UFC 167 Fight Highlight Video: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Ends in Controversy

November 17, 2013
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UFC 167 St-Pierre vs Hendricks Poster-478x270Watch highlights from the main event welterweight championship between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks from UFC 167 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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  • Live and Uncut

    GSP won get over it. Johny saying he only gave 70%, YEAH RIGHT! Anyways to beat a champ like GSP u have to own him like Cain pwned JDS, Johny should know that being a wrassler and all.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      You clearly misunderstood what he said so let me break it down for you like I would for a child. He said he was only putting about 70%(power) into those shots that rocked GSP, more into the following punches to try and finish obviously. Not every fighter throws 100% power into every punch as it’s a good way to gas yourself out. This message has been brought to you by people with above average listening and comprehension skills.

      • Pryset

        Maybe he should have gave 80%… When you are going for the belt you do not leave it in the hands of the judges. Hard hits do not beat more hits unless the hard ones knock you out. It’s his fault he gave 70% and did not want to get gassed. That also means GSP made him think that if he gave any more than 70% he would get gassed and loose. Maybe you should try to stop referencing English class and talk about the fight. Comprehend this… Hendrix lost.

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          I’m not here to dispute the results of the fight, just your learning disability. You are obviously a little challenged and for some reason a little angry. If you want to dispute every person who knows that Hendricks won the fight, you will have a long road ahead of you. Good luck to you though!

          • Kawika

            GSP leaving with the belt lends me to believe you were blinded by Johny’s ballsack. I was a fan of both but Johny’s behavior after the fight sure wasn’t on par with what’s expected of a champ.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Go be a fan of someone else then, Hendricks doesn’t need your support. I am a fan of both guys, even more respect for both of them after this fight. If you want to live in the land of oblivious retards, that’s your call. To clarify, yes, I am calling you stupid.

        • William Skrainski

          He didn’t…he beat the f*** out of the guy…George couldn’t even look over at him…he thought he lost.

          • rica

            no, he most definitely did not win. georges was hurt, but a true champion gets over it.

  • mauro

    Listen here you unclear vision watching commentator. What are you talking about gsp got his Canadian pricssy ass whooped plain and simple who ever thinks other wise is a complete bitch.

  • Eye Opener

    Stick to the facts…..

    Although most people thought Hendricks won the fight, the stats show the fight much closer.

    Hendricks landed 142 of 252 total strikes, while GSP connected on 125

    of 245 strike attempts. However, GSP beat Hendricks 101 to 85 in
    significant strikes and landed three takedowns to Hendricks’s two.

    On the judges’ scorecards Round 1 was the only one they were split
    on. Most felt Hendricks won the first, but two judges gave it to GSP.
    The first frame saw Hendricks out-land GSP 27-26 in total strikes but
    GSP had the edge in significant strikes 19-18 and the two were even in
    takedowns at one a piece.

    think the judges made a tough but good call in the decision and
    everyone else is a cry baby with nothing better to do but complain….

  • Zap

    GSP beat him twice. Johnny tapped in the first 30 secs and the ref did not see it. Anybody else see that???

    • Miguel de la Pena

      Yup. I saw it too. I’m not sure why more people aren’t mentioning it.

  • The guest of guests

    Buncha GSP nuthuggers on here. I like GSP, he’s a phenomenal athlete and sportsman. I also predicted Johny to dethrone St. Pierre when he was 5-0 far prior to entering the UFC. Johny won that fight. Should Georges not retire and accept a rematch, Johny will win even more convincingly. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good fight. But IMO Johny was the clear winner. I had a party that night and every person here was in shock. How anyone could think Georges won is beyond me. He wasn’t dominated, but Johny did more than enough against a dominant champion to steal the belt away. BIG RIGG VS RUTHLESS FOR THE INTERIM!

  • William Skrainski