UFC 166 Play-by-Play: TJ Waldburger vs. Adlan Amagov

October 18, 2013
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TJ Waldburger vs. Adlan Amagov

Round 1: Waldburger lands first with an outside leg kick.  Amagov misses with a high kick.  Waldburger moves in with a right hand.  Amagov changes levels for a takedown but Waldburger shakes it off.  Amagov lands a spinning back kick to the body.  Waldburger closes the distance and gets to the clinch position.  He works for a single leg takedown.  Amagov displays solid takedown defense.  Amagov lands short punches.  Waldburger gives up on the takedown.  Amagov lands a short right hand that hurts Waldburger.  Amagov delivers a left hook hand that knocks Waldburger down.  He follows up with punches that put Waldburger out.

The official time of the knockout was 3:45 of the first round.

UFC 166 Live Results Home Page

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