UFC 167 Pre-Fight Press Video: GSP Talks Johny Hendricks, Drug Testing, Weight Classes

November 14, 2013
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Highlights of Georges St-Pierre at the UFC 167 pre-fight press conference.

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  • GSP will move to middleweight cant wait to see champion vs champion middleweight clash

  • shogunvsgsp

    Seriously doubt he could make 155 but how fun would a gsp vs pettis fight be? Or gsp vs aldo? Even if it were a catch weight at 160 or something. I find those matchups far more compelling than any fight at 185.

  • Jacob K

    Would suck to be dating his sister. His reaction to the down or up question is perfect…there’s no easy answer. Each poses a set of challenges. He’d be outsized at mw and would have to build lots of muscle mass. Cutting 15 is tough but hey the fight would go much better for him at lw IMO.