UFC 165 Results: Renan Barao Takes Out Eddie Wineland, Remains Interim Champion

September 22, 2013
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Renan Barao at UFC 138Interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao scored a spectacular stoppage win over Eddie Wineland at UFC 165 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto with a spinning back kick in the second round that stunned the challenger and was swiftly followed up with a fight finishing flurry of punches.

It was an eye-catching performance from the Brazilian, who had bided his time in the opening round, scoring with a series of low kicks to the inside left leg of Wineland and seeing a couple of takedown attempts easily shrugged off.

If the opening five minutes had been uneventful, the second stanza more than made up for it as Barao landed a spinning back kick that knocked Wineland backwards. Replays showed his heel had glanced off the side of the American’s face, but the damage was done as Wineland was left dazed and defenseless.

Joe Rogan was adamant that it was the first spinning back kick knockout in UFC history, although Barao needed a few follow-up punches to finish the job and register the seventh win by stoppage due to strikes of his career.

Dana White had earlier moved to quash rumors that regular 135-pound champion Dominick Cruz was about to be stripped of the belt and announced he would be given until early 2014 to recover from his knee injury.

Speaking after the win, which came at 0:35 of the second round, an elated Barao had a simple message, “I’m just waiting for Dominick Cruz now.”

Cruz has not stepped inside the Octagon since October 2011, but if he is able to meet White’s timetable for recovery, a unification bout could be next for Barao, who is now 30-1-0-1 overall and 6-0 in the UFC.

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  • Kris-tyahn

    Not sure how/why Wineland ended up getting a title shot, is this division really that weak or….?!? I’d love to see him vs. Aldo, but that won’t happen since they train together, but Barao vs. Pettis would be sick, only after Pettis defeats Aldo, which IMHO he would.
    Let’s be realistic here, did anyone actually think Wineland would make it to out of the 3rd round?!? He won his last 2 fights, but was 2-2 in his last 4, and if I’m not mistaken he has more losses than all the UFC champs combined. Like come on UFC!!!

  • Kris-tyahn

    I just googled the top 10 UFC Bantamweight fighters, which pretty much answered my question, this division is pretty weak. If Cruz wasn’t out for so long, him vs. Barao would be a great fight, but Barao is going to DESTROY Cruz. The guy will have 2 lifetimes worth of ring rust on him, plus he’s going to test his newly repaired ACL knee for the 1st time, and he gets to do that vs.Barao…… after being out for 26-30 months?!?
    BAHAHAHAHA good luck with that Dominick!

  • robc

    How the heck could barao vs pettis happen? 135 vs 155?

    • El Gvapo

      One goes up to 145, the other drops down. Fairly simple concept really, although quite unlikely.

  • shakejunt

    gotta see this guy vs frankie one day. only once though

  • Jake

    Joe rogan, I believe Jds vs. mark hunt ended in a spinning back kick (spinning heel kick to head). Not the first spinning back kick knockout.

    • Wolf Ticket

      That was actually a spinning WHEEL kick. Joe actually said that people used spinning kicks before to finish fights, but not this type of kick – going straight (no wheel-ing) to the head.