UFC 167 Phantom Cam Highlights; See St-Pierre vs. Hendricks in Super Slow Motion (video)

November 21, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre vs Johny HendricksGeorges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks fought to a controversial split decision finish in the battle for St-Pierre’s belt at UFC 167 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Watch highlights of St-Pierre’s split-decision win and the rest of UFC 167 in Fox’s super slow motion Phantom Cam.

(Video may be geo-ristricted in some locations due to contractual agreements.)

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  • Zap

    missed the tap i see

    • steeltown65

      Well it’s easy to miss. Because it never happened. You see it’s this kind of comment that tells all the logical people who saw johnny win the fight that the gsp fans are in denial. You come up with the “he tapped” thing in order to try and justify your delusions of a gsp victory. So for the last time. If you think that he tapped in rouund one, you have no informed opinion about mma. You can still flap them gums. You just have ” 0 “credibility.

      • Zap

        go steelers! from da burgh

  • Chris

    That was art.

  • Dan _A

    George lost this fight. A good man , but lost the fight to Johnny Hendrix. I’m saying this with true honesty. Anybody who knows MMA can see it.

    • Incite

      Saying it with ‘honesty’ doesn’t make it ‘truth’.
      Anyone who knows MMA can see GSP winning round 5. Except Dana. Then end all be all for all things MMA.(sarcasm)
      Fact is it wasn’t a finish, without a finish EVERYTHING IS AN OPINION.
      And GSP won 2 of those 3 opinions. The only opinions that count.
      Rematch is necessary, very few if any debate that opinion.

      • Dan _A

        I did not say GSP didn’t win one or two rounds. I said he didn’t win the fight.
        IMO . Hendrix won the fight. I know what they say about opinions , but that is mine.

  • Simon

    still, it was a good fight, stop fighting about it 😛

  • uf uf uf

    johny did not hit hard ! looks even !

  • otto

    Jonny, you think you were gonna b awarded the belt by only fighting at 70%, come on man, lesson learned bro

  • pewpewdie

    these phantom cams are f****** awesome