UFC 166 Play-by-Play: Nate Marquardt vs. Hector Lombard

October 18, 2013
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Nate Marquardt vs. Hector Lombard

Round 1: Marquardt pawing with his jab.  Lombard presses forward.  Marquardt delivers a front kick to the body.  Marquardt lands an outside leg kick.  Marquardt steps in with a right hand and they clinch.  Lombard lands and they separate.  Lombard lands a right hand and Marquardt is hurt.  Lombard goes after him and lands another right hand that puts Marquardt down.  Lombard finishes with hammer fists on the ground.

The official time of the knockout was 1:48 of the first round

UFC 166 Live Results Home Page

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  • Therightstuff

    Nate has been a shitty fighter since he started. To much money for a crappy fighter.

  • John Bunch

    Happy for Hector!

  • Luis Romero

    It’s about time Lombard wins one,I was begging to believe he can not beat a legit fighter