UFC 167 Post-Fight Video: Erik Perez Pleads with UFC for Fight in Mexico

November 16, 2013
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11-Erik-Perez-9074-UFC-167-w-aErik Perez walked away from UFC 167 with a win, and now he wants to carry that over into Mexico.

The Mexican mixed martial artist is pleading with the UFC to promote a fight card in Mexico, something Perez considers a dream.

Watch here in this MMAWeekly.com video where Perez makes his plea, and even throws in some Spanish to boot.

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  • Biff Malibu

    He gets one win in the UFC and he is trying to parlay that into fighting in Mehico? Sorry dude. I will NEVER pay for a fight you are in. Why? This is the United States, if you want to represent Mehico – like Cain Velasquez, go ahead.. BUT you ain’t gonna be a draw. Cain can’t draw big numbers in PPV. Why? He doesn’t represent America where he is getting ALL HIS FAME/MONEY.. yet, he promotes a third world cesspool called Mehico. Go figure, you all were never known for your smarts. So, go ahead and where your flags about you.. but mehicans won’t follow MMA in numbers, because it is a thinking mans game…. Try to be like Melendez or Diego Sanchez.. mexican fighters who understand that their bread n’ butter is America and they KNOW mexico is second rate.

  • Chicago

    I find it funny that Dana has no problem with Perez’s mask, but gives Khabib “the eagle” Nermanmomofpjevk (what ever) s*** for his blond head dressing that is part of his culture.