hendricks taps repeatedly on the mat about 10 or 15 seconds in from an armbar/kimura of sorts. Watch it again. GSP catches him in a strange armbar for a few seconds and Hendricks taps the mat repeatedly. It looked like The ref was going to stop it but he didn’t seem to be on top of it and GSP didn’t notice it. Watch it again. Hendricks taps right after the fight starts. Watch it in slow motion.

        • Lucas Freire

          I noticed these taps, but I really don’t think they were legit.

          • Austin, TX

            Yeah. It looks like he clearly tapped like several times in a row. I mean…. its interesting. I watched it slow mo. It looks like a tap out. it looks like the ref is thinking about calling and changed his mind or something.

      • Lucas Freire

        The problem is what defines “outboxing” someone on a MMA bout. I used the Gustafsson example because it fits perfectly.
        He completely outstroke Jon Jones throughout the fight, but got hit by some powershots that really rocked him.

        You can notice perfectly how Hendricks was the one dishing the pain, and not GSP.

        • Austin, TX

          Yeah… I thought Gus won that 3 rounds to 2.

    • teekay

      JONE VS GUS was a close fight..could have went the either way…this was one sided fight.

      • JBalboa

        It was as controversial as Gus Jones according to me. You guys don’t understand the rules, a busted face is not an argument on whether you lost or won. Not yet at least.

  • Pete

    How can GSP look him self in the mirror with his face all busted up and say he won the fight?????
    GSP got his ass kicked

    • JBalboa

      there are a lot of examples of busted up faces belonging to the fighter who actually eventually won the fights. Example: Fedor vs CroCop back in Pride, take a look at Fedor’s face after the fight,and he won. People here don’t understand that a busted face is not a criteria, it is maybe unfair because that’s true GSP looks awful compared to Hendricks, but it is not the way one judges a fight so far, it’s not the rules.

  • Pissed

    I want my G@D D@M$ money back!!! GSP got a good ol fashioned a$$ whipping!

  • MrChris

    This was the biggest crock of poop I’ve ever witnessed any person that watched that fight knows that Hendricks won at least 3 if not 4 of those rounds, these,judges are horrible, most likely the same ones that judged Gustafson vs jones….

  • holycow

    That’s the worse decision of the year. Worse than Jones vs Gustafsson.

    • toom

      get over jones vs gus is was a close fight

  • Oklahoma Robbed

    GSP got an Oklahoma A$$ Kicking! Decision or not. Punk Canadians can step on up! BS!!

  • BobGyro

    He’s not the one who scored the fight douchbags

  • Tran Bronstein

    I am the biggest GSP admirer you’ll find around, but I’m sorry — Johnny Hendricks is the new UFC Welterweight champion. He won squarely, fairly, cleanly and decisively. GSP knows it, Hendricks knows it, the commentators know it, the fans know it, and the MMA media knows it. Unfortunately, 2 of the only 3 people in the world that mattered at the time don’t know it.

    This acknowledgement is worthless consolation to him and his fans, I know, but I was the only one not to cheer in an entire two story bar filled with GSP fans here in Toronto, Canada when the decision was announced. In my eyes, Hendricks is the true UFC Welterweight champion.

  • Shred Man

    Johnny got robbed!!! No f****** way he lost that fight!!!

  • j3ffr0

    The 10 point must system scores by rounds, not by damage. They say don’t leave it in the hands of the judges. I scored the first round a toss up. GSP clearly won 3 and 5. Hendricks clearly won 2 and 4. Regardless there is no egregious scoring error here. I agree GSP clearly took the most damage. If Dana White doesn’t like the result he should get rid of the 10 point must system that doesn’t account for damage. It’s a very imprecise system.

  • Peevz

    Are you guys all suffering from some mental disorder? Did you guys watch the fight? Do you know how to score a fight? Re watch the video. If you wanna look at who got mangled worse, then yes, gsp loses. But if you wanna score points based on effective points for punches landed, takedowns etc, then GSP wins! End of story!

    • Charles

      “Score points based on effective punches landed, take downs”… what?! How can you score a punch that doesn’t do damage or a take down that does not lead to damage. Effective striking means damage, if you throw 100 punches and kicks and all of them are blocked or shrugged off they are not effective. The first isn’t who can get the highest tally on fightmetrics.

      In the first round they each got a take down that lead to nothing, GSP threw a lot of blocked attacks and ate some nasty elbows that cut him open and a knee to the head that clearly staggered him. His striking was ineffective at doing anything but increasing his strikes landed metric. Johnny was effective in hurting GSP.